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AngelSense Wearables

Designed With Sensory Sensitivities in Mind

"AngelSense attaches to my son’s clothing. It doesn’t bother him & he can't remove it like he could the other devices. AngelSense is an amazing breakthrough. It really is."

Helen N

GPS Sleeve

The most versatile wearing option, attach it anywhere!

  • Attaches anywhere
  • Only removable with parent key
  • Can be worn on waistline, pant leg, backpack, hoodie

The pouch works like a charm for my daughter. I secure it with the included pin and it does not come out of the pocket.


GPS Belt

Removable only with AngelSense parent key.

  • Discreet
  • Allows for frequent clothing changes
  • Solution for pocketless clothing
  • Stays on if your child removes their clothing

We love the AngelSense belt! We use it for my son, it goes under clothes, does not get in the way of going to bathroom, and he can’t take it off.


GPS Shirt

Features flat seams, no tags & soft, stretchy material.

  • Compression shirt perfect for sensory seekers
  • Allows for physical activity
  • Doesn’t interfere with potty training

My son with sensory sensitivities doesn’t mind wearing the shirt at all, and he is very sensitive to touches. Thank you, AngelSense for yet another great product.


Yes, Your Child Can Wear the AngelSense GPS!

90% of users, of all ages, successfully adopt wearing their AngelSense within 3 weeks thanks to AngelSense’s unique and thoughtful design, combined with our exceptional customer onboarding program

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