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"I know exactly where my son is, and it's amazing!!"

I’m loving ours! We went camping over the weekend and did you know, I knew exactly where he was at the campground?!!!!

I saw him at the lake, the pool, ice cream stand and playground!!! I can even see where in the building he is in school!! I highly recommend AngelSense!!!

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Tracy D.

"My son eloped from school! We knew right away and found him so quickly!!"

My son is an eloper and has high functioning autism. I received a phone call from the school saying that he had disappeared on campus,

and they were unable to locate him! With the alarm setting on his GPS tracker I was able to activate in 12 miles away from where he was. He was hiding on campus and school staff were able to locate him using the alarm on this device! OMG such a relief.

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Stephanie D.

"I monitored my autistic nephew from work, knew exactly where he is"

This is a great peace of mind. I use it (AngelSense) for my autistic nephew who loves to run. Last week I received an alert he was in the field by the school! I

messaged his teacher and they were outside possible because of a fire in the school. I was able to monitor the situation from work and knew when they were able to return to school. The listen in is also wonderful to check on him when he is away from me.

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April D.

"AngelSense is my best friend"

This is Evan and he has severe autism. He is at a high risk for wandering…and very unaware of danger!

This device tells me where he is every minute, I can track his bus and call to listen in on him throughout his day! It’s my best friend!!

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Chrissy B.

"The bus driver let him off at the wrong school! Thank goodness he had AngelSense!!"

The bus driver let him and a classmate off the bus and left! It was the wrong school. They are both autistic with very limited

verbal skills…I was able to keep track of them while I drove over to the school. If it wasn’t for the AngelSense tracker we wouldn’t have been able to find them.

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Renee B

"AngelSense is the best thing that I ever bought for my daughter safety wise"

AngelSense is the best thing that I ever bought for her safety wise. I can see where she is, what route she took and everything.

I love that I can listen in on what’s going on and call and talk to her. She was so excited when she heard my voice on her ride home this Friday! Thank you for making my life a little more peaceful.

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L. Jackson

"AngelSense GPS has completely changed our lives!"

AngelSense GPS has completely changed our lives! As a mother of 2 children on the autism spectrum, one of whom is non verbal and is a “runner” if given the chance,

this GPS has given much needed relief and peace of mind! If needed, I can activate listen-in/AngelCall to hear how my child is doing as well as him being able to hear me, so he feels comfort and security while away from home and at school or therapy. Also, the alarm feature is absolutely genius, because my little guy likes to hide…And is really good at it! So if needed I just activate the alarm! Even my son’s teacher is loving his device! She is one of his school guardians and had told me numerous times how much better she and the staff at his school feel with him having AngelSense. We have had it for a few years now and we can’t imagine our lives without it! We are AngelSense users for life!

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"Every child should have AngelSense"

I think every child should have AngelSense. It’s like you have another set of eyes

on your child when you can’t be with them.

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Helen M

"I've had AngelSense for almost 2 years and would recommend it to anyone"

I’ve had this service for almost 2 years, we use it for my son with autism who elopes/runs away. While the device may not be super small, it is perfect

for us. It took a few weeks for my son to get used to wearing it in his pocket but now he doesn’t mind it at all. It gives me such peace of mind being able to check on him at all times, call him if needed, see his routes on the bus, and all of the other features. It even tells me how fast the bus driver was going and his ETA to arrive at certain locations. I haven’t had many issues, but when I’ve reached out to their customer service dept I was always met with efficient, friendly agents. I would recommend this company & their services to anyone and everyone.

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Amy H.

"Best purchase I could have made"

This is so worth buying! I have this for my son who has ADHD and Autism. I bought this when he was in kindergarten and now he is in 8th grade.

I love all the features it has! I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

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Sharon M.

"Don’t know if we would have sent him to that school if it weren’t for his ANGELSENSE!!"

I’ve been using AngelSense with my son with autism & epilepsy for years! We love it! He is non-verbal and prone to seizures.

