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Autism March 4, 2024

What Do the Autism Colors and Symbols Mean?

Each April, we celebrate Autism Acceptance Month to shine a

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Autism February 7, 2024

Disability Benefits for Kids with Autism: What Parents Need to Know

Autism is a complex developmental disorder that can significantly impact

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Autism January 11, 2024

10 Tips for De-Escalating Autism Sensory Meltdowns

As a parent to a child with autism, you’re probably

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Law Enforcement January 4, 2024

Sheriff’s Office Chooses AngelSense to Protect Vulnerable Residents

The Sheriff’s Office in Burlington County, New Jersey, is upgrading

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Holidays December 20, 2023

Unlocking Joy: 10 Thoughtful Educational Gifts for Autistic Children

The holiday season is approaching fast, and the spirit of

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School December 7, 2023

Autism Schools and Programs in Canada

Enrolling your autistic child in school can be fraught with

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Activities November 30, 2023

Delightful Winter Sensory Activities for Autistic Kids

With the cold temperatures, fewer daylight hours, and limited outdoor

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Funding November 21, 2023

We’re giving the AngelSense device for free – here’s why

Caring for a loved one with autism or other special

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Bullying October 20, 2023

How Assistive Technology Can Help Prevent Bullying and Mistreatment of Children with Special Needs

GPS trackers are linked in most people‘s minds to making sure children don’t wander and get lost. the AngelSense GPS Tracker was also designed to help parents identify if bullying of their child is taking place, enabling them to take the action necessary to prevent it.

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