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Empowering the Special Needs Community

We’re giving the AngelSense device for free – here’s why

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Caring for a loved one with autism or other special needs can be costly, presenting a challenge to families whose budgets are often already stretched. Yet as members of the autism community ourselves, we know that introducing AngelSense into your daily routine can be nothing short of life-changing. We want to make AngelSense Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology: Helping Children With Autism Thrive

Learning styles in autistic children

Autism brings forth diverse learning experiences and challenges in each child. Introducing assistive technology in the context of these unique challenges provides an exciting and compassionate approach to their development and education. The power of assistive technology for autism is not only to bridge the gaps but also to empower autistic children by providing them

3 Ways to Unlock the Benefits of Yoga for Autism

Yoga for autism

Professionals have been using yoga to treat individuals with autism for over 20 years. Today it is widely accepted as an effective form of treatment for many different conditions including anxiety and sensory processing disorders as well as developmental delays associated with autism spectrum disorder. Studies show that practicing yoga can lead to reduced aggression

Surviving Back-to-School Anxiety: 5 Daily Tips for Kids with Autism

Back-to-School Transition Tips

Going back to school is an exciting time for kids, but it can also bring up a lot of anxiety. For autistic children, navigating the new environment and social dynamics can be especially overwhelming. So in this article, we’ll look at five daily tips—most of which are practiced at home—that can help your child with

Which AngelSense device is right for you?

When deciding between the Wearable AngelSense device and the AngelSense Watch, there are two key factors to consider: wearability and level of independence. No matter which device you choose, you’ll get the same capabilities that make AngelSense the definitive and trusted choice in Assistive Technology for special needs. Here’s what you need to consider to

Dementia vs Alzheimer’s: Definitions, Stages, and Treatment

difference between dementia and alzheimer's

Pinpointing the onset of dementia in our loved ones can be challenging. The initial symptoms are typically gradual, so they’re often easy to miss. And they frequently include subtle fluctuations in focus and alertness—something we can all relate to in the attention-deficit era. When we get the diagnosis, many of us ask ourselves why we

10 Things Not to Say to an Autism Mom

10 Things Not to Say to an Autism Mom

April is Autism Acceptance Month. In our society, we’re shifting the focus from awareness of autism to acceptance of people with autism—their differences and unique abilities. But let’s not forget to accept ourselves, their parents. We have our own differences as caregivers, and our own unique abilities in raising our special children.  Some days are

Stranded 8-Year-Old Boy with Non-Verbal Autism Saved by AngelSense Assistive Technology

Proactive Monitoring Alert Raises Mother’s Suspicion

For 8-year-old Jaiden Benjamin, the first day of summer camp at PS 188 in the Bronx turned into a frightening experience. The camp’s school bus mistakenly took the boy to the wrong drop-off location at The Bronx Public Library—and left him there unattended. Such an event would be scary for any child, but for an

Why GPS trackers aren’t enough for your loved one with autism – AngelSense

Why GPS trackers aren't enough for your loved one with autism - AngelSense

As members of the autism community, our mission is to improve the lives of individuals with autism, their families and support networks through dedicated Assistive Technology for autism; technology addressing the unique challenges those with autism face, designed to support their safety and independence.  April is Autism Acceptance Month—a reminder of how far we’ve come

2022: AngelSense Saves the Day, 8 Best Stories

As we look back at 2022, here at AngelSense, we’re moved by the thousands of thank you emails we received this year. Each one detailed either how daily living has steadily become more manageable, or the dramatic moment their story turned from near-tragedy to happy ending.    We are so proud to have helped thousands of

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