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Why GPS trackers aren’t enough for your loved one with autism – AngelSense

April 2, 2023

Why GPS trackers aren't enough for your loved one with autism - AngelSense

As members of the autism community, our mission is to improve the lives of individuals with autism, their families and support networks through dedicated Assistive Technology for autism; technology addressing the unique challenges those with autism face, designed to support their safety and independence. 

April is Autism Acceptance Month—a reminder of how far we’ve come in supporting our loved ones with autism. But for us at AngelSense, it’s also a source of motivation for the future.

GPS tracking devices and smartphones aren’t designed to support people with autism

Any parent of a child with autism knows that it can be a challenge to keep them safe. Smartphones or standard GPS trackers might seem like a good solution, but they often fall short on the reliability and functionality needed in the daily scenarios that matter most for kids with autism. For instance, if a smartphone battery runs out or is lost, stolen or left behind, it becomes completely useless in an emergency. Not-to-mention in difficult moments, it can be overwhelming for a special needs person to operate a smartphone well enough to effectively call for or receive support.

These devices (GPS included) also tend to be reactive rather than proactive, meaning some sort of action needs to be taken by the caregiver or they’ll not know what’s going on. This could mean that by the time a parent realizes their child is missing or that something isn’t right, it’s already too late. 

What if my child wanders or elopes? What if they get on the wrong bus? What if someone bullies them? — How will I know?

Safety concerns often keep individuals with autism in restrictive environments and also hold back the development of their self-esteem and self-reliance.

That’s why we created AngelSense.

AngelSense Assistive Technology

AngelSense Assistive Technology is a proactive technology for maximum safety, effective remote support and increased independence for individuals with autism and special needs. The combination of cellular connectivity, GPS and WiFi – all enriched with AI, delivers targeted alerts and reliable tracking information. Even if complete independence is not possible, AngelSense Assistive Technology gradually allows a higher level of independence that’s life-changing for individuals with autism and special needs. 

Proactive technology that is accurate and reliable means parents don’t have to remain in a constant state of hyper-vigilance. They know they’ll be alerted right away—and will be able to respond quickly if needed.

With AngelSense, over a dozen powerful features proactively help parents to keep their special loved ones safe, make their transitions easier, and build confidence. 

“Even if complete independence may never be possible, AngelSense Assistive Technology gradually allows a greater range of independence that can be life-changing for autistic children and their support networks. Parents can be in the moment, knowing that smart technology powered by a dedicated community is there to offer an extra pair of trained eyes.”

A special offer for Autism Acceptance Month

AngelSense is committed to making its Assistive Technology accessible to as many autism families as possible. For Autism Acceptance Month, we have set aside a budget to subsidize and offer our devices free of charge with the purchase of a subscription plan. In addition to all the premium safety features, the subscription plan connects you to our one-of-a-kind Customer Care Team. This team of special needs parents uses AngelSense every day with their own children, so you know you’re getting expert assistance from someone who understands what you’re going through. 

“Parents of children with special needs, typically the moms, often find it difficult to continue working full-time outside the house while taking care of their child, and as a result, are forced to leave their workplace. I was eager to build a Customer Care Team entirely made up of special needs moms, allowing them to work part-time from their homes. This way they could not only get back to the workforce, they could help and support other special needs families.”

AngelSense Co-Founder and Chairman – Nery Ben-Azar

AngelSense wearable device

“I’ve been using AngelSense with my son with autism and epilepsy for years! We love it! He is non-verbal and prone to seizures. He also takes a LONG bus ride to school each day! I love the feature where I can track the bus route and see where he is at any given time, and hear him if necessary. Don’t know if we would have sent him to that school if it weren’ for his AngelSense!”

Frank Campagna – ‘Autism Daddy’

AngelSense wearable device

Maybe you’ve tried using ordinary GPS trackers or smartphones in the past and didn’t get the safety or support you needed to create a meaningful difference. With AngelSense Assistive Technology, you can strike a balance between independence and protection for your autistic child and peace of mind for yourself. We know because we’ve been there ourselves. This month and every month AngelSense will continue to develop Assistive Technology solutions that improve the lives of everyone in the autism community.

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