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Who Can Use AngelSense?

AngelSense can be used by anyone who wants to keep a loved one safe. Our wearing options are suitable for special needs children, teens, and adults (including those with sensory sensitivity), typical children of all ages, and the elderly or anyone with dementia.

AngelSense was specifically designed for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other special needs children – young and grown – who have issues with things like wandering/eloping, communicating (non-verbal), lack of safety awareness, hiding, and other symptoms that pose safety concerns. However, our device can be used to protect anyone needing extra safety measures. As mentioned, many Dementia or Alzheimer’s patients are being protected with AngelSense.

Parents and guardians can Keep Any Child Safe, also those without special needs, with Unique Safety Features like Live Tracking, 2-Way Voice, ETA, Transit Speed, and more.

Children and adults of any age can use AngelSense, but for children under 4 who may be too little to wear the device, we recommend attaching it to a backpack, diaper bag, or car seat. We also have a special belt and undershirt that some parents use for younger children.

NEW: AngelSense GPS Tracker Watch now available!

    How Do You Wear AngelSense? How Does AngelSense Attach?

    The AngelSense GPS4 device is attached in a non-removable way, using specially designed sensory-friendly wearing accessories, and is worn daily by thousands of special needs individuals with sensory sensitivities.

    There are several different ways to attach and wear AngelSense. The protective sleeve that comes with your device can be attached to jackets, clothing, pockets, backpacks, etc. using the included non-removable magnetic fasteners. Here’s a quick guide on Wearing AngelSense.

    We also have some high quality, optional Wearables that are specially designed for sensory sensitivity. These include a Cut-to-Fit Belt, an Undershirt, an Armband and Waterproof Options that can easily be worn by children, teens and adults.

    The AngelSense Watch has alternative watch straps, including a lockable one, that can be added to your initial order or later from the AngelSense Store in the app.

    Learn More about how to wear AngelSense and how it works.

    NEW: AngelSense GPS Tracker Watch now available!

      How Does the AngelSense Device Work?

      AngelSense is a GPS device & speakerphone that meets the challenging safety requirements of individuals with special needs and dementia. It is easily and discreetly worn by your loved one and uses advanced GPS technology to provide the most accurate and reliable location tracking available.

      Unique to AngelSense, our Safeguard GPS, works all day, nonstop, even when the app is closed. This allows you to see every place visited and every transit taken with exact times, maps, and other useful information. There is also a complete history so you can go back and review any day in the past.

      You, and anyone you want to give access to, can open our easy-to-use app from a phone, tablet, or any computer or laptop to see your loved one’s location on a live map, no matter how far away you are from them. Permissions are customizable, allowing you to give access to others for certain features, during certain times, or temporarily in an emergency.

      Intelligent iAlerts are then sent to your phone or inbox that notify you when your loved one enters and leaves a place, is on the move, ends up somewhere unknown, or is somewhere unusual based on their typical schedule.

      AngelSense has an array of unique features that help keep your loved one safe, support independence, and monitors well-being.

      Some of AngelSense’s Enhanced Safety Features Include:

      A compact GPS device for your loved one to wear

      • A wide variety of sensory-sensitive & non-removable wearing accessories to assure the device stays on your loved one.

      • 2-Way and 1-Way Voice with auto-pickup speakerphone to communicate with your loved one or people around them in case of danger and for well-being checks.

      • Call Request SOS button so your loved one can quickly let you know they need you.

      • Continuous GPS Location Tracking and Step Counting for reliable, accurate, real-time activity monitoring. AngelSense is the only device that continuously monitors even inside geofence ‘safe zones’ such as schools.

      Proactive Alerts

      • Immediately know when your loved one is in danger, elopes, is in an unknown or unexpected location, is dropped off at the wrong place, is left behind at school, and more.

      Advanced Guardian App to monitor your loved one

      • Unlimited guardians

      • Unlimited geofence “safe zones”, automatically created!

      • A powerful set of emergency tools to quickly find your loved one including First Responders Alert and Share Live Location to quickly notify a search team and give access to your loved one’s location

      • A remotely activated alarm on the device to pinpoint your loved one when hiding, indoors or in crowded places

      • A timeline of daily activities, including their movement inside places such as school and transit routes & speed

      Customer Care Team staffed with parents of children with special needs, who are expert users of the product. We understand!

