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Extending Safety Measures
for Special Needs Students
with Assistive Technology

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Schools Nationwide are Choosing AngelSense

AngelSense helps schools implement the extra safety measures necessary to prevent wandering incidents and keep their special needs students safe. Our proactive solution alerts parents and school staff immediately if the child left school boundaries or didn’t enter the school after leaving the school bus.

AngelSense: Providing peace of mind to parents and school staff alike.

Promotes Independence, Well-Being & Inclusion for Students

AngelSense provides a wide range of features to ensure student safety and well-being, fostering inclusion and enabling participation in less restrictive environments. It also promotes independence, facilitating involvement in field trips, work-study programs, and transition preparation, allowing special needs students to thrive and engage safely in school activities.

Effortless Customization to Meet School Requirements

We are the only assistive technology solution that provides schools with the ability to manage specific features exclusively during school hours, with parental consent. Through the optional school dashboard, school staff can effortlessly enforce school policies while safeguarding student privacy.

AngelSense empowers both schools and parents to choose their level of involvement with ease.

We also offer a customizable agreement template that you can utilize with your school if the need arises.

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Why AngelSense?

AngelSense is an assistive technology for maximum safety, effective remote support, and increased independence for children and adults with special needs. It includes a wearable device with an auto-pickup speakerphone, an AI-powered monitoring & alerting system, an APP for multiple caregivers, and customer support by parents of children and adults with special needs.

AngelSense is the only assistive technology designed explicitly for the unique needs of special needs children.

AngelSense Support Team: Your Partners in School Safety

We have a dedicated team of liaisons ready to answer all of your questions about AngelSense. They are experts in collaborating with schools and parents to ensure compliance with your school’s policies.

They can help you understand how the device and features work, review school policies to ensure compliance, help to set up the device settings, provide contracts between parents and schools regarding use, and so much more.

We are here to help schools with any of your specific needs and concerns.

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