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AngelSense GPS - The only life-saving location monitoring solution designed specifically for children with special needs

A revolutionary proven solution to prevent wandering tragedies

Autism and elderly wandering is a national safety issue. Law enforcement personnel are on the front lines whenever a missing person incident is reported, often with limited resources and in a race against time.

AngelSense’s next-generation GPS monitoring technology prevents many of these incidents and significantly reduces search efforts by providing a set of tools designed to quickly locate a missing person.

Greensburg Police Launch AngelSense Law Enforcement Program

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AngelSense Was Designed to Prevent Wandering Tragedies and Save Lives

Designed to be a proactive solution, AngelSense alerts parents and caretakers immediately if a child is at an unexpected location, providing a powerful set of tools to quickly find a child. When put to the test, AngelSense makes a difference. Read these three remarkable stories about lives that have been saved with AngelSense:

AngelSense Guided Police in Rescue

Discover how AngelSense helped guide a police search and rescue team to Brett, a child with Autism, in less than 90 minutes after he wandered.

Read the story here

AngelSense Guided Police in Rescue

A Christmas Miracle

This mom credits AngelSense with helping NYPD to locate her son when he wandered away from the Bronx on the subway. AngelSense customer care got involved to help avoid tragedy.

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A Christmas Miracle

AngelSense Saved My Daughter’s Life!

When this mom heard her daughter being sexually assaulted after receiving the alert that she was in an unknown place, AngelSense narrowed the search for police so that they could find her in time.

Watch this amazing story:

AngelSense Saved My Daughter’s Life!


Parents and caretakers can use AngelSense to provide the real-time access of the child’s location in two ways:

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