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Getting Started GPS1

Welcome to AngelSense!


This 2-minute video will walk you through what you need to know in order to start using your AngelSense GPS1 Device.



Step 1: Charge the device: When connecting the device to the charger it should turn on automatically, with the blue LED light on solid. It will take approximately 4 hours for a full charge of over 12-14 hours.

Step 2: Download the AngelSense App.

Step 3: Log In to the AngelSense App for further guidance.

Step 4: Place near a window or go outside to get location updates to your app.

Step 5: As soon as your device is charged and turned on, take the device out in transit at least 1.5 miles outdoors away from the charging location. This way the device can fully connect to local towers and GPS in the area. You can then watch your app for prompts with further guidance. Geo-fences are created automatically in AngelSense! You can personalize your locations by renaming the places.

Daily Safety Check:

Always verify your device is charged & ready to use before you place it on your loved one. Immediately after you unplug it, press the SOS/Call buttons to make sure both LED lights turn on momentarily. You can also check the app status bar to see that it’s tracking and fully charged. We suggest making a habit of this to avoid the unfortunate situation that the charging cable might not have been connected properly and the device did not charge.

For further instructions, go through these Troubleshooting steps. Please contact Customer Care if you need any help!

Safety Prep & Emergency Search Tools Guide

Print out this step by step guide, which takes you through all the AngelSense features so that you are prepared in case of an emergency. Keep it handy as a reference guide and give it to others that you have added to the app (Grandparent, teacher, caregiver).

AngelSense Emergency Search Tools & Safety Prep Guide

DOWNLOAD: Safety Prep & Emergency Search Tools Guide

WATCH: App Overview


BLOG: How to Build a Routine to Wear AngelSense Daily

Wearing AngelSense daily is key to achieving the highest level of preventative safety. Following this gradual and consistent process to establish and maintain a daily routine, works!

BONUS: Printable Reward Chart 

AngelSense Daily Wearing Reward Chart Set


Here is a video with more information on wearing options:



GPS 1 devices have the power button disabled by default.

  • Pressing the power button will not power off the device. It is disabled by default to avoid it accidentally being powered off.
  • To turn the device off, if needed, use the app remote shutdown feature.
  • To turn the device on, plug in the device.
  • To enable the power button, go to the app web version, go to Main Menu > Settings > General > Enabled > Save

Power Button Enabled?

  • Pressing down on the power button for 7 seconds, will power off the device.
  • Pressing down on the power button for 3 seconds, will power the device on.

*GPS 1 devices with device tracker version of G4A.EY.016 and above can enable the power button from the app in the web version only for now. We will be updating the phone app in the near future. You can see your device’s current firmware version from the app Main Menu > Help > About. Please contact us for any assistance.

From the AngelSense Blog:

Why Your Child with Autism Needs a BIGGER GPS Device 

Proactive alerts to routine deviations and providing consistent location updates in poor GPS and cellular conditions are indispensable features. Supporting these capabilities require enough power to sustain the device and can only be achieved with a larger battery size and an equally accommodating device.

AngelSense GPS Tracker Device

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