About Us

AngelSense grew out of one father’s search for the right technology to help him protect his child with special needs – and became a mission.

After his seventeen year old autistic son suffered another mistreatment at the hands of a caregiver, Doron Somer sought to find a solution to help monitor Itamar’s safety and well being.

With his vast experience of GPS and tracking technologies, Doron understood the key to a reliable solution would be applying smart analytics to the right device.

Knowing he wasn’t the only parent with these concerns, Doron teamed up with his friend Nery Ben-Azar – a high-tech executive and social entrepreneur – to create AngelSense in early 2013. Doron and Nery decided to leave their jobs and take on the full-time mission of protecting and improving the care for children with special needs, while bringing peace of mind to their families.

Nery suggested to expand AngelSense’s mission by enabling parents of children with special needs – many of whom had left their full time jobs to take care of their kids – to return to the workforce.

AngelSense customer service is staffed with such parents working from home. They are all expert users of AngelSense and passionate about helping other parents.

The AngelSense GPS and voice monitoring solution with smart analytics was introduced to the market on January 2014.

Our Team