      Read More about our service plan and the advanced features it includes

      Watch a Quick Video to learn more about how AngelSense works.

      NEW: AngelSense GPS Tracker Watch now available!

        How Much Does AngelSense Cost & What is Included?

        The AngelSense Guardian Kit costs $229 (May vary, depending on our current promotion) and the Service Plans start at around $39.99/month – See our Pricing Page for current deals. Try AngelSense Risk-Free with Free Shipping, and our 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

        The Guardian Kit for the AngelSense GPS4 Device includes a Protective Sleeve, 3 Non-Removable Fasteners, Guardian Key for Magnetic Fasteners, Charging Cable, and Travel Case. There are also Optional Wearing Accessories you can order like the Waterproof Sleeve, Belt, and Undershirt.

        NEW: AngelSense GPS Tracker Watch now available!

        There are 3 service plans to choose from and each plan includes Continuous Real-Time Tracking, Unlimited Guardians, Unlimited Alerts, 60 mins/month for 2-Way Voice & 1-Way Voice, Automated Geofencing & Schedule Learning, and a Free On-Boarding Phone Call. Here’s a complete list of What’s Included in the service.

        There is also special pricing for Ordering Multiple Devices.

          Where Does AngelSense Work?

          AngelSense works throughout the entire United States using GPS data service from major cellular networks. We also have service plans in Canada and the United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland and major cities throughout Europe).

          Please see detailed information about Coverage AreasGPS AccuracyTravel, and Indoor Tracking.

          The AngelSense Tracking Range is unlimited – as long as the device is in your plan’s Service Area, you can monitor them from anywhere in the world using the AngelSense App on your phone, tablet or computer.

          NEW: AngelSense GPS Tracker Watch now available!

            Is AngelSense Allowed at School?

            Yes, AngelSense is allowed in schools and complies with all privacy regulations. In the rare case that your child’s school has an objection, our AngelSense School Liaisons are here to help you. Most schools welcome AngelSense and encourage Using it at School as it gives parents and schools a way to keep children who are prone to eloping safe, teaches independence, and facilitates communication between schools and parents.

            We have a Complete Guide for Schools that helps introduce school staff to the many benefits of AngelSense. In regard to school policies that ban communication devices, we fully comply by providing parents and school staff the ability to completely disable the communication features during school hours. School staff can also access a School Dashboard that gives school guardians the option to update school days and hours when communication features will be disabled, get arrival,  departure, and voice activation notifications, and optional access to your child’s timeline during school hours. Learn more about Disabling Voice Features at School.

            AngelSense has several School Safety Benefits to give parents peace of mind during the school year (even if voice features are disabled at school). Starting from the time they get on the school bus, you can see that they are in transit, track their route, and see the speed of the school bus. You then get an alert when they arrive safely at school – or if they haven’t arrived on time – and throughout the day you will be alerted immediately if your child leaves the school boundaries. If permitted, you can use 2-Way Voice to communicate with them and if able, they can press the Call Request SOS button to let you know that they need to speak with you. At the end of the school day, you’ll get an alert when they leave school – or if they don’t leave school on time (ensuring they never get left behind). You can then track the bus and see their ETA. If the bus misses your stop, gets delayed, or goes off course – you will get notified and be able to intervene. Several of our parents have been able to use the 2-Way Voice feature on the bus to prevent bullying, calm a child during a meltdown, and even provide instructions to a new bus driver.

            If you have any questions or concerns, our Customer Support team has information and school liaisons to help. Usually, objections are resolved once it is pointed out that mobile phones pose a far greater privacy risk than AngelSense – our device cannot record, does not have video capabilities, the number of minutes included in the service plan is 60 minutes per month, and voice capabilities can be disabled.

            NEW: AngelSense GPS Tracker Watch now available!

              Is AngelSense Waterproof?

              The AngelSense GPS tracking device has an IPX7 rating, making it water-resistant, splash-proof, and should be able to withstand submersion in shallow water for a short amount of time. It’s not completely waterproof, however, we do offer waterproof options that can be added to your initial order or at a later time from the AngelSense Store in the app.

