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Keep Your Special Needs Students Safe

Teachers & School Staff Across the Nation are Choosing AngelSense GPS

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Every Day Special Needs Students
Leave their School Without Anyone Noticing

Recent research shows that more than 250,000 school-aged children with autism or other developmental disorders wander away from adult supervision each year, risking their safety.


Many of these children had left their school without anyone noticing.

Many Schools Purchase AngelSense for Students
at Risk of Wandering

With next-generation GPS technology, AngelSense helps schools to implement the extra safety measures necessary for preventing wandering incidents and keeping their special needs students safe.

For a full overview, download the

AngelSense Guide for Schools.

AngelSense Was Designed to
Prevent Wandering Tragedies and Save Lives

AngelSense is a proactive solution that alerts parents and school staff immediately if the child left school boundaries, or if the child got off the school bus but didn’t enter school. Alerts are sent to both School Guardians and parents.

Our School Liaison Team are here to answer your questions about AngelSense at schools.

School Staff Have Access to a Rich Set of Tools
to Quickly Locate a Missing Student

In The News:

Autistic Boy Gets Off School Bus, Doesn’t Enter School

In The News:

"My autistic son eloped, AngelSense found him."

“AngelSense has been a lifesaver for my family. My son who is autistic left school without anyone noticing.

I was alerted as soon as he left the building and was able to pinpoint his location to his teacher. Within 15 minutes he was safely back at school.”

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LaTanya Wright

"AngelSense is GOLD"

I got this tracker for my five year old daughter. I absolutely love it. Her teacher and teacher’s aides are guardians too.

They know when her bus arrives at school and when she arrives home. It’s such a relief not to worry as much. AngelSense is GOLD.

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Tartanitia M.

"Completely worth the money spent!"

I love ours. I work 45 minutes away from my son’s daycare and school. Being able to get text messages when he gets on the bus, gets to school, etc.

helps me know he is exactly where he should be without a problem. Not that I don’t trust our school or daycare but he does have autism and will occasionally try to sneak away. I would recommend this service to any special needs family. Completely worth the money spent!

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Paige K

"No longer scared to send my son to school"

Omg I love this Anglesense for my kids. I was so scared to send my son and my daughter to school on separate buses because they are nonverbal and has asd.

Thank you so much for this. Now I see and here where my kids is at.

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"I used AngelSense to talk to him and calm him down!"

Thank you AngelSense for helping me locate my son yesterday! His school bus was involved in an accident and I managed to speak to him right

away! He was very anxious and scared but with the AngelSense device I was able to calm him down! Thank you!

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Michelle M.

"My son was put on the wrong bus but I knew right away"

AngelSense saved my sanity. My son was put on the wrong bus and I knew where he was before the school or transportation company could

locate him through the app. His school also takes him on multi stop trips in the community and I am able to keep a track of where he is the entire day. I can’t tell you what a peace of mind that is. Being able to track speed demon bus drivers is also a wonderful feature.

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Eileen S.

"The bus driver let him off at the wrong school! Thank goodness he had AngelSense!!"

The bus driver let him and a classmate off the bus and left! It was the wrong school. They are both autistic with very limited

verbal skills…I was able to keep track of them while I drove over to the school. If it wasn’t for the AngelSense tracker we would have been able to find them.

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Renee B

"Love our AngelSense"

My youngest son is 16, has Down Syndrome and elopement has always been an issue until now😊

Here are some pix from the field trip he had Friday to a 3D archery shoot. I love being able to see where he is at and where he has been! He is wearing his AngelSense in his right back pocket

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Becky L.

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