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Unique GPS Tracking & Monitoring Solution
Designed with for Individuals with Special Needs

Our Mission

Creating a Safer World for Children with Special Needs

We believe that every special child deserves to be safe at all times. We also believe that they should enjoy a sense of security and always be well treated, and that's why we created AngelSense.

Parents report that AngelSense brings immeasurable peace of mind and deepens the connection with their child. What an incredible bonus.

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Our Mission

Saving Lives

Daily News
AngelSense saves a 17-year-old with autism who had been wandering in NYC for 7 hours.
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GPS device alerts mom to daughter’s sexual assault.
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AngelSense GPS helps Nassau County mother keep her boys with autism safe.
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Empowering Special Needs Parents

Take Control of your child’s safety
Give your child more freedom
Be in the moment without constant worrying
Stay connected with your child when you’re not together
Relax and be at ease throughout your day
Know how your child is doing, no more guesswork

Supporting Our Special Community

From our very early days, AngelSense has had an active culture of supporting and serving the special needs community. Accordingly, the majority of our employees are special needs parents, and our Customer Care Team is entirely made up of special needs parents that use AngelSense with their own children. Many of them had left their previous jobs because of the strain of balancing between work and family. This allows them to re-enter the workforce, from the comfort of their own home, while helping other parents that face similar challenges.

We also strive to help as many families as we can. To that end, we donate hundreds of AngelSense GPS devices and subscriptions through national nonprofit organizations and initiate fundraisers for families in need.

Meet Our Customer Care Team

Lisa with Anthony & Daniel
For me, being a special needs parent means being an advocate, a voice for my twin boys and others with special needs.
Tamara and Alex
Being a special needs parent means having been blessed with the best part of you outside of your own body to teach you more than you ever dreamed.
Natasha and Jaeden
Being a special needs parent means a daily opportunity to practice patience, resilience and unconditional love.
Sarah and Porter
Being a special needs parent means entering a world where differences are embraced, every tiny achievement is celebrated, and challenges are met head on. Each day I am humbled and amazed at how much one tiny person has taught me about life.
Cristin and Owen
Sometimes when I need a miracle, I look into my son's eyes and realize I have already created one..
The main difference between raising my NT son and my ASD, SPD son is that I have to fight more and prove more: for his education, for his health, and in public for him to be treated with dignity and respect. Whatever it takes, he'll have a good life.
Alyssa and Malakai
Being a special needs parent means to me that I get to be their voice, their advocate, and their connection to the world. "If a child cannot learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”
Maylene and Nicky
Being a special needs parent means hard work, endless nights, lots of tears and fear of the unknown. But it also means unconditional love, faith, valuing the small things and making a family stronger and more resilient.
Jacki and son
Being a special needs parent means you learn what truly matters in life, and to take nothing for granted, and you experience what true love really is. I'm blessed.
Doron Somer

Doron Somer

Co-founder & CEO

My son has autism. He is 21 years old but naive and vulnerable like a 3-year-old. He is a child and will be a child forever.

In the 21 years of raising my son we experienced everything, from minor neglect by caregivers and all the way to abuse. When he wandered, he could not even tell people where he lives. Keeping my son safe and well cared for has always been a great challenge for us.

Parents to neurotypical children can call them, ask where they are or why they are late, and help them in different situations if needed. Parents like me are in complete darkness and have no way to stay connected with their child. I could not accept this reality.
In the last 30 years I have been developing products that provide intelligent insights using analytics over sensors data such as location, activity and voice. I felt deep responsibility to leverage this experience, and with my personal understanding of the need, to create a solution that will protect our special children.
AngelSense provides comprehensive visibility to parents so they can have better understanding of what their special needs child goes through and to stay connected with them. It is designed to cope with the key safety and well-being challenges parents face, including wandering, mistreatment, school bus bullying, staying connected remotely, and improving independence.
We feel fortunate to save lives on a daily basis. Our reward is the peace of mind of the parents and the smiles of the children. This is the fuel that drives us to continue and work so hard to change the reality of children with special needs and their families.

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Nery Ben-Azar

Nery Ben-Azar

Co-founder & Chairman

Doron and I created AngelSense with one goal in mind – to protect children with special needs, who deeply need protection.

I have been working in the hi-tech industry for almost 30 years, and my passion has always been social ventures that make a positive impact on the world. Doron and I have been friends for a long time, and when he shared his idea with me, I immediately understood the need as I am intimately familiar with the challenges of keeping a special needs child safe and well cared-for. I decided to leave my other business activities and dedicate my life to AngelSense.

Parents of children with special needs, typically the moms, often find it difficult to continue working full-time outside of the house while taking care of their child, and as a result, are forced to leave their workplace. I felt that this harsh reality could be turned into an opportunity to extend AngelSense’s mission to also help special needs moms. I was eager to build a Customer Care Team entirely made up of special needs moms allowing them to work part-time from their homes. This way they could not only get back to the workforce, they could help and support other special needs families. It makes AngelSense a company that has the community at its heart. It also enables us to provide our users with a sensitive and caring service, because we understand!
We plan to continue and grow the team,and expect to employ hundreds of parents all over the US.
Creating a solution to help protect individuals with special needs isn’t easy. We work day and night and do all that we can to deliver quality service to our community. We are honored to be protecting thousands of individuals with special needs and will not rest until the reality changes for many more.

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Patent-Pending Technology

Taking personal GPS Tracking to the next level, leveraging cutting edge technology to meet the unique needs of the community.
We have extensive technological know-how combined with a deep understanding of what it’s like to be a special needs parent. That’s what makes AngelSense so great!


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