He also takes a LONG bus ride to school each day! I love the feature where I can track the bus route and see where he is at any given time, and listen in if necessary. Don’t know if we would have sent him to that school if it weren’t for his ANGELSENSE!!

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Frank Campagna

"I can't imagine life without AngelSense"

I LOVE AngelSense! My son is now 23 years old, non-verbal autistic with ataxic CP. Sweetest person ever! I discovered one of his service

providers was being dishonest about where she was taking him during his Community Hab hours. She was not only being untruthful, but violating her agency’s policy by taking Tyler to a location not permitted. We’ve been extremely satisfied customers going on for 3 years. We’ve had very few issues with the technology. Customer service is very responsive and quick to fix issues. On a positive note, Tyler is now in a community based day program, and I often “catch them doing something right” by listening in. I am in a very good place now knowing Tyler is with a program I trust, and that I can virtually be with him any time. I can’t imagine life without AngelSense.

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Karen M.

"So much peace of mind"

This device gives me peace of mind to know where my autistic son is when he leaves the house,

and allows him to become more independent.

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Elise R.

"My son was put on the wrong bus but I knew right away"

AngelSense saved my sanity. My son was put on the wrong bus and I knew where he was before the school or transportation company could

locate him through the app. His school also takes him on multi stop trips in the community and I am able to keep a track of where he is the entire day. I can’t tell you what a peace of mind that is. Being able to track speed demon bus drivers is also a wonderful feature.

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Eileen S.

"My son is an eloper. I've never seen a better tracking device on the market"

My son is a frequent eloper/wanderer and unfortunately has gone missing in the past. AngelSense was the BEST answer to our issues

with our son. I’ve never seen a better tracking device on the market, and the app is very easy to use to locate his whereabouts. I unfortunately had to use this once when he went missing on vacation and I was able to find him in under three minutes! I am able to sleep better knowing that my son has this extra protection. Best purchase I’ve made in a long time!!!

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"Changed our life"

My son is a 12 years old non verbal autistic boy. I can now know when he arrives to school or when he is about to come

home, hear to verify he is ok if a see any changes in staff or routes. We go over his day together using the app and he knows that mommy was with him.

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Maya A

"Love the alarm function for my son that elopes!"

Love the new alarm function! It’ll definitely help if my son

elopes in a store or other busy place.

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Jennifer F.

"Keeps my boy safe"

Thank you for helping keep our Jackson safe! He will only wear

his device in cargo pants/shorts so now that’s all he wears 🙂

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Heather S

"I can see him playing safely"

There’s nothing like checking up on your son to see he is playing safely on the playground at his

school. Thanks AngelSense for such a great GPS!!

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Brinna S.

"They put my daughter on the wrong school bus! Luckily she had AngelSense!"

“AngelSense really came through for us today. First day of kindergarten and just when I started to relax, it was 3:00pm.

Time for my little one (5-year-old, non-verbal eloper) to get home. Long story short, THEY PUT HER ON THE WRONG BUS! Only because of AngelSense, I was able to make calls and get this baby home. Thankfully, she had no clue. And was happy to ride along.”

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Beth L.

"My son was bullied on the school bus! AngelSense saved him!!"

My 9 year old son was being bullied on the school bus just this past Friday. I recognized his bus was late and I GPSed where my son was.

When I clicked on the listen in button, I discovered the distressed and helpless situation my son was in, screaming and crying while being hit by two bullies on the school bus and the bus helper unable to stop them. I was able to pinpoint their location and get my 9 year old off the bus and comfort him quickly. #angelsense tracker and device allowed me and his father to come to our child’s defense when he couldn’t be heard or speak up for himself! #AngelSense $40 monthly fee quickly became worth every dollar, and money well spent!

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Adrian F.

"My 9-year old was bullied at school. Thank goodness for AngelSense!"

My youngest son who is 9 was being bullied at school. He would come home crying and nagging me not to send him to school.

