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Why Your Child with Autism Needs a BIGGER GPS Device

GPS monitoring devices come in all shapes and sizes. Smaller devices are a disappointment to parents of children with autism. These devices are designed to locate pets, suitcases and in a limited way, typical children, but fail to protect children with autism.

Continuous tracking and proactive alerts are critical in an effective solution for wandering. This requires a larger battery and device for sustained function.

30-minutes is the precious time window to successfully find a missing child with autism. AngelSense GPS continuously monitors your child’s location and proactively alerts on unexpected changes in routine, including:

  • Live alerts every time the child leaves a specific place
  • Arrival to an unknown or unexpected place
  • Unexpected bus stops
  • Drop-off at a wrong school
  • Late departure warning, indicating the child might have been left behind or didn’t get on the bus

Non-stop location monitoring takes a heavy weight off parents’ shoulders who can now be alerted immediately, directly on their phone, if their child may be in danger. This allows parents to focus on their daily activities knowing AngelSense is keeping their child safe and giving them peace of mind.

Typical GPS trackers provide only the basic functionality of presenting, upon user request, a pet or child’s location. This is because continuous monitoring would drain their small batteries and parents must manually open the app to see their child’s whereabouts. This approach creates a major safety issue as the device is not providing active alerts during the first moments of elopement.

Basic functionality of typical devices contradicts the very reason special needs parents use a GPS at all. AngelSense proactively alerts parents or caregivers the moment there is any inconsistency from the norm. Knowing the instant their child goes missing and enabling them to act quickly is a complete necessity to avoid a serious incident.

Another benefit to a more advanced GPS device is that the last known location is available in the app even if the device has no cellular or GPS reception. For example, when a child goes indoors and GPS reception is lost, the app shows the route up to the building entrance, making a search focused and quick should the child go missing.

In addition, AngelSense automatically generates the timeline of all locations visited by the child, including detailed routes and transit speeds, to assure the child is safe all day, every day.

For a complete safety solution, wearing the device at all times is essential. Just like a seatbelt, its effectiveness depends on consistency of use. To achieve this goal, AngelSense provides non-removable wearing accessories as well as smart wearing reminders.

AngelSense GPS is designed to meet the demanding safety requirements of children with autism. Compromises cannot be made! Proactive alerts upon elopement and other unexpected events, and always providing the most recent location even when current location is not available due to poor GPS and cellular conditions are indispensable features. Supporting these capabilities require enough power to sustain the device and can only be achieved with a larger battery size and an equally accommodating device.

AngelSense is committed to creating a safer world for children with special needs. We designed the AngelSense GPS tracking solution to give parents the peace of mind that their child is safe at all times.

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