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Runner Mode

AngelSense knows how stressful and dangerous it can be when your loved one elopes. We understand that every second counts, this is why, along with our other emergency tools, we provide a special Runner Mode:

  • Starts sending location updates every 10 seconds (see Location update frequency)

  • The last known location of your loved one is presented on the map (with a dynamic “breathing” circle)

  1. To enter Runner Mode click on the Tools Menu on the bottom of the app and click on “Start Runner Mode”.

  2. In order to stop Runner Mode, click “Stop Runner Mode”.


NOTE: If the green dot does not appear after several seconds, the device was unable to receive the command to start updating every 10 seconds. This could potentially be due to insufficient cellular reception. Please see Tracking during No Signal

Note: If the app is closed, Runner Mode stops after 5 minutes.

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