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AngelSense GPS TrackerHealth & Well-Being Tools

Premium Features Included with AngelSense
to Keep Your Loved One Healthy & Well


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Maximum Safety & Independence

Monitor, Track, and Ensure Your Loved One’s Well-Being

Pill Reminder

Keep track of medications and
ensure they are being taken

Assistive Speakerphone

Check in on your loved on at any time
to make sure they’re doing well

Location Playback

See your loved one’s movement from
place to place within a geofence

Step Counter

Monitor your loved one’s activity level
for the day and at each location

Fall Detection
(In Beta)

Get notified if
your loved one falls down

Activity Monitor Reports
(Coming Soon)

Easy to read activity reports, goal monitor,
and comparison charts


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Introducing Pill Reminder

Keep Track Of Medications & Ensure They Are Being Taken

Schedule and deliver pre-recorded Pill Reminding Messages to help your loved one keep track of their medications.
The reminder can be set to play on your loved one’s AngelSense device at predefined times, locations, or on demand!

  • By time: every day at 6am
  • By location: whenever they get home
  • By demand: at a click of a button

Freedom, Happiness, and Well-Being

AngelSense Provides Safety & So Much More

  • Real-Time Safeguard GPS Tracker
  • Routine Learning to Detect Problems
  • Unusual Location Intelligent iAlerts
  • Step Counter by Location & Daily Total
  • Location Activity Playback
  • Fall Detection (In Beta)
  • Pill Reminder & Activity Reports (Coming Soon)

I LOVE AngelSense! My son is now 23 years old, non-verbal autistic with ataxic CP. Sweetest person ever! I discovered one of his service providers was taking Tyler somewhere not permitted during his Community Hab hours. Tyler is now in a community based day program, and I often “catch them doing something right” by listening in. I am in a very good place now knowing Tyler is with a program I trust, and that I can virtually be with him any time. I can’t imagine life without AngelSense.
Karen, Autism Mom

When Something’s Off, We’ll Let You Know

Our Intelligent iAlerts Proactively Alert You to Potential Dangers

AngelSense uses advanced AI learning to let you know something is off, before it turns into an emergency. Accidents happen, kids miss the bus, schedules get mixed up, but with AngelSense you’ll get a heads up if your loved one is somewhere unexpected.

My husband forgot to pick up my son! Thankfully he had his AngelSense on and it let me know he hadn’t left school when he usually does. It saved precious time and let us get to him as fast as possible. I don’t know how we ever lived without it!
Dana, Autism Mom

Introducing Fall Detection

Our Latest Health & Well-Being Tool Sends You Notifications When a Fall is Detected

Be there for your loved one when they need you the most. If they fall down and are unresponsive for a given amount of time you’ll get a notification so you can check-in with them and ensure that they are ok.

No More
Guessing Games

Gain Valuable Insight Into Your Loved One’s Day

AngelSense lets you see a playback of your loved one’s activity within safe places with exact times. See if your child went outside for recess, went to therapy, or when they were at lunch.

AngelSense helped us figure out that my non-verbal son was being bullied at recess. His steps at school were low for a few days so I knew something was wrong, I went back and watched the playback of his school day in the app and saw that he hadn’t been going outside for recess. Sure enough he didn’t want to go out because a bully was picking on him. His teachers didn’t even tell us he wasn’t going outside, without AngelSense we never would have known!
Kim, Autism Mom

Steps in the Right Direction

Monitor Your Loved Ones Activity Levels to Ensure a Healthy Lifestyle

Get insight into how active your loved one is throughout the day. Our step counter not only gives you a daily total, but also shows you how many steps were taken at each and every location so you can detect issues like pacing or not going out to play.

We got AngelSense because my daughter has a tendency to just take off. But one of the added bonuses is seeing her steps at school. It makes me feel so good to know she’s out running around during recess and getting exercise with the other kids. Just seeing her little dot on the map running around brings so much joy to my heart. Thank You AngelSense!
Kelly, Special Needs Mom

You’re Always Just a Click Away

Ensure Your Loved One’s Well Being with Our Assistive Speakerphone

  • Check-In Throughout the Day
  • Be There During a Meltdown
  • Listen In to Detect Bullying
  • SOS Button for When They Need You

AngelSense allows me to see my child’s day at a glance, know where he is and using the callling feature I can hear if he is upset and how he is being treated. I love that I can two way call with him and comfort him, let him know I am thinking about him, and he enjoys our calls. Before AngelSense I would sit at work worried that my child may leave school, or a caregiver would forget to pick him up. Angelsense is an amazing tool that has helped my family tremendously and given us such peace of mind.
Xaymara, Special Needs Mom


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