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Tracking during No Communication

Unfortunately, none of the cellular operators in the US provides 100% coverage. We are aware of this in AngelSense and designed our system so that there is much you can benefit from while there is no connection.

The device stores the GPS readings in its memory and once the cellular connection is re-established, it will transmit the entire GPS recording it stored. This ensures that even in cases when the cellular connectivity is lost, all of the data for your child’s schedule is saved. 

Determining the child’s location:

  • You can determine the child’s location before communication was lost by accessing the entry in the schedule that precedes the “No Communication” entry. 
  • In some cases of “No Communication”, SMS location will still be available, as texting uses a different cellular technology. See: “Location via text” for more on this function

*The Voice functions cannot be used when there is no cellular reception. 

Why is my app showing "No Communication"?

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