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5 Reasons Why a Bigger Personal GPS Is Better for Your Special Needs Child

When it comes to the safety of our children with special needs, all parents know this fact: one minute off-guard and the cost could be dire! A GPS bracelet or watch may seem practical, convenient, or even fashionable. Unfortunately, those smaller devices are too simple and incapable of providing superior proactive safety. AngelSense, however, covers every angle of tracking security including the delivery of continuous, real-time details, alerts, as well as multiple wearing options. Let’s explore why bigger makes better sense for your child’s wellbeing—and your peace of mind.

1. Bigger Battery = Better Protection! A larger battery equals longer, sustainable function. This is exactly what you need in order to provide optimal safety. Because AngelSense has a bigger battery, it is capable of doing far more than an ordinary GPS. For one, it provides continuous, live, location-tracking. (Other trackers only provide location on request.) And, how about this?  AngelSense sends you an alert every time your child leaves a location! Not only that, you don’t need to preset every location. The app learns them through unlimited, automated geofencing.

2. Elopement Alert: We know that at any given moment our child can wander off. This can be so stressful. But with AngelSense, you get an immediate mobile or email alert as soon as your child elopes. This is because the GPS is continuously tracking, thanks to its powerful battery. With a smaller device, the battery drains more quickly and, in many cases, the parent has to manually open the app to find their child’s location. Unfortunately, too much time may pass before figuring out the youngster’s whereabouts.

3. Voice Monitoring: AngelSense provides a Voice Monitoring feature. At any given time, you can hear if your child needs help. You have the ability to monitor if a teacher, family member, or friend is being kind to your child while he/she is away from you. This is also a great tool to hear what’s going on during your child’s bus ride. Now you can come to your child’s rescue if needed.

4. Keep Communication Alive: Only a bigger device like ours provides a 2-way voice connection. Want to talk to your child? He/she doesn’t need to click anything. Their GPS device will automatically pick up your call. This is an awesome feature if your child gets lost. Hearing mom’s voice can instantly be soothing. Or, if there’s trouble at school or your child is having a mini-crisis, you can get involved right away. What a relief to communicate directly. You can help keep your child calm and offer guidance. And they, in turn, can communicate to you. (Some parents even report their children are more verbal through the GPS device than through typical, person-to-person communication.)

5. Alarm Feature: Immediate help finding your child is made easier with the alarm feature on AngelSense. Sometimes our children have a tendency to hide. This makes looking for them even more nerve-wracking. In crowds, sometimes our kids elope or get shuffled around, making it tougher to locate them. With our device, all you have to do is activate its alarm. Tada! Your child’s location will be heard and revealed.


For a virtual product-tour of AngelSense you can click HERE.

Those are just some of the main capabilities of AngelSense. It makes sense then, that an advanced GPS system like this requires a bigger battery, and hence, needs to be an overall larger device. But this doesn’t mean our device is cumbersome or awkward. In fact, AngelSense has multiple options for wearing. Additionally, the options and accessories stay secure and are sensory-friendly. You can click HERE for ways your kids can wear their personal tracker.

One of the biggest challenges with smaller GPS devices (like bracelets, for example) is that they disturb sensory issues and may even heighten obsessive behaviors (like picking, pulling, chewing, etc.) A GPS is no good if it’s broken or removed. That defeats the purpose.

AngelSense keeps children with autism and special needs safe at all times. Along with nonstop, real-time details and locations, AngelSense provides:

  • Alerts: elopement, unexpected place, unexpected car stop, late departure
  • Alarm to locate your child
  • Runner mode- live updates, directions on a map, sharing ability with friends, family, caretakers, and first responders
  • 1-way voice and 2-way voice capability
  • First responder group alarm
  • Wide cellular coverage and Wi-Fi hotspot capability

Our device is the only GPS life-saving motoring system specifically designed for children with special needs. Aside from the product’s superior abilities, AngelSense provides a Customer Support Team to help you as well. We’re staffed by parents with special needs kids, so we get it. So, don’t be put-out because our GPS may be slightly bigger than the cute, generic wristband. The fact is, we’re better in every way. And when it comes to our children, we all want the best.

AngelSense is committed to creating a safer world for children with special needs. We designed the AngelSense GPS tracking solution to give parents the peace of mind that their child is safe at all times.

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