Coral Springs Police’s Approach
to Autism Wandering

The Challenge

In an effort to support city residents with autism and reduce their incidents of wandering, Florida’s Coral Springs Police Department sought to upgrade their old and conservative solution, Project Lifesaver,  with a new tracking service designed for first-responders such as family and caregivers. The new service had to be both robust and user-friendly with assistive technology to easily monitor loved ones’ locations at all times as well as instant access to powerful search tools in the event of an emergency.


Lacking effective intervention for first-responders

The old technology which the department had been using did not provide customer-facing equipment and could only be provided to law officers directly — meaning every instance of eloping required police involvement. Instead, the department wanted an alternative that would reduce the costly need for police response while offering more control and peace of mind directly to families.

Coral Springs was the first municipality in the state of Florida to develop a registry of people with special needs and dementia in their community. Coral Springs PD was able to increase positive safety outcomes by using the AngelSense Assistive Technology in their community.

Since 2019

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Wandering risks among Florida’s autistic children 

Drowning is the number one cause of death in kids with autism and the state of Florida has the highest national rate of drowning-related deaths every year. Almost all tragic drownings occur due to wandering, elopement, or going missing from a caregiver – which are daily challenges faced by individuals with autism.

Hannah Rincon, Law Enforcement Office and Lead in the Community Involvement Unit

We have an obligation to provide the best services to our community that can assist with keeping them safe. Our location tracking program was not the best and did not address the very real issue of wandering and elopement in our community. As a law enforcement agency, our top priority is the safety of our residents, especially our most vulnerable.

Hannah Rincon, Law Enforcement Office and Lead in the Community Involvement Unit

The Solution

AngelSense Assistive Technology met Coral Spring’s needs for a tracking service that was simple enough for families to use, while delivering an effective solution to their law enforcement team which could prevent elopement incidents from escalating into tragedies. 

The department follows an effective protocol for vetting, interviewing, and training before offering AngelSense to ensure that families get the maximum benefit from the service’s broad capabilities.


AngelSense goes above and beyond with all-day continuous monitoring, even when the app is closed. The extended battery ensures constant connectivity, while proactive alerts inform about any unexpected locations using advanced algorithms for pinpoint accuracy.



In case of an emergency, the First Responders feature instantly shares an elopers’ location with a trusted group of family members, friends, and service providers who can assist without delay.



In a search and rescue mission, this feature grants temporary access to a live map of an eloper’s whereabouts, accessible from any mobile device or web browser. Caregivers can easily share the link with law enforcement.



Responding swiftly is critical when it comes to preventing drowning. Runner Mode activates enhanced tracking during an elopement with location updates every 10 seconds.

Safeguard GPS

Safeguard GPS

Know exactly where your loved one is with non-stop tracking

First Responders

First Responders

Notify your list of first responders to help during an emergency

Share Live Location

Share Live Location

Send temporary access of a live map to anyone, including the police

Runner Mode

Runner Mode

Get location updates every 10 seconds in case the child is on the run

Measurable Results

As the numbers show, AngelSense allows law enforcement to quickly deploy an advanced solution without the hassle of complex or expensive technological integration and onboarding.


  • 97% of incidents are resolved by AngelSense users themselves, reducing the need for police.
  • A significant decrease or total absence of repeat calls among families that received the device. 
  • Stronger ties between the autism community and the police department. 
Coral Springs PD

We loved AngelSense's customer service and the fact that the company is built around families with special needs. The residents who receive the device are very grateful and we get to form a relationship with those residents. Our repeat incidents of wandering have disappeared for our residents who have the device.

Coral Springs PD

Keeping Their Community Safe

The duty to protect and serve can take different forms for law enforcement, and the autism community presents distinctive challenges that require innovative solutions and compassionate approaches. Coral Springs Police Department recognizes this and took the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of autistic individuals and their families. Through their partnership with AngelSense, they’ve not only enhanced safety measures but also fostered stronger ties within the community.

By leveraging technology and empathy, Coral Springs PD is not just fulfilling their duty but also enriching lives and instilling a sense of security for all residents.

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