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5 Reasons a Bigger Personal GPS Is Better for Your Special Needs Child

December 10, 2019

Safest GPS Tracker for Autism

When it comes to the safety of our children with special needs, all parents know this fact: One minute off-guard and the cost could be dire! When deciding what GPS Tracker for Kids is best for you, safety features should be considered above all else. In addition, it’s important to understand who, or what, the device was originally created for. Devices made for objects, pets, cars, or typical kids may be smaller, but they aren’t able to provide the features needed to ensure your special child’s safety.

AngelSense was created by autism parents and is the only location tracking and safety device specifically designed to address the unique safety concerns of children, teens, and adults with special needs. It may be a tad bigger, but it provides the maximum amount of safety for real-life emergencies. There is no better alternative on the market for your loved ones with special needs.

So while GPS bracelets or watches may seem practical, convenient, or even fashionable they are incapable of providing superior proactive safety – they are, unfortunately, just too simple. AngelSense, however, covers every angle of security, wellbeing, and convenience. With continuous, real-time location details, intuitive alerts, school bus monitoring, as well as multiple non-removable, sensory-sensitive wearing options, AngelSense is the clear choice for special needs.

Difference Between GPS Devices

How GPS Trackers Work

When comparing devices, it’s important to understand the technology behind trackers and the different options available.

GPS device to keep your child safe

Let’s Explore Why Bigger is Better for Your Childand Your Peace of Mind!

1. Bigger Battery = Better Protection! A larger battery equals longer, more powerful functionality. This is exactly what you need in order to provide optimal safety. Because AngelSense has a bigger battery, it is capable of doing far more than ordinary GPS trackers. For one, it provides continuous, live, location-tracking – Other trackers go into standby mode and only provide location updates on request. And, how about this?  AngelSense sends you an alert every time your child arrives at and leaves ANY location! Alternative personal location devices require your child to be in a known location in order to send alerts. As an added convenience, you don’t need to preset every location. Our state-of-the-art app learns and sets them through unlimited, automated geofencing.

2. Lifesaving Intuitive Alerts: We know that at any given moment our child can wander off. This is so stressful and usually the main reason parents start looking for GPS devices. With AngelSense, you not only get an immediate mobile or email alert as soon as your child elopes, you also get notified of potentially dangerous situations. This is because the GPS Child Tracker is always continuously tracking, thanks to its powerful and slightly bigger battery. With a smaller device, the battery would drain too quickly to send alerts that proactively protect your child and, in many cases, the parent has to manually open the app to access their child’s location. Unfortunately, too much time may pass before figuring out the child is missing and being able to figure out their whereabouts.

AngelSense learns your child’s routine and intuitively activates alerts when things are out of the ordinary. You’ll know right away if your child is late arriving to school or doesn’t enter the building. Late departure alerts ensure your child is never left behind without you knowing. If your child isn’t where they are supposed to be, unknown place alerts immediately notify you. You’ll even know if the school bus breaks down or they get off at the wrong stop. These are just a few examples, believe us there are many, many more!

3. Auto-Answer Speakerphone: An obvious reason for AngelSense’s size is the assistive voice features. Designed with special needs in mind, you can call and speak with your child without any action required on their part. Additionally, if they are able to push a button, there is an SOS Call Request button on the device. With one push it lets you know that they need you. Imagine being able to tell your runner to stop, give them instructions, and speak to nearby adults. It also lets you hear what’s going on around your child. More importantly, it allows you to be their voice when they can’t speak up for themselves.

Parents have used the voice feature to protect their children from bullying, calm them down during meltdowns, provide comfort in scary situations like lockdowns, and so much more. AngelSense allows you to come to your child’s rescue and be there even when you’re not physically nearby.

Hearing mom or dad’s voice can instantly be soothing. Or, if there’s trouble at school or your child is having a mini-crisis, you can get involved right away. What a relief to communicate directly. You can help keep your child calm and offer guidance. And they, in turn, can communicate with you (Some parents even report that their children are more verbal through the GPS device than through typical, person-to-person communication).