                How is AngelSense Different from Alternative GPS Devices?

                AngelSense is totally different from alternative GPS trackers.

                AngelSense is the only tracker designed specifically for individuals with special needs, providing maximum safety for real-life emergencies. In addition to Real-Time, Continuous Location Tracking, its unique capabilities include:

                • Non-Removable Wearing: Worn daily by thousands of special needs children with sensory sensitivities

                • Auto-Pickup Speakerphone: In an emergency tell them to stop, calm them down, or talk to people nearby

                • Emergency Detection Alerts: Elopement, unexpected places, late to arrive, left behind

                • School Bus / Transit Monitoring: Alert for wrong drop-off & non-routine stops, detailed route, speed, ETA

                • Live Location Sharing: The real-time tracking map can be shared with Search & Rescue teams

                • Audible Alarm: Adjustable alarm can be remotely activated to help locate child hiding or in a crowd

                • Movement Inside Safe Zones: Tracking within places like school to see transitions between therapy, playground & more

                • Step Counting: Detect changes in your loved one’s activity level at each specific place and during transits

                • SOS / Call Request Button: Designed for special needs so they can easily notify you when they need help

                • Customer Care By Autism Parents: Our support team truly understands and uses AngelSense with their own children

                Learn More with our in-depth blog post that describes our premium features included in our service that you won’t get with any other tracker.

                Here’s a comparison of AngelSense vs Alternative GPS Devices.

                Hopefully, you’ll never be in an emergency situation where every minute counts, but if you ever are, AngelSense has unique, lifesaving features to help you find your child or loved one as quickly as possible. Key Features and Benefits like First Responder Alerts, Runner Mode, 2-Way Voice, Indoor Search, My Location, and others are invaluable tools to prevent emergencies, protect your ‘Angel’, and get them back home safe and sound using your AngelSense App.

                NEW: AngelSense GPS Tracker Watch now available!

                  Is AngelSense Covered by Insurance, Medicaid or Other Funding?

                  Yes, many of our customers have succeeded in getting funding for AngelSense through Medicaid waivers, schools, insurance companies, local governments offices, organizations, and other sources. Go to our step-by-step funding guide for more detailed info.

                  We truly care about making AngelSense affordable for anyone who needs it and are constantly working with federal, state and local community support organizations to find funding solutions.

                  Our Customer Care team is 100% staffed by AngelSense parents who are happy to help you try to find a funding solution.  Reach out to us now via chat, email, or (646) 770-2950.

                  Please note that funding options vary case by case, from state to state, and company to company. We do not guarantee that you will be approved for funding or reimbursed, but we will help you as much as possible with the process.

                    Is AngelSense Legal? Is it Legal to GPS Track Your Child
                    How Do I Track My Autistic Child?

                    You can easily track your autistic child and see their exact location throughout the day with AngelSense – the only GPS safety device that was designed specifically for children with autism by autism parents. This is why we offer special tracking features accessible through our AngelSense App that go above and beyond what any other device offers.

                    There is nothing worse than not knowing where your child is. Studies show that over 50% of children with autism have a tendency to wander, elope or run and no matter how many precautions you take, the chance of escape is a major concern.

                    The Live Tracking Map can show you where you are in relation to them and with the tap of a button you can share their location with other guardians and first responders. In addition, you can guide your child to safety with 2-Way Voice that automatically answers, allowing you to communicate with your child and anyone else in their vicinity, or just listen to what’s going on around them. There is also an Alarm feature that will activate a sound on your child’s device to help you know when you’re getting closer and easily find them (especially helpful if your child likes to hide or is lost indoors). These are just a few of the AngelSense Features that help you keep your autistic Angel safe.

                    Every parent knows that being able to quickly find your child is imperative to keeping them safe. Immediately getting an alert when your child is not where they’re supposed to be or has left a designated safe zone, saves valuable time and allows you and first responders to act quickly to track your autistic child. The peace of mind you’ll experience with AngelSense is invaluable.

                    Read about the premium safety features you can’t get with any other GPS service plan in our blog post: Why Maximum Protection Costs More

                      Do You Have a Money Back Guarantee?

