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How Brandi’s life changed since she started using AngelSense

Brandi C.

Samantha uses AngelSense with her autistic non-verbal son to make sure he’s always safe

Samantha J.

Marci shares how AngelSense helped her dad with Dementia live a more independent life

Marci C.

AngelSense helps Ivellisse keep both her children safe

Ivellisse R.

5 years of peace of mind for Jade and her son since they started using AngelSense.

Jade O.

Kirstie shares how AngelSense can assist with preventing bullying and mistreatment.

Kirstie M.

Shanda’s only regret is not knowing about the AngelSense device sooner.

Shanda J.

Using AngelSense as a safety net allows Marci to be out in the community with her peers.

Marci S.

How Desiree uses AngelSense to support her son Matt from afar using the 2-way call feature.

Desiree G.

Priscilla’s smooth journey with AngelSense, with the help of our dedicated customer care team.

Priscilla B.

I use the AngelSense device to give my 5 year old independence.

With all the scary things going on in the world right now, AngelSense allows me to still give her the independence she craves and needs to become a “big kid” as she says. 

Without AngelSense I just do not think I would be able to let her go on trips or outings without me. Having my special needs son, it’s not always “fun” for everyone to go out and do things. With AngelSense I can choose to stay home with my son and still let my daughter go out and have a good time without all the worry about how she is doing. She is a fashionista and she really likes wearing the new mini waterproof pouch on her hip because she said it feels and looks like she is wearing a purse. Wearing it this way also makes the SOS button easily accessible to her so she can call me if she needs anything.


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Jessica G.

This is so worth buying!

I have this for my son who has ADHD and Autism. I bought this when he was in kindergarten and now he is in 8th grade. I love all the features it has! I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Sharon M.

Today having AngelSense prevented me from going into a complete panic!

There was a new sub bus driver and my son’s normal drop off time is 11:45am. I checked my app at 11:43 and saw that Anthony was over 10 min away.

Then I see the driver literally driving back and forth across town. Once it was after 12, I called the bus company and they told me the driver was lost. I would have really started to panic if I didn’t have AngelSense with him. He finally got home 45 min late and the driver handed me the wrong kid to top it off. Thank you, AngelSense!!!

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Heather B.

We got AngelSense for our 14 year old son Max who has Down syndrome.

We got AngelSense for our 14 year old son Max who has Down syndrome. He wants so much more independence especially in our neighbourhood but I’m always so worried his impulsiveness will take over.

Do you know how great it feels to let him take his bike around our cul de sac which is pretty big and not have to worry about him! I feel such relief now that he has it. I don’t have to stress nearly enough and he gets his independence that he so badly deserves and is capable of having. The other day he wanted to leave the park early and so him and the dog walked home. I got to call him and see how he was doing (which he loves) and I got to ensure he made it back where is dad was waiting outside for him. It’s just a great device and as he grows and becomes even more independent he can be now! Thanks to all of special needs parents who are also customer service reps who have ensured our device is working great. From one SN momma to other SN parents out there wondering if this works I promise your peace of mind you will get is worth every penny!

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Geri G.

This is a great peace of mind

I use it (AngelSense) for my autistic nephew who loves to run.

Last week I received an alert he was in the field by the school! I messaged his teacher and they were outside possibly a fire in the school. I was able to monitor the situation from work and knew when they were able to return to school. The listen in is also wonderful to check on him when he is away from me.

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April D.

I cannot tell you how relieved we were!

My Grandson Jason is 6 and is autistic. Jason is non-verbal and can also be a “runner” and sometimes bolts with no sense of danger, so we keep him close at all times.

