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Help Your Special Needs Child
Reach Their Full Potential

GPS Tracker for Teens and Young Adults


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"The safest, most reliable GPS tracker for your loved one, there is no better choice than AngelSense!"

Supporting Your Loved One Through All Stages of Life

Helping People with Special Needs Realize Their Goals

AngelSense GPS offers support during transition periods by helping to ease the stress and pressures of change with the added safety that ensures special people can reach their personal goals and sustain them.

  • Increased success with employment, independent living and developing skills for the future
  • Peace of mind and security for parents & caregivers – a better quality of life for all

Maximum Safety for Well-Being & Independence

Chris Miguez, young autistic adult shares how AngelSense makes independence possible

Using AngelSense for Independence,
Dutch has always been an eloper


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Transition Support for Higher Education,
Independent Living, and Employment

AngelSense increases safety that allows for more opportunities to practice independence and build confidence. Enrich transition plans to encourage better communication, independent travel, and self-advocacy.

AngelSense helps special needs people achieve personal success.

Device for Your Loved One

Non-Removable with Assistive Speakerphone

Discreetly secured with customized wearables 2-way voice with auto pick-up speakerphone & call request button

Mobile App for You

Accurate Location & Reliable Alerts

The only GPS tracker designed for special needs – Allow more independence without compromising safety

Gain Peace of Mind & Keep Your Loved One Safe

Reliable Safeguard GPS

Reliable Safeguard GPS

Know when your loved one arrives or leaves safe & unknown places – Feel more secure about your loved one being out of the house

Speak to your loved one anytime & SOS button to request remote support during difficult moments

Real-time route tracking and ETA updates give you peace of mind during independent travel

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“A lot of my progress and ability to be independent is due to AngelSense!”

Chris M.

AngelSense is the reason my grandmother finally started giving me more independence and letting me go to work by myself.

I have ADHD, autism, and savant syndrome and tend to get distracted very easily, but with AngelSense she and my grandfather are able to check in on me. I also like knowing they’re still with me when I’m alone.

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Chris M.

“This is the best investment for my son I have ever made.”

Carla B.

My son will turn 16 this week and he has become more independent than ever. Five years ago he would barely wear his device. Now every morning, he actually puts it in his pocket because he likes it.

He likes to go for walks and I am able to keep tabs on him. I can call him and just say, Hi! He knows that I know where he is. This is the best investment for my special needs son I’ve ever made.

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Carla B.

“AngelSense is an extra set of eyes while my son is at his work program”

Becky L.

Dutch has always been an eloper. He’s gotten away from us a couple of times, but we’ve always been able to find him. A few years ago, Dutch snuck out of the house and was gone for an hour and a half.

We found him, thank goodness, but that’s when I started looking for something to wear. That’s when I found AngelSense. I see AngelSense as being his aide, an extra set of eyes while he is out, like when he leaves school for his work program.

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Becky L.
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