                      Yes! AngelSense provides a 30-Day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you aren’t happy with your device or service, it can be returned within 30 days for a full refund of device price, service fee, and activation fee. See our Trial Terms for details.

                        How Big is AngelSense?

                        The AngelSense GPS 4 is a small, durable device. The exact dimensions are 2.4″ x 1.73″ x 0.63″.  The AngelSense Watch dimensions are 1.87″ x 1.39″ x 0.66″. Read more about the Device Specifications.

                        We are often asked why AngelSense is bigger than smaller GPS devices on the market and the answer is simple – We have more Advanced Safety Features than anyone else and that requires a slightly bigger battery. We researched different GPS technologies and decided the size difference was insignificant compared with the ability to keep our Angels as safe as possible. Lifesaving features like reliable GPS Location Accuracy, Nonstop Tracking, 2-Way Communication,  Tracking Movements Within Geofence Safe Zones such as school, and more are just not possible with a smaller device.

                        AngelSense is truly the Safest GPS Tracking Device for Special Needs!

                        NEW: AngelSense GPS Tracker Watch now available!

                          How Long Does AngelSense Battery Last?

                          The GPS 4 device’s battery can last up to 24 hours and the Watch’s battery can last up to 16 hours (depending on usage) while still providing continuous monitoring and live GPS updates using AngelSense’s Smart Power Management algorithms.

                          Maximum safety requires non-stop monitoring and proactive alerting. In case your loved one wanders, AngelSense proactive alerts ensure you are notified right away and can quickly find them. As parents who rely on this device in order to keep our own special children safe, we understand that every second matters when our children are missing.​

                          We are always working on ways to extend the battery life, but safety is our top priority so we won’t compromise in this area. The current Battery Life allows us to continually provide the most accurate tracking information and gather as much information as possible from the device. This gives you access to Unique Lifesaving Features only available with AngelSense.

                          It’s important to charge your device fully and we’ll send you notifications so you don’t forget. Battery life can be impacted by different factors and we have several tips to Preserve Battery Life.

                          NEW: AngelSense GPS Tracker Watch now available!

                            Wearing Options

                            Some people with autism have a hard time wearing just about anything. The moms on our customer care team like to call them little Houdinis who can get out of anything. This is why we made sure our AngelSense wearing options are non-removable. Using magnetic pins that can only be removed by an AngelSense key, you can rest assured your loved one is protected.

                            Sensory Sensitive Friendly

                            AngelSense is designed for those with autism and we understand the importance of having wearing options that can be comfortably worn by those with sensory sensitivities. All of our wearing options are soft, have no labels and are successfully worn by thousands of people with ASD sensory issues.

                            Wearing Tips
                            Billing & Account Management
                            Getting Started & Tips
                            Emergency Guide
                            Notifications & Alerts
                            Voice Features
                            Location Tracking Features
                            App & Settings
                            Users & Guardians
                            User Guide A-Z
                            Previous Versions
                            Our Customer Care Team

                            AngelSense is committed to helping the special needs community and has built a Customer Care Team of moms who have children with autism. Their children of all ages wear AngelSense every day, making our moms the best people to help our customers. They not only know all about using our device, they are also more than happy to share their own experiences and offer valuable tips to help you with the challenges you face.

                            They truly understand and are here to help you with any of your questions!

                            Many parents face the reality that leaving home to go to work isn’t practical when you have a child with autism. Our moms made a huge sacrifice for their family and we’re happy that we are able to provide them a job where they can work from home, making it just a little easier to find balance.

                              School Liaisons

                              AngelSense is designed to meet all school policies and regulations. We have a dedicated team of customer care professionals who are experts at facilitating collaboration between parents and school administration and staff. They work with schools and parents on a regular basis to ensure AngelSense is integrated smoothly.

                              They can assist both parents and school staff with understanding and using the unique features specifically designed for using AngelSense at school. They also have a wealth of information, tips, forms, and legal contracts to help ensure compliance with school policies and regulations.

                              Thanks to our School Liaison Team, AngelSense is welcomed by thousands of schools nationwide.

                              If you are a parent having issues with your school we are here to help.

                              If you are a school wanting to know more about AngelSense and how it can comply with your school policies – we are here to help.

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