While we have triple locks on the doors and Jason never goes anywhere without one of us and we watch him closely, it only took seconds for him to disappear and minutes for his life to be at risk. Now with AngelSense we know without a doubt where he is, we get notifications throughout the day of any location changes and are able to monitor him in all situations and keep him safe. AngelSense is highly rated with good reason; it’s durable, consistent, comfortable for him to wear and he can’t remove it. You can hear and speak to people nearby him, it tells you when the battery is low, you can set up your child’s schedules in it so that you are notified of any deviations, and we all have it on our phones so we’re able to see in real time where he is. I sincerely believe that anyone that has a child that could potentially be at risk should consider getting one. It’s very affordable and in the bigger picture I see this as buying safety for Jason and peace of mind for all who love him and both are priceless!


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Trudi B.

Sonya shares what it’s like to be a parent for a child with autism and limited verbal skills.

Sonya D.

Mom and BCBA, reminding parents that safety and independence for their special needs children are possible with the right tools.

Melissa S.

Chris, an incredible young adult with Autism, tells about how AngelSense gives him independence.

Chris M.

It changed my life and gave me a peace of mind and relief

I have a 21 year old son with Autism and he is a wonderer. There was an incident when my son and I were shopping at the mall and a split second my son wondered off it was a frightening experience.

Minutes later I found him at the food court. I saw AngelSense on social media and purchased the GPS Device. It changed my life and gave me a peace of mind and relief (that) I know where my son is at all times. I Recommend this to all families AngelSense is the Best.

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Nicole D.

They put my daughter on the wrong school bus! Luckily she had AngelSense!

AngelSense really came through for us today. First day of kindergarten and just when I started to relax, it was 3:00pm. Time for my little one (5-year-old, non-verbal eloper) to get home. Long story short, THEY PUT HER ON THE WRONG BUS!

Only because of AngelSense, I was able to make calls and get this baby home. Thankfully, she had no clue. And was happy to ride along.

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Beth L.

My son eloped from school! We knew right away and found him so quickly!!

My son is an eloper and has high functioning autism. I received a phone call from the school saying that he had disappeared on campus, and they were unable to locate him!

With the alarm setting on his GPS tracker I was able to activate in 12 miles away from where he was. He was hiding on campus and school staff were able to locate him using the alarm on this device! OMG such a relief.

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Stephanie D.

We feel confident that she's always safe

With AngelSense, our family has found a way to give our daughter her independence while still keeping her safe. The service is truly a blessing for us.

Since starting to use AngelSense, we’ve been amazed at all its features. However, our daughter’s favorite so far has been the call button, which allows her to easily contact me. With this device, we feel confident that she’s always safe and can easily reach out to us if needed. It’s a true blessing for our family.

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Yolanda J.

SaraBelle and her daughter Riley tell about what they love most about her AngelSense Watch.

SaraBelle and Riley G.

New opportunities for Debra’s son Jake, a young adult with autism and cognitive delay.

Debra W.

Regained sense of confidence for Agnes and peace of mind for the entire family.

Genevieve and Agnes

Daviion shares how he cleverly used the 1-Way Voice feature with his AngelSense to locate his autistic son at a busy playground in NY.

Daviion W.

When he wandered off, all I had to do was pull up the app

It puts a panic in my heart and the rest of Marvin’s family when one minute he is standing beside me and the next minute he’s just gone, even with being watched.

Our County Board of Developmental Disabilities and Marvin’s SSA helped us tremendously and got Marvin an AngelSense tracking GPS. I really cannot thank those who helped us enough. It came on Wednesday. Marvin’s first time wearing it was Thursday and the first time I had to use it was on Saturday at the school celebration. I’m so thankful that when he wandered off, all I had to do was pull up the app. The great news is before I even got the app pulled up, Marvin’s uncle spotted him walking out the door.
Marvin’s wearing his AngelSense, but you can’t even tell and neither can he!”

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Hayli B.

The bus was unable to make it to our house, and got stuck in the snow!

Angelsense really has saved my life and so much stress! I worried for my son when traveling to and from school such a long distance.

