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Safeguard GPS

Utilizing AI and data analytics, AngelSense offers continuous monitoring and provides the most accurate location tracking

  • Nonstop, All-Day Monitoring
  • Live Location Tracking Maps
  • Motion Sensor for Quick Updates
  • Detailed Timeline for Each & Every Day

Evan has severe autism and is a high flight risk.. and very unaware of danger! This device tells me where he is every minute, I can track his bus and call to hear him throughout his day! It’s my best friend!

Chrissy’s Story


Intelligent iAlerts

Get ahead of any potential emergencies or changes in schedule with AngelSense’s vast array of proactive alerts

  • Reliable, Lifesaving Wandering Alerts
  • Alerts Go Straight to Phone or Email
  • Alerts Arrive Even When App is Closed
  • Unique Alerts for Unexpected Places

The bus driver let my son and a classmate off the bus and left! It was the wrong school! They are both autistic with very limited verbal skills. Thank goodness the boys stayed together… I was notified immediately by AngelSense, and was able to keep track of them while I drove over to the school. If it wasn’t for the AngelSense tracker we wouldn’t have been able to find them.

Renee’s Story


Assistive Speakerphone

 AngelSense is the only assistive technology with a built-in speakerphone designed for special needs

  • Smart Voice
  • Automatically Answers 
  • 2-Way & 1-Way Voice Calls
  • SOS Call Request Button
  • Customizable Settings

My 9 year old son was being bullied on the bus just this past Friday! I recognized his bus was late and I GPSed where my son was. When I clicked on the 1-Way Voice button, I discovered the distressed and helpless situation my son was in, screaming and crying while being hit by two bullies on the school bus and the bus helper unable to stop them. I was able to pinpoint their location and get my 9 year old off the bus and comfort him quickly

Adrian’s Story


Safe Ride Monitoring

Know exactly where your loved one is when they’re on the move with our transit & school bus tracking

  • Live Map with Exact Route in Real-Time
  • Shows Maximum Speed
  • Updated, Current ETA
  • Tracks Each & Every Transit

I have a 7 year old son with Autism. One day I was alerted that his bus stopped along a major road that was mostly desert. His bus broke down and I knew because of his AngelSense GPS. I was able to pick him up instead of making him wait in 110 degrees until the bus was fixed.

Brandy’s Story


Well-Being Features

Ensure your loved one’s overall well-being with unique features only available with AngelSense

  • Location Activity Playback
  • Step Counter for Each Location
  • Fall Detection (Coming Soon)
  • Pill Reminder

I noticed my son’s steps were lower than normal for a few days while he was at school. I called his teacher and found out that he hadn’t been going outside for recess. When I asked him about it, he shared that he had been being bullied outside. Without AngelSense, I may have never known there was an issue.

Kim’s Story


Customer Care By Special Needs Parents

Our customer care team is staffed by special needs parents who use AngelSense and enjoy sharing their expert knowledge and experience.

  • Speak with a Special Needs Parents
  • Our Experts Use AngelSense Daily
  • Offer Helpful Advice & Suggestions
  • They Truly Care & Understand
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