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The Bottom Line

Safety concerns often keep individuals with special needs in restrictive environments, holding back the development of their confidence and independence. Only a holistic and comprehensive solution like AngelSense can truly ensure the safety of our loved ones of all ages with autism and special needs, help them gain greater independence and improve their quality of life, while bringing peace of mind to their families.

Free device + $49.99/mo

AngelSense Pros

AngelSense GPS Trackers
Excellent tracking features Limited
One and two way communication options
SOS button Limited
Affordable monthly subscription Limited
Non-removable, sensory-sensitive wearing options
Accommodating 30-day return policy Limited
Designed for Special Needs & Wandering Prevention
Alerts for Unexpected Places, Late Arrivals & Departures

What Does the AngelSense Wearable
Come With?

The AngelSense Wearable kit includes a GPS device, a Magnetic Key, 3 Removable Fasteners and a sensory friendly Protective Sleeve.

What Does the AngelSense Wearable </br>Come With?

This sensory-friendly, soft Protective Sleeve allows you to attach the device to any article of clothing, belt, or backpack. Simply put the device in the sleeve, attach it with the Fasteners, and you’re ready to go!
The small design fits perfectly in pockets, along the waistline of pants or skirts, or anywhere most comfortable for your loved one.
Variety of wearing options available

Small and Discreet

The tracker is compact at just 2.4 by 1.7 by 0.6 inches thick (HWD), and includes all of the same great features you expect from AngelSense, like the Assistive Speakerphone and lifesaving Intelligent iAlerts.
The size also allows an easier, comfortable and discreet wearing with a wide array of sensory-friendly and non-removable wearing accessories that accommodate individuals with sensory sensitivities.

Live GPS Tracking

AngelSense excels at tracking, using the most advanced GPS tracking technology which is accurate to about 10 feet or less.
AngelSense always knows where your loved one is, whether the app is open or not, notifying parents/caregivers of location changes, and proactively alerting about potential emergencies. Non-stop updates allow us to provide fast alerts that prevent any given event from developing into an emergency. For example, only AngelSense can proactively identify unexpected stops on the school bus, late arrivals and departures, changes while in unknown places, and more. Additionally, you have an accurate last location to use if they wander in an area without good reception.

Assistive Speakerphone

AngelSense is the only assistive technology with a built-in speakerphone designed for special needs. This Autopickup speakerphone allows parents to immediately speak with their loved ones and be there for them when needed throughout the day. The SOS call request button enables two-way voice capabilities with a single click, and can be used to avoid potential meltdowns or ask for help in extreme circumstances.

Even if complete independence is not possible, AngelSense gradually allows a higher level of independence that’s life-changing for individuals with autism and special needs.

A Holistic Solution With an Affordable Price

AngelSense is committed to making its Assistive Technology accessible to as many special needs families as possible and so we have set aside a budget to subsidize and offer our devices free of charge with the purchase of a subscription plan.
In addition to all the premium safety features, the subscription plan connects you to our one-of-a-kind Customer Care Team. This team of special needs parents uses AngelSense every day with their own children, so you know you’re getting expert assistance from someone who truly understands what you’re going through.

The Bottom Line

While smartphones or standard GPS trackers tend to be reactive, AngelSense is the only proactive assistive technology for maximum safety, effective remote support and increased independence designed specifically for individuals with autism and special needs.

Free device + $49.99/mo

AngelSense Wearable Spec

Water Resistance
Embeded SIM card
Intelligent iAlerts
Battery Life Up to 24 Hours (depending on usage)

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