He was always late coming home, and I was always worried where he was or if something happened. Once we got the Angelsense that all changed! We live in the snow, and one day it started snowing terribly while my son was at school. The bus was unable to make it to our house, and got stuck in the snow! Thanks to AngelSense I was able to travel where my son was and pick him up from the driver! I don’t have to worry so much about my son anymore! Once my youngest son started pre-school I bought him one as well!

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Crystal T.

AngelSense allows my daughter to request a call within seconds

I am truly thankful to AngelSense. This discrete safety tracker gives me a peace of mind when my daughter is away at school and during her ride on the school bus.

I usually place the device easily hidden in her pants pocket, I love the fact that it’s unremovable. AngelSense allows my daughter to press the SOS button to request a call within seconds if anything was to happen. I’m also able to track her location in real time.

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Juanice W.

It's like having a guardian angel watching over him

As a parent of a child with autism, I have always worried about Ethan’s safety when he is out of my sight. But with AngelSense, I can monitor his location in real-time and receive alerts if he goes outside of a predetermined safe zone.

It’s like having a guardian angel watching over him, giving me peace of mind even when I’m not there. In May 2022, I went to Mexico for a few days and my son stayed with my parents at my brother’s house. A couple of days after I left, most of the adults in the house fell ill with COVID, and they were all taking turns watching the kids and keeping the uninfected isolated for as long as possible. My family takes walks around the block every evening, and Ethan felt it was time for a walk, so he just left the house and walked around the block, then got distracted and headed towards the park.
If he didn’t have autism, he would be old enough to go to the park alone in his scooter, he is tall enough that people don’t see anything weird about him being alone. But he is not okay: he can’t talk. As soon as my brother notified me that Ethan was missing, my heart sank. I quickly checked the app and saw that Ethan’s location was showing up at a nearby park. I screenshot it to my brother, who immediately headed over to the park to find him.
When my brother arrived at the park, he saw Ethan playing on the playground with his scooter. He quickly approached him and made sure that he was okay. Ethan was happily oblivious to the commotion and was enjoying himself, as if nothing had happened.
I knew that without Angelsense, the situation could have turned out much differently.
As a parent, it was a sobering reminder of the importance of having safety measures in place for our children, especially those with special needs. AngelSense gave me the peace of mind that I needed to travel and to know that Ethan was being watched over, even from afar. I was grateful that we found him so quickly and that he was unharmed.
After finding Ethan safe and sound, I felt a wave of relief wash over me. I was grateful that my brother had texted me immediately when he noticed that Ethan was missing. It was only a matter of minutes before we located him, thanks (to) his Angelsense device.

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Karina C.

The scariest 5 minutes of my life

We haven’t needed to use AngelSense in an emergent situation for a while now, thankfully! But most recently we were at a large neighborhood thrift sale when I found I needed it.

We were walking through our third or fourth sale holding hands and pushing his little sisters stroller together. I saw a shirt I thought was cute and let go of his hand to check the size. I turned to him to ask if he wanted it… that’s how long it took, literally 2 seconds and he was gone. Of course I panicked and started frantically looking through the hanging clothes and behind the couch that was there, but my then 8 year old was gone. I started yelling for him when I remembered the AngelSense, now 2 minutes had passed. I pulled up the app and thought there was a glitch in the GPS, it said he was a block and a half away! I grabbed the stroller and took off running. Following the GPS I recognize where I was headed, we had just been there… I turned the corner and there he was, just playing with a toy he had asked for at our first stop. My son was completely unaware of what had happened… He didn’t understand why I was crying, or why my hands were shaking, and why I was hugging him longer then our agreed upon 5 second maximum. He had no idea the gut wrenching terror I had just experienced. 5 minutes. 5 minutes from letting go of his hand to holding him “too tight”. This was one of the scariest 5 minutes of my life, and without AngelSense I would have been so very much worse!

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Desiree G.

Carrie shares how her grandma is able to keep her daily routines despite her dementia.

Carrie A.

Tiffany shows how her son wears the AngelSense Wearable device.


