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We would like to help families protect their loved ones and get peace of mind.

AngelSense GPS Tracker Intelligent iAlerts

Lifesaving Location Alerts That
Proactively Detect & Prevent Emergencies


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Maximum Safety & Independence

Quickly Detect Potential Emergencies, Wandering, & Unexpected Locations

Reliable and Accurate

You can depend on our lifesaving alerts
that use advanced algorithms

Emergency Detection

Get notified when your loved one is in
a potentially dangerous situation

Unlimited Safe Places

Know exactly when your loved one
arrives to or leaves a geofence

Unexpected Places

Learns your loved one’s routine to
notify you of unusual locations

Transit Alerts

Instantly know when your loved one
is on the move by foot, car, or bus

Always Working

Alerts come to your phone or inbox
even when the app is closed


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Unique Lifesaving Alerts

Only AngelSense Has Intelligent iAlerts for Every Situation

  • Lifesaving Wandering Alerts
  • Arrival and Departure Alerts
  • Unknown Place Alerts
  • Unexpected Location Alerts
  • Transit & Movement Alerts
  • Late Arrival & Departure Alerts
  • Fall Detection & Pill Reminder (coming soon)

Angel sense has been a life saver for my family… in December my son who is autistic non verbal left school without anyone noticing. I was alerted as soon as he left the building and was able to pinpoint his location to his teacher. Within 15 minutes he was safely back in school. Thank you so much for giving my family peace of mind! LaTanya, Autism Mom

Never Miss an Alert

Alerts When & Where You Need Them

AngelSense Intelligent iAlerts come straight to your phone or inbox, even when the app is closed.

Friends with children that wander, this is an amazing device. We went to the library to return books and check some out. Without me noticing, Anthony ran out. I was alerted that he left the library, opened the app to see the path he took. I was able to easily see he was running home and could get to him to pick him up. The Angelsense device is amazing! Amber, Autism Mom

Prevent an Emergency Before it Happens

Proactively detect potentially dangerous situations and take action

AngelSense uses AI learning and advanced algorithms to proactively alert you to potential emergencies before they happen.

We have had AngelSense for over 4 years and absolutely love it. I feel so much better when he is not with me. He elopes every chance available and doesn’t have a sense of fear. The alerts, GPS tracker and features are awesome. Amy, Special Needs Mom

Reliable Alerts You Can Trust

Get Peace of Mind Knowing You’ll be Notified if Something’s Wrong

Wandering is a life threatening reality for many autism & dementia families. AngelSense was designed especially to prevent elopements and save lives by providing alerts that arrive quickly and reliably.

My husband would get it in his head to take off and go where he thought he needed to go, I needed to track him and AngelSense checked all the boxes. Now, alerts let me know right when he takes off or is somewhere unfamiliar. I don’t know what I would do without it!!! Tracy, Husband with Dementia

Life Changing Peace of Mind

When You are Confident that Your Loved One is Safe, You Can Allow for Greater Freedom

  • Enhanced Independence
  • Inclusion in Activities
  • Safely Ride the Bus
  • Better Quality of Life

I can truly say you get what you pay for! My son is 25 years old, nonverbal, autistic, and mentally challenged. AngelSense GPS helps me keep track of where he is at any given time, allowing him to be in a community based day program where they spend all their time out in the community going to parks, malls, libraries, as well as volunteer sites. Tyler, Autism Dad


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