A Safer World for Children with Special NeedsCreating a Safer World for Children with Special Needs
AngelSense is the only GPS & voice monitoring solution designed exclusively for children with special needs
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Mom reports AngelSense saved daughter's life
August 20, 2015 - Rowlett, Texas
Active Protection and Full-Day View of Your Special Child
  • Guardian GPS Device

    Guardian GPS Device

  • AngelSense Analitycs Server

    Analytic Server

  • AngelSense Web and Mobile App

    Web & Mobile App

Life with AngelSense
  • AngelSense locating a wandering child

    Locating a Wandering Child

    “We received a text alert from AngelSense that Kelly had left school unexpectedly at 10am. We immediately called her teacher and directed her to Kelly’s location. She was found within minutes. Thank God we had AngelSense!”
    James, father of Kelly, an 8 year-old-child with Autism.
  • AngelSense improve care of kids with special needs

    Improving Care

    “One day, the new bus driver simply forgot Tyler at school! I received the text alert that he had stayed at school later than usual, so I immediately called school to make sure he was okay, calmed Tyler down and then arranged for someone to pick him up. “
    Lucy, mother of Tyler, a 6-year-old child with Autism
  • AngelSense brings peace of mind to families of special needs kids

    Peace of Mind

    “I used to worry all the time that people might mistreat Aaron. Now I can see his nanny takes him to fun places, I can listen-in when I’m concerned for his well-being. I’m simply a calmer mom!”
    Nancy, mother of Aaron, a 7-year-old non-verbal child with Autism
  • AngelSense give higher level of independence to kids with special needs

    Higher level of Independence

    “We now let Amy go to nearby places on her own. After taking a solo trip to music class for the first time, she was simply in heaven!”
    Rachel, mother of Amy, a15-year-old highly functioning teenager with Autism
  • AngelSense increases a sense of self confidence for children with special needs

    Increasing a sense of self-confidence

    “Three days after Samuel started wearing the AngelSense Guardian Device, he went to his nanny, pointed to his pocket, and said “Mommy is here…'”
    Sarah, mother of Samuel, a 13-year-old child with Down Syndrome
  • AngelSense lets you review the places your kids visited

    Sharing Experiences

    “Erin and I regularly go over the pictures from her diary that AngelSense builds automatically. The other day Amy saw the picture of her horseback riding and and started laughing and shouting ‘horse!, horse! I was so happy!’. I’m so glad we get to share this with Amy.”
    Felicia, mother of Amy, a 14-year-old with Autism
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Special Offer Continues!
Special Offer Continues