AngelSense has given Torin’s mom  independence that she has been missing for many years living with Alzheimer’s.

Torin L.

Supporting meltdowns from afar with the AngelSense call feature.

Eileen (Mama Fry)

Rene is now able to take her son Dylan to crowded places, knowing she can always find him if needed.

Rene and Dylan

Kym shares how she was able to give her son more freedom and stop hovering over him.

Kym and Jacob

I still worry but because of AngelSense there is a bit of ease

AngelSense has been the most wonderful and helpful device. My daughter has ran out the doors many times, but as soon as she leaves the premises I get a notification and I can get to her quickly.

I still worry but because of AngelSense there is a bit of ease when she’s not with me.

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Dustie N.

AngelSense truly saved the day in the most unexpected way for me

We originally bought AngelSense for my oldest son who loves being outside and would frequently elope. As time has gone by, the eloping is less frequent but AngelSense has always been there when I needed it.

I loved it so much I bought a second device for my youngest son to help keep track of both my children when we go out into the community. AngelSense truly saved the day in the most unexpected way for me last year. I was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer and was having to go 2 hours away for tests and surgeries. Everytime I would go, I would make sure my children had on their AngelSense devices. Just knowing exactly where they were and being able to listen to them and talk with them while I was so far away brought me such peace and it made the distance so much easier for me. I honestly couldn’t imagine life without AngelSense and am truly thankful for it.

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Korinne S.

It is nerve wracking wondering how she is being treated while I'm out of the picture

My stress level has decreased dramatically since using this device. I can listen in to check how my Daughter is behaving/being treated/being spoken to.

It is nerve wracking wondering how she is being treated/cared for while I’m out of the picture. I have had numerous caregivers who have been neglectful and abusive. I just couldn’t prove it! It is affordable. It is easy to use. It makes me feel so much more at ease when I am not with my Daughter.

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Colleen F.

A blessing to our family

Peace of mind. Repeated, yes. Just knowing you have a device that can help monitor your most precious person helps me get through the day and not having to constantly worry.

AngelSense has been a blessing to our family and I can’t recommend it enough.

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Lisa P.

The peace of mind I have knowing I can find him if things go wrong is immense.

My husband has mild dementia. After he got lost in our woods (and eventually found his way home), I did some research on devices I could use to keep track of him. I found Angelsense and I’ve been very pleased with it.

David went to the grocery store on his own (which he can still do), but was also going to stop at the new pharmacy. He got lost getting there. I heard the notification that he left the grocery store and went on doing what I was doing. All of a sudden, it occurred to me that it had been a while since I’d heard that notification and he wasn’t home. I checked the app and saw on the map that he was several miles outside of town — nowhere near home or the pharmacy. I used the two-way calling feature to reach him. I asked him if he knew where he was. He said, “no,” and I said, “well, I do. I can see you on my map. Turn around and head to the next stop sign. Turn left.” He said OK and I lost contact. I called again when I saw he went the wrong way at the stop sign. I told him to pull over and wait while I’d come get him with our other car. He did that, I found him and we all got home safely. The peace of mind I have knowing I can find him if things go wrong is immense. It also gives David great peace of mind that he knows he can press the button and it’ll call me. Thank you so much for this wonderful device.

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Louise and David

Having "mom" in his pocket improved his independence and confidence

My son was always leaving the his classroom. It terrified me because the neighborhood around the school is older and not always the best. I gained so much peace of mind with AngelSense because I knew if he left the safe zone.

Now that we have him on better ADHD medication, the elopement has lessened, but we still deal with him feeling secure without me. Having “mom” in his pocket for the whole school day improved his independence and confidence at school. We are now dealing with his social awareness and he’s able to push the button and know that I am praying for him and giving him a hug in my heart. AngelSense’s benefits are immeasurable when nothing else seems to be going right for your kiddo.

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Alysson M.

Frank Campagna, The Autism Daddy, shares the many ways in which he uses AngelSense.

