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The AngelSense GPS Tracking Device is water-resistant and can withstand being splashed with water or being attached to wet clothing. We also offer waterproof options to further protect your device. These can be purchased separately and included in your initial