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Alternative Watch Straps for the AngelSense Watch

The AngelSense Watch comes with a soft, silicone watch strap (22mm).

For those wanting a Lockable Silicone Watch Strap, a Smartwatch Style Silicone Watch Strap, a Soft Breathable Silicone Watch Strap or a Sport Strap (Self-Fastening), AngelSense offers these four watch strap options as alternatives to the Original Silicone Watch Strap.


*You can order the watch straps in the AngelSense Store in your app (Main Menu> AngelSense Store).


*If you want to use a different branded watch band, these brands are compatible: Amazfit, Fossil, and Barton (size 22mm).


To learn more in-depth about the AngelSense Watch, see this FAQ on the AngelSense Watch.


Lockable Silicone Watch Strap 


For a quick video on how this Lockable Strap works see this short video 


Smartwatch Style Silicone Watch Strap


Soft Breathable Silicone Watch Strap 


Sport Strap (Self-Fastening)


In addition, the Original Silicon Watch Strap which comes with the watch is also available for purchase.


Original Silicone Watch Strap


For easy instructions on how to replace your AngelSense Watch’s straps, see this quick video tutorial.


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