Frank (Autism Daddy)

AngelSense helps ease transitions for Alex on his freshman year.

Tamara and Alex

Expending Tommy’s independence thanks to AngelSense.

Jeannie and Tommy

AngelSense to the rescue!!

My son Dwayne, is an amazing kid with Down Syndrome and Autism. He used to be an “eloper” which got us into some potentially dangerous situations, and made me look for a product that might help us still be able to enjoy life.

AngelSense to the rescue!! We have gotten into such a routine of putting in his “button” as he calls it, and he always gives me the clothes that we attach it to, in the evening so I can put it on the charger. He is so used to having it that he reminds ME if I don’t grab it first thing in the morning! The peace of mind that comes with this device is immeasurable. The live tracking on the app allowed me to send him to summer day camp for two weeks this summer and not be so stressed about him being in an unfamiliar place…if I was worried, I would check the app, or make a one-way voice call just to hear him and hear that he was ok! You cannot put a price on that kind of reassurance. The details you get on the app are amazing, and all come in handy to us. He rides the school bus, and I can check when they will arrive, know if they are late, even the speed of the bus! All without making any long irritating phone calls. I don’t often recommend companies, but this is the exception. AngelSense has given us back our lives and freedom, and I am grateful

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Ellen D.

We found him prior to CSPD even having had a chance to respond

Nothing like getting a call from your disabled child’s school, 15 minutes before he should be getting on the bus, because he’s gone MISSING. 😱

Just so you know; this is called Autistic Elopement & accidents during autistic elopements are THE leading cause of death for children & young adults with autism. Because Luke has a history of autistic elopement going back to the age of 4, he wears an Angelsense tracker (has also used SPOT & Garmin) & we were able to focus the search on campus, where his tracker was “pinging” him. We found him prior to CSPD even having had a chance to respond & just before he made it out the back gates, which would have put him on a frontage road to I-25. He’s relaxing at home now, eating cookies & watching Wreck It Ralph.


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Christine K.

With the help of my waiver program I don’t have to worry about any costs

I wish I had the device sooner before my daughter eloped from my cousins graduation party. 

Almost an hour and all party guests on hand frantically searched my aunts home and neighborhood looking for her. That was the day that I knew her elopement was serious.  I had seen on the news about autistic children wandering and not found until it’s too late. Now I can take my daughter to places and know that I can find her faster. We’ve gone to water parks with the awesome waterproof pouch and been able to leave her alone with her great grandparents while I ran to the store. The listen in makes it easy to know she’s safe around a new babysitter and the 2-way gives her a chance to listen to me or I can ask surrounding bystanders for help if needed. We’ve used the device with ABA therapy and at her special needs school when they go out on their CBIs. Just knowing that I can open up my phone or web browser gives me less anxiety. Soon we will practice backwards playing this summer with mom inside out right out of sight. I’m excited for this useful tool and with the help of my waiver program in Wisconsin I don’t have to worry about any costs. Plus, it was the start of a new me who knew that I wanted to advocate for so much more than autism but anyone who may be more vulnerable. 5 stars. Thank you AngelSense

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Dana C.

AngelSense is the best thing that I ever bought for my daughter

AngelSense is the best thing that I ever bought for her safety wise. I can see where she is, what route she took and everything.

I love that I can listen in on what’s going on and call and talk to her. She was so excited when she heard my voice on her ride home this Friday! Thank you for making my life a little more peaceful.

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Jackson L.

Christine shares the features she uses when her non-verbal son Chase wanders away or hides.

Christine and Chase

Why Elise got AngelSense for her epileptic teenage son with high functioning autism

Elise R.

The importance of water safety and having the right tools for kids with autism.

Chadd (Kimock)

Natalie shares how AngelSense became her best investment in her son’s safety.

Natalie B.

Jessica uses AngelSense 2-Way Voice for extending independence for her son.


8-year-old non-verbal boy with autism left at library alone in NY

Fatima and Jaiden

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