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AngelSense Benefits in School

There are many benefits to using AngelSense at school, some of them are listed below.


Parents can add school staff as a School Guardian, giving them access to the AngelSense app.


1.  Proactively keep a child safe

Quickly identify when the child leaves school boundaries, and avoid an emergency situation by receiving the proactive alert from the AngelSense system.

AngelSense patent-pending technology performs non-stop proactive location monitoring. If a child were to leave school both School Guardians and parents would be alerted. This allows staff and emergency personnel to respond immediately and locate the child before a tragedy occurs.

By alerting staff and parents when a child leaves school in realtime, the lag time it takes to notice a child has gone missing does not exist. This is crucial, as there is a critical 30-minute time window to find a child with autism safe before they reach a body of water or a busy road.

If a child were to hide indoors and escape staff the calling feature, alarm feature and indoor Wi-Fi tracking feature can be used to pinpoint the child’s location, before they leave school grounds.

The service also ensures that if a child was on a bus both school staff and parents can monitor that the child arrived at the correct destination. There have been several tragic stories of special needs students being left on the bus, or eloping when leaving the bus and before entering school, as well as being dropped off at an incorrect facility.


2.   Emergency situations

Schools can use the rich set of tools AngelSense offers for locating a child, to quickly find them in case of an emergency.


There is a critical 30-minute time window, to find the child safe, and in our experience, the child can be very quickly found using the many tools AngelSense offers, such as:


  • Alerts and Notifications, alerting when a child leaves school, arrives at an unfamiliar place, unexpected bus stop, etc.
  • Runner Mode with 10-second real-time location updates
  • 2-Way Voice (AngelCall): to instruct a child to stop and guide them to safety
  • Alarm: when activated, it produces a loud sound on the device to quickly find a child in a crowd, even if they’re hiding

When on lockdown, many students would panic and try to run or become loud and have a meltdown. Parents can use AngelCall to calm them down or to locate within the school if they were to take off in these situations. Staff can use indoor Wi-Fi tracking to pinpoint student’s location as well. Learn more on how AngelSense can help during a lockdown


3.   Field trips/community outings/work-study

AngelSense gives staff and parents peace of mind by always knowing the location of a child with elopement behaviors or anxiety in public situations while on outings.

With AngelSense, children with special needs can be included on field trips with their typical peers without risking their safety.

AngelSense opens so many doors to acquire life and job skills by using our device to monitor during both community outings and work-study programs to further educate special needs students in multiple setting.


4.   Establish Independence

Often times special needs students need to have a 1:1 aide for transitions in the hallways and between buildings. Using our device, a School Guardian can monitor if a student has to change locations between buildings, etc. This allows the students to be more independent from staff. It opens up greater possibilities to socialize with his/her fellow peers as well as master goals pertaining to transitions and establishing independence. As special needs students grow into adulthood, quality of life can greatly increase when one is able to travel independently from home to jobs, to leisure activities. The first steps to achieving a higher quality of life begins in the school environment. Learn more about the benefits of using AngelSense for independence.


5.   Tracking Arrival of School Bus

Schools can monitor the arrival of the school bus and know exactly when to wait for the child by using the ETA and traffic information features.



AngelSense at School_Flyer


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Guide for Parents: Help for introducing AngelSense to your school


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Have more questions? Email us your contact information at and one of customer care school liaisons will be happy to answer any questions or concerns.

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