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School December 7, 2023

Autism Schools and Programs in Canada

Enrolling your autistic child in school can be fraught with

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School August 22, 2023

Surviving Back-to-School Anxiety: 5 Daily Tips for Kids with Autism

Going back to school is an exciting time for kids,

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School August 13, 2023

50 Back-to-School Tips from Autism Moms

Back-to-school time can be difficult for children with autism, who

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School August 1, 2023

How Assistive Technology Helps with the Back-to-School Transition

Transitions are difficult for any child, but for children with

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School October 14, 2021

Homeschooling a Child with Autism or Special Needs

Guest Blog Post From Wonderschool There are currently around 7

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School July 22, 2021

Four Best Back to School Routines Using an Autism Visual Schedule

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the height of the pandemic

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School April 8, 2021

Best Schools for Autism in the USA: Top Choices for Specialized Learning

AngelSense is committed to helping parents protect their children with

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School January 13, 2021

Is AngelSense Allowed in Schools?

Yes, AngelSense is allowed in schools nationwide. Thousands of schools

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School January 1, 2021

Back to School Safety for Special Needs Students in 2023

Special needs students nationwide will be going back to school

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School October 5, 2020

Non-Verbal Boy with Autism Left Alone at Library is Found with AngelSense GPS

It’s every parents’ worst nightmare. We send our children off

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