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Quickly learn how to use AngelSense


How to get started with AngelSense

Learn how to get started using the AngelSense GPS tracker for kids. See different wearing options for the wearable GPS tracker, learn how to use the app, and get practical tips.


Using the ‘First Responder’ Feature to Find a Lost Child

First Responder allows you to broadcast an emergency alert to a pre­defined group with a link to the child’s real­time location, to help in the search effort. See how it works.


Wearing the AngelSense GPS Device

There are different ways of wearing the AngelSense child GPS tracker device. Watch the video to see the different options, and to choose to wearing option most suitable for your child.


AngelSense’s Unique GPS Technology

This video shows how AngelSense’s advanced patent­pending analytics filter out false alerts to ensure maximum accuracy. See why it’s different from other tracking devices for kids.

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