This Autism Acceptance Month, we are offering the AngelSense Device for FREE.
We would like to help families protect their loved ones and get peace of mind.

AngelSense GPS Tracker Assistive Speakerphone

Auto-Answer, 2-Way Phone for Kids, Teens,
& Adults with Special Needs


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Maximum Safety & Independence

Instantly Reach Your Loved One with Autism or Special Needs

Smart Voice

Schedule & deliver pre-recorded messages
to play on your loved one's device

Automatic Pick-Up

Automatically answers without
pressing a button or doing anything

2-Way Voice

Speak with or to your loved one anytime

1-Way Voice

Simply check-in without disturbing your loved one

SOS Call Button

Get notified or receive a call when
your loved one wants to talk to you

Fully Customizable

Limit Guardians, school hours
adjust SOS settings, and more


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Introducing Smart Voice Messages

Support & Stay Connected to Your Child with Smart Voice

Schedule and deliver pre-recorded messages to play on your child’s device: By location, by time, or on demand.

Help relieve their anxiety & give reassurance

I will call you right back

Build new skills & practice independence

Don't forget to lock the door

Maintaining a schedule & activity reminder

It’s time to take your pill

Strengthen your bond & provide remote support

Have a wonderful day at school!

Take Action During an Emergency

As soon as you get an alert, you can immediately speak to your loved one

  • Check to See if Everything is OK
  • Ask if Help is Needed
  • Tell a Runner to Stop
  • Give Your Loved One Directions
  • Speak with Someone Nearby for Help
  • Hear Your Loved One’s Surroundings
  • Provide Comfort Until Help Arrives

AngelSense is the ONLY thing that gives me any kind of relief when I’m not physically with Thaxter. I can track him, I can listen in silently or 2-way talk to him so he can respond to me. There is also a SOS button Thaxter can push to notify me to call his device, because he needs his Mama. I needed this peace of mind more than you guys can understand. Thank you AngelSense.
Paula V.

Introducing SOS Call Direct

Our Latest Assistive Speakerphone Tool Lets Your Loved One Call You Directly

When your loved one needs help, they can now press the SOS button to automatically call you or any phone number you choose, and you can even enter a backup number in case there is no answer. There is also an SOS Call Request option that sends you a notification instead of making a direct call.

Gain Insight Into Your Loved One’s Well-Being

Simply Check-In Without Disturbing Them

Check-in to make sure everything is going well or detect unusual behavior, bullying, and abuse. This is especially helpful if your child is non-verbal or in someone else’s care for extended periods of time.

I’m the parent of a little guy who’s autistic & elopes often. He’s not very verbal so keeping him safe is a top priority for our family! We chose AngelSense because he cannot take it off, it’s easy to use & we have peace of mind knowing I can listen in to make sure he’s ok.  Maria

Comfort Your Loved One

Be There When They Need You The Most

With the AngelSense Assistive Speakerphone you can be there to provide support, comfort, and help before or during a melt-down

I used AngelSense’s speakerphone and could hear the shaking in my son’s voice and was able to tell him I’m right outside and that everything is going to be ok. It helped so much to calm him down. I owe a big thank you to AngelSense.  Carrie

Remote Support, Independence, & Response Skills

More Than Just a Speakerphone

Something seemingly small like learning to press the SOS button when they’re ready to be picked-up or are feeling uncomfortable, can decrease chances of elopement and provide parents and children so much comfort.

Sometimes she just needs to hear mom’s voice. If my daughter has a crisis or just needs a reassuring word. I am there to calm her down. I love that she can hear me as if I’m right by her.  Pam

Limitations of a Regular Cell Phone

When Your Loved One Has Special Needs, a Regular Phone Just Isn’t Enough

  • Loved One May Be Unable to Press Buttons
  • Phones Get Lost, Stolen, & Damaged 
  • Phone Batteries Die More Quickly 
  • Loved One May Not Answer Their Phone

Just wanted to share what would have been a stressful nightmare for me but was not thanks to AngelSense! I had texted my oldest to make sure he had gotten my son with autism off the bus. No response. I then called him twice and tried our house phone, nothing. I have never been more grateful for AngelSense’s auto answer, being able reach them and know everything was fine made me instantly calm.   Jessica


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