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We would like to help families protect their loved ones and get peace of mind.

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6:30AM Good morning

Put on the AngelSense Wearable and start your day!

Don’t worry, there are various wearing solutions for sensory sensitivities too.

Good morning

7:30AM Bus ride to school

Take the ride to school. See the route in real-time

and assure they arrive safely.

Bus ride to school

Unexpected stop alert!

An alert on your app will indicate if your child is at the wrong location

or an unexpected stop has occurred.

Unexpected stop alert!

Call in to check

Call the AngelSense device using the auto-pickup speakerphone

to support your child when needed or communicate directly with their surroundings if they’re unable to respond themselves.

Call in to check

8:00AM Arriving at school

A notification will let you know when your child is at their destination

right on time to start the first class!

Arriving at school

11:45AM Elopement from class

Be alerted if your child exits school boundaries

and solve any situation from afar; from First Responder Alerts to Runner Mode, we have all the search tools you need to help find your child in a heartbeat!

Elopement from class

12:00PM Finding when hiding

Share live location with search teams and activate an audible Alarm

on the child’s device to help easily find them and get back to class.

Finding when hiding

12:30PM Back in School

Check the Step Counter or Location Playback

to see your child’s activity throughout the day, to ensure their well-being.

Back in School

4:00PM Safe ride back home!

School day is over, time to catch the bus back home!

Check the exact ETA to avoid unnecessary waiting. You will be notified about any deviations from their regular routine.

Safe ride back home!

5:30PM After-school activities

Extend your child’s independence, with the help of AngelSense technology

without compromising their safety! Allow them to play in the park, walk the dog, or participate in afterschool activities.

After-school activities

9:00PM What a day it has been!

Easily charge your AngelSense device with the magnetic charger

and be prepared for another day of maximum peace of mind. Just in case you forget – we’ll send you a charging reminder on your app.

What a day it has been!


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AngelSense GPS

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AngelSense GPS

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GPS Tracking Device

Assistive Speakerphone

Assistive Speakerphone

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