School Bus Monitoring | AngelSense

4. School Bus Safety: Putting your loved one on a bus brings with it fear and worry that only a special needs parent can truly understand. Only AngelSense can truly provide peace of mind with its transit monitoring features. You’ll not only know when your child arrives, you can also see a detailed route while they are on their way. What’s more, if the bus makes an unexpected stop or is delayed because of an accident you get an alert. After school, you will get notified immediately if your child didn’t get on the bus with our late departure alert. To make your life more convenient we also added the ETA so you know when to expect your little one back home, safe and sound.

With AngelSense, you can easily find your child if they get off at the wrong stop, get on the wrong bus, or are taken to an unexpected location. Over and over again we hear from parents about how they were able to find their child well before the school or transportation company could. One non-verbal child with autism was left at a public library – alone – when the new bus driver didn’t know where to take him! Luckily his mother had AngelSense and knew right away that something was wrong and exactly where he was. Situations like this occur all the time and is the reason why we took so much care in designing the AngelSense Autistic Child GPS Tracker to provide maximum safety during real-life emergencies.

5. Emergency Safety Features: We hope that with AngelSense’s proactive safety approach, you’ll avoid ever having an emergency situation where you don’t know where your child is. But if it does happen, we have several emergency features to get your child back home as quickly and safely as possible. For instance, Runner Mode and My Location can be activated to provide a live tracking map with the ability to see where you are in relation to your child. The real-time map can also be sent via text or email to anyone who needs temporary access to help find your child, this includes 911 operators, police officers, friends, teachers, etc. You can also notify all of your predefined first responders with the tap of a button that there is an emergency.

As previously mentioned, the auto-answer speakerphone lets you tell your child to stop and stay where they are or give them directions to a safe place in the area. The ability to stay in communication with them until help arrives is a huge comfort for both you and your child. It even gives you the ability to speak to someone near your child who can stay with them and keep them safe.

Crowded places like shopping malls, amusement parks, parades or events can be nerve-wracking. This is especially true if your child likes to hide or wander off and has no sense of danger awareness. In these cases, the AngelSense alarm comes to the rescue. It can be remotely activated from the app and the volume is adjustable so you are sure to hear it and easily find your loved one. This is perfect for finding your child at home or school as well… no matter how good they are at hiding!

Learn more about the AngelSense Tracking Device for Kids.

angelsense gps tour

Those are just some of the main capabilities of AngelSense. It makes sense then, that an advanced GPS system like this requires a bigger battery. But this doesn’t mean our device is cumbersome or awkward. In fact, AngelSense has several GPS Wearable Options that are comfortable enough that thousands of children wear it every day, even those with sensory sensitivities.

One of the biggest challenges with smaller GPS devices (like bracelets, for example) is that they disturb sensory issues. They may even heighten obsessive behaviors (like picking, pulling, chewing, etc). A GPS for autism is no good if it’s broken or removed. That defeats the purpose. AngelSense is durable and non-removable to ensure your child is always protected.

AngelSense keeps children with autism and special needs safe at all times. Along with nonstop, real-time details and locations, AngelSense provides:


For a thorough explanation of our advanced technology and the premium safety features only available with AngelSense – Click Here

Our device is the only Life-Saving GPS for Kids specifically designed for children with special needs. Aside from being a superior safety device, AngelSense has a Customer Care Team staffed by parents with special needs kids, so we get it. We also have School Liaisons to help work with your child’s school.  So, don’t be put-off because our GPS may be slightly bigger than a cute bracelet, tile, or watch. The fact is, we offer the best protection… period. And when it comes to our children, we all want the best.


  1. Rosado January 24, 2021 at 10:38 pm - Reply

    I need to safe my son

    • Sidra @ AngelSense February 2, 2021 at 4:06 pm - Reply

      Hi Rosado! Our Customer Care Team are special needs parents that use AngelSense with our own children and have personal experience. Live chat is available on our website and Facebook from 8:00 – 5:00 PM EST (Mon – Fri). Our number is 646-770-2950
      Please let us know if you have any questions, we are here to help!

  2. Mary Villa May 17, 2021 at 4:38 pm - Reply

    Your AngelSense saved my daughter from a bus driver that was trying to hurt her.I hit the two way speaker let him know I could hear everything stopped him in his tracks.I love you AngelSense🥰😍😘❤

    • Sidra @ AngelSense May 18, 2021 at 11:50 am - Reply

      Hi Mary,
      Thank you so much for sharing! We are beyond blessed to hear that you used AngelSense to protect your daughter!

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