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Assistive Technology

for Autism

Setting a New Standard in Special Needs Care

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive technology refers to tools and solutions that enhance the capabilities of individuals with disabilities.

At AngelSense, our assistive technology goes beyond the conventional, prioritizing safety and well-being for those with cognitive or developmental challenges. Harnessing the power of AI-driven GPS tracking, proactive real-time alerts, and seamless voice communication, we provide a holistic solution that redefines possibilities in specialized care.

Elevate your caregiving experience with AngelSense – unlocking safety & independence.

AngelSense Assistive Technology Overview

Discover the features and benefits that make AngelSense an invaluable resource for you and your loved ones.

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Find The Right Assistive Technology

Take our quick quiz to find out which AngelSense device best matches your loved one’s needs.

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Unique Wearing Options

Experience comfort and practicality in wearing assistive technology with AngelSense’s sensory-friendly and non-removable wearing solutions.

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Assistive Technology in Autism Education

Explore the role of assistive technology in shaping inclusive education for individuals with autism, and discover how AngelSense contributes to an enriched learning experience.

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Why AngelSense Assistive Technology Over GPS Trackers

See how AngelSense addresses the traditional limitations of GPS technologies, and elevates it by harnessing AI and cloud-based analytics transforming it into a powerful assistive technology meeting the unique needs of individuals with autism.

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Empowering Law Enforcement with Assistive Technology

Find out why law enforcement is upgrading outdated solutions with advanced assistive technologies to reinforce safety and independence in their communities.

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Unique Features of The AngelSense Assistive Technology

About AngelSense

AngelSense Assistive Technology empowers individuals with special needs to reach their full potential through continuous monitoring, proactive alerts, and remote support.

It includes a wearable device with an auto-pickup speakerphone, an AI-powered monitoring system, and an app for multiple caregivers for maximum peace of mind.

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