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Autism Wandering Prevention

GPS Tracking Solution for Maximum Peace of Mind

How Do We Prevent Wandering?

critical life-saving features unique to AngelSense

Full Day, Non stop, real time
tracking you can rely on

Because your child could elope at any moment, AngelSense is constantly
tracking. In the parent app, see your child's locations, detailed routes, and even planned and unplanned stops, all in real time.

Anglesense Autism GPS APP

Proactive alerts for sudden or unexpected routine changes

Tools to Quickly Respond to a Wandering Incident or Emergency

Recent AngelSense wandering prevention
success stories

Wandering Prevention Success Stories

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AngelSense lifesaving features were created specifically for the prevention of autism wandering, and elopement, and to help give parents peace of mind. Autism Wandering affects half of all autistic children. Autism wandering creates tremendous stress and worry among parents of kids with autism who elope or run. Autism wandering prevention is the key to keeping every child with autism who runs, elopes, and wanders safely. Don’t wait, get the AngelSense device today to prevent autism wandering and always know where your autistic child who wanders, or is a runner, is.

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