A student was telling my son to kill himself and that he was worthless. With AngelSense I was able to listen in to what the student was saying to my son and I got to school to officially put a stop to it.

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Shannon R.

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE the AngelSense device!!!"

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the AngelSense device!!! My daughter has been having problems with kids constantly picking on her and it just irks my soul!

The principal wouldn’t meet with me to deal with the situation therefore I took matters into my hands. Now that she has the device I can keep track of her when she’s on the bus and I can keep her calm when she gets overwhelmed, she loves it as much as I do!

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"The only thing that gives me any peace of mind!"

I bought the AngelSense for my non-verbal 3 year old son when he was beginning school. It is the only thing that gives me any

peace of mind while he is on the bus, at school, and on his way home. I know exactly where is is throughout his day. I love this device!

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"I feel so secure now"

From the first day I put the device in my son’s cargo pants pocket securing it with magnetic pins, I have never felt more secure knowing at

anytime I can from my smart phone see where he is at, and where he has been. My child is 9yrs old and I have dreamed of this device since the day we heard the word autism. Thank you AngelSense for a sense of relief!

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Joseph B.

"Can't imagine life without AngelSense"

Our two sons with Autism proudly wear their AngelSense units and know we will always be able to find them.

So not only does it give my husband & I peace of mind, it does as well for our sweet sons. We cannot imagine life without AngelSense now.

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Deb P.

"Managing my time more efficiently"

I’m a single mom that needs to work full time. I live in a small city of 80,000 and I use the device for my diabetic son who is 9.

He wants independence and has proven to be capable of taking care of himself but I still worry and want to know I can find him when he goes to the park to play with his friends. I put angelsense in his pocket with the lock that came with the machine. With the updates sent to me every few minutes, I know when he’s on his way back or if he leaves the “safe zone”. This product has given me peace of mind and lets me manage my time more efficiently. I get to see from work where he is all the time. He charges the angelsense himself now when he’s at home – and it’s become a part of our regular routine.

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"If my son ever wandered off I know I can find him"

I love my AngelSense, it has put ease to my mind knowing that if my 4 year old non verbal son who has autism ever took/wandered off we would

be able to find him right away. I watch him like a hawk, no matter where we are but there is still always that one chance. I recommend all parents with a special needs child should get one because even though you watch them like a hawk, there is still that one chance and it could save their life.

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"My autistic son eloped, AngelSense found him."

“AngelSense has been a lifesaver for my family. My son who is autistic left school without anyone noticing.

I was alerted as soon as he left the building and was able to pinpoint his location to his teacher. Within 15 minutes he was safely back at school.”

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LaTanya Wright

“This has been the best investment!!! I wasted $300 on similar products"

“I just started using AngelSense and I LOVE it. I’ve wasted over $300 on similar products with horrible results.

This has been the best investment!!! Peace of mind is priceless!!!!!”

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Krissy Banzet

"AngelSense is GOLD"

I got this tracker for my five year old daughter. I absolutely love it. Her teacher and teacher’s aides are guardians too.

They know when her bus arrives at school and when she arrives home. It’s such a relief not to worry as much. AngelSense is GOLD.

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Tartanitia M.

"Completely worth the money spent!"

I love ours. I work 45 minutes away from my son’s daycare and school. Being able to get text messages when he gets on the bus, gets to school, etc.

helps me know he is exactly where he should be without a problem. Not that I don’t trust our school or daycare but he does have autism and will occasionally try to sneak away. I would recommend this service to any special needs family. Completely worth the money spent!

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Paige K

"AngelSense located my son yesterday!"

Thank you AngelSense for helping me locate my son yesterday! His school bus was involved in an accident and I

managed to speak to him right away! He was very anxious and scared but with the AngelSense device I was able to calm him down! Thank you!

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Michelle M.

"Never want to be without it EVER!"

My son with autism is almost 4 and we absolutely love AngelSense. Never want to be without it EVER! He goes to pre k 4 days a week & rides the bus.

It gives me such peace of mind to know I can check in anytime & hear how things are going & to know he’s exactly where he should be. Thankfully we’ve never needed it for a wandering incident but I’m confident that if we did AngelSense would get us to him. Thank you! I love AngelSense & would recommend it to anyone

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Tracy T.

"Such a great product & company!"

Thank you AngelSense for helping me out in my time of need! You are such a great company to care for those going through rough patches!

I can’t say enough great things about the peace of mind this device gives me.

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Darlene L

"The bus dropped her off at the wrong place. I drover there and got her!"

I have been using AngelSense for three years now and absolutely love it. My daughter is 21 years old and has severe apraxia.

This device has given me peace of mind knowing where she is at all times. We had an incident where a new bus driver wasn’t sure where my daughter’s bus stop was. I looked at the app on my phone and drove right to where the bus driver was and got my child. It is a wonderful device!!

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Becky P.

"The best investment"

This is by far the best investment in my son’s safety I could’ve made.

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Natalie B.

"I could calm my son down using the voice feature"

Today when I went to pick up my son from his school my fear came true. Cops running around the building with their guns drawn.

I had no clue what was going on. All I knew is one of the cops said they are not releasing the students. I then remembered my son had his tracking device on him. I could hear the shaking in my son’s voice. I was able to tell him I’m right outside waiting for him and that everything is going to be ok. That helped so much to help calm him down. I owe a big thank you to AngelSense.

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Carrie E.

"I am so grateful for AngelSense auto answer!"

Just wanted to share what would have been a stressful nightmare for me was not thanks to AngelSense!

This past year we have started leaving our oldest home alone with our son with autism, “X” for short periods of time. This past Monday I had a doctor’s appointment scheduled for 1:00 pm and X comes home at 3:28 pm, so I asked my oldest to make sure he came straight home to get him off the bus in case my appointment ran late, which of course it did. 3:25 rolls around and I’m finally finishing with the doctor so I text my oldest just to make sure he is home. No response. I text him then called him twice then try our house phone twice, nothing. I am starting to panic at this point… It is now 3:27, I am on the elevator in the parking garage after fleeing from the doctor’s like it is a crime scene. The second I step off the elevator I can see on the AngelSense app he is turning down our road. Still running to my car, I used 1-Way Voice and have never breathed a bigger sigh of relief than when I heard my oldest getting X. I give them a few minutes to get settled and call my oldest again – still no answer. I try the house phone and nada!!!! I have never been more grateful for AngelSense’s auto answer, being able to talk to them and know everything was fine made me instantly calm (and my drive home a lot safer).

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"This device is amazing for kids that wander off!"

Friends with children that wander, this is an amazing device. We went to the library to return books and check some out.

They are currently cutting up the sidewalk and it was loud in the library every time the door opened. So as soon as the guy turned the saw off Anthony ran out. I was alerted that he left the library. And it showed me the path he took with it updating every 10 seconds. I was able to easily see he was running home and could get to him to pick him up. He hates loud noises and they cause him to run. The Angelsense device is amazing!

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Amber S.

"A lifesaver!"

Back in December, we had a very traumatic incident occur while Jake was at school! When the therapy dogs come to visit, Jake’s job is to get the

dogs and bring them into the classroom. On December 13th, he went to get the dogs but they weren’t at the door he went to and he got locked outside and he didn’t know how to get back inside. So, he began walking home! He got pretty far… close to the main intersection of 926 and Westbourne Rd. Thank GOD for my neighbor Joe for being at the right place and right time. He was driving past school and saw Jake walking home. He picked him up and brought him back to school. It has been the worst nightmare for our family! Thank God he was not BLANK!!! FILL IN THE BLANKS because the scenarios are endless and honestly so overwhelming that panic definitely creeps into our minds – even as I typethis!After the incident we purchased AngelSense! We have come a long way since December 13th but sadly the effects have been lasting on our family and we are ALL still recovering! If we didn’t have AngelSense, this wonderful spontaneous trip to Disney for my husband and littles ones wouldn’t be possible – especially being that we are still recovering from a seriously post traumatic event! So, if you worry about a child with a disability or even a parent/grandparent with Alzheimer’s or other concerning medical needs…. Find some peace and look at AngelSense. It has been a life saver for me… brings me peace everyday. Jake isn’t a wanderer or an eloper. He is very independent and has a strong sense of wanting to be just like every other kid… this helps me know he is always ok!

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"So thankful I could track my son's bus"

Today having AngelSense prevented me from going into a complete panic! There was a new sub bus driver and my son’s normal drop off time is 11:45am.

I checked my app at 11:43 and saw that Anthony was over 10 min away. Then I see the driver literally driving back and forth across town. Once it was after 12, I called the bus company and they told me the driver was lost. I would have really started to panic if I didn’t have AngelSense with him. He finally got home 45 min late and the driver handed me the wrong kid to top it off. Thank you, AngelSense!!!

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Heather B.

"No longer scared to send my son to school"

Omg I love this Anglesense for my kids. I was so scared to send my son and my daughter to school on separate buses because they are nonverbal and has asd.

Thank you so much for this. Now I see and here where my kids is at.

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"Love our AngelSense"

My youngest son is 16, has Down Syndrome and elopement has always been an issue until now😊

Here are some pix from the field trip he had Friday to a 3D archery shoot. I love being able to see where he is at and where he has been! He is wearing his AngelSense in his right back pocket

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Becky L.

"A blessing to children with special needs"

I have just recently purchased your device for my son and I must say I am in love with this product. I work during the evening and my son is taken

care of by a respite care worker, and she loves to travel. Before it would bother me because I didn’t know where he would be at but with AngelSense I go to work worry-free. I also know what time Edwin gets to school and what time Edwin gets back from school. Giving me reassurance that Edwin is safe. So I want to take the time to thank you for your product and please keep on improving because this is a blessing to children with special needs

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E. Soto

"I used AngelSense to talk to him and calm him down!"

Thank you AngelSense for helping me locate my son yesterday! His school bus was involved in an accident and I managed to speak to him right

away! He was very anxious and scared but with the AngelSense device I was able to calm him down! Thank you!

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Michelle M.

"I owe a lot of my progress and independence to AngelSense"

I have autism, ADHD, and savant syndrome. I’m gaining more independence like driving a car and going to work by myself.

My grandmother and grandfather (who I currently live with) love to be able to check in on me from time to time just to make sure I’m doing ok (I’m not a runner or eloper, I just tend to either get distracted very easily or get off task) and it helps to know that I still have my support system with me even when I’m alone. AngelSense has also allowed my family to help me in police interactions that otherwise would have turned out different. I owe a lot of my progress to AngelSense and their wonderful support staff behind their phones. Thank you AngelSense for everything you have allowed me to do, I appreciate it so much.

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Chris M.

"Totally worth having on your child"

My sons (4yr old nonverbal) bus was in an accident this morning. My husband called me as soon as he got the call and I hopped on my [AngelSense] app and I knew exactly where he was.

He wasn’t even 3 mins away from our house. All the kids were safe and happy, everyone was calm. I checked all the kids; called the school to reassure them so the parents knew and off to school they went. I was in such a panic.. anyway…totally worth having a tracking device. If you’re on the fence about it or don’t think its worth the money…it is worth every penny!!!

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Jillian E.

"The best investment I've made!"

This is the best investment I’ve made! My 4 year old son has autism and he rides the bus to and from school. One day his father thought that my son was

with me and was not there to get him off the bus. I check his location every day at the same time to see how close his bus is.This particular day I saw that his location was outside the house for a few minutes and then his location changed. I then proceeded to call his father to see what was going on and he didn’t answer then I really started to panic because I didn’t know why my son location changed and was on the other side of town. No one called me with any info so I called our school transportation and that’s when I found out that no one was there to get my son so they continued with the other drop off. I was able to keep an eye on my son and see his location and that me feel a little better. I then was able to ask could the bus please meet me close to home and I would get him off the bus. I could just imagine not having AngelSense and not having a clue to where my son was, I would have had a panic attack!!! I’m just thankful for such a great product!!!!

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"Lord, I love this thing"

Today AngelSense completely saved me when my son (age 3) took off in the blink of an eye at a crowded large park. I had 4 kids with me including him

(ages 1-6) and he’s turned into a runner! I was able to track him down with the GPS and set off an alarm to help me hear him. Plus a two-way call so I could listen in and speak to him until he was safe again. Lord, I love this thing.

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"It has given all of us such peace of mind"

‘I ordered it after yet another news story of a child on the spectrum who had wandered away and sadly was found in a pond. Knowing that Kaylee has

a love for water and a tendency to run, I just couldn’t let another day go by without ordering. It has given all of us such peace of mind. I had no idea when I ordered it how life-changing it would be. As a grandma, I love getting that alert every morning when she has arrived at school. It’s even better when her class takes a field trip. I’m alerted when she leaves and when she returns to school but I can also monitor her while she’s at the location in real time. As a grandma, it gives me great relief as I know it does my son and daughter in law. We are able to let go just a little, thanks to AngelSense.

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Ginger C.

"We are beyond blessed for having AngelSense"

‘I can’t even to begin to thank you! My adult son who has limited speech, has autism and is a runner started his 1st day in a day hab, so we were worried about him eloping and felt now we had peace of mind with AngelSense.

Used the listen in for the first time expecting to hear, I guess peace of mind. Well, not so much. He was being yelled at, and then something must have been done to him as I heard him say “OUCH, OUCH ARE YOU OK?” and whispered “CALL MOMMY.” I couldn’t get there fast enough! He had been grabbed/choked on his neck and pinched under his armpit. I feel horrible he experienced that, but thanks to you I was able to hear it, he had been there only 4 hours. Thank you for giving me the tools to help my son in a place he should of been protected!’ P. Hernandez We are beyond blessed to know that AngelSense was able to help in this situation and he was removed from an abusive environment!

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P. Hernandez

"2-Way voice helped me lead my son to safety"

My son is petrified of dogs, and he got to the off-leash dog park and was scared when being chased, his mind was altered by the dogs and he got confused.

Because AngelSense has now included an awesome 2 way communication, I was able to be with my other children and still lead this one home to safety.

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Tori J.

"TOTALLY worth it!"

“I just have to say THANK YOU… my son (6 years-old with autism non-verbal) escaped today. I learned my lesson, I can’t turn my back for a second.

As I threw my phone down and started running around the neighborhood in a panic, my mother-in-law came out with her phone and pinpointed his exact location (on the AngelSense app). TOTALLY worth it! Thank you again.”

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"My son reminds me to put it on him"

“Children feel secure when they have AngelSense on knowing that, especially if he or she is nonverbal, someone, whomever will think twice before yelling or

abusing them. My son reminds me to put it on him before he leaves with his aides. Not only is it security for parents it’s security for the child who cannot speak.”

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Leora L.

"Using for 2 years and absolutely love it!"

“I just want to say Thank You!! My son has been using his AngelSense device for over 2 years and I absolutely love it. It makes me feel so much better, especially when he’s not with

me. He has no sense of fear and elopes almost every chance he gets. The tracking and other features are awesome, and the few times that I’ve had any concerns customer service was super helpful. Keep up the good work.”

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Amy K.

"Love it"

“I love how AngelSense is discreet enough

to not block his fashion.” 😍

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Jen K.

These are AngelSense reviews by real parents who bought AngelSense GPS tracker for kids and decided to write a real review. They are real AngelSense reviews from customers who purchased and use the product and left unsolicited reviews.


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