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A Day in the Life with AngelSense: Safeguarding Independence

May 26, 2024

Meet Crystal, a devoted mother to an 8-year-old with autism, as she navigates a typical day with her son’s trusted companion, AngelSense Assistive Technology

For families considering AngelSense, Crystal’s advice is simple:

“Get it! I looked and looked at AngelSense for at least a year before I finally took the leap to buy it. Afterwards, my only regret was not getting it sooner.”

Morning Routine

Morning routines start like any other family’s: breakfast, getting ready for school, and ensuring her son is wearing his AngelSense device before he heads out the door. This small device, worn discreetly by her son, is a beacon of reassurance for Crystal throughout the day.

As her son goes about his school day, Crystal can effortlessly track his movements. Throughout the day, AngelSense provides constant proactive alerts and updates on her son’s whereabouts, allowing Crystal to stay connected and informed. From monitoring his school day to ensuring safe transportation, AngelSense is a silent yet steadfast guardian, always vigilant and ready to alert Crystal to any changes or potential emergencies.

Emergency Averted

Crystal recalls a recent family outing to Wacky Tacky, a bustling play place packed with tubes, slides, and ball pits.

“My son likes to sneak quietly, and he slipped away somehow without me seeing him,” Crystal recalls. When she realized that she couldn’t see him any more, Crystal searched the entire maze-like play area to no avail and then promptly informed the front desk that she couldn’t find her autistic son. They used a megaphone to call his name, though he wouldn’t have necessarily responded to it. “Before I started to panic…I used the alarm feature to figure out where he was…and was able to locate him quickly.”

Beyond Crisis Management

But AngelSense isn’t just a tool for crisis management; it’s a catalyst for growth and understanding. Crystal’s journey with her son isn’t without its challenges, but AngelSense has become an invaluable tool in helping her understand his needs and emotions, even when they’re apart thanks to advanced features like the 1 and 2 Way Call or the Location Playback

Crystal’s Approach to Parenting

As a parent, Crystal’s approach is rooted in empathy: “I try to use understanding with my son and find ways to help him manage his emotions and feelings,” she explains. “I am currently trying to learn some basic sign language that he knows and learned at school so I can better understand him when his emotions are high…(though he is very verbal but hard to understand sometimes)” 

As the day draws to a close, Crystal reflects on the impact AngelSense has had on their lives. It’s not just about safety; it’s about fostering independence and confidence in her son, knowing that he can explore the world around him without the constant fear of wandering too far.

“He’s able to have a little more freedom playing at the park where he likes to walk along the brick wall, or finally taking him out in the community to our county fair or local kids play place.”

A Reliable Companion for Families

For Crystal and her family, AngelSense is a reliable companion and a safety net that provides her with the reassurance and support needed to navigate the challenges of raising a child with autism with grace and confidence.

AngelSense goes beyond any other safety solution; our assistive technology is designed with individuals like Crystal and her family in mind, prioritizing safety and peace of mind. Through AI-driven GPS tracking, proactive real-time alerts, and seamless voice communication, AngelSense Assistive Technology offers a comprehensive solution tailored to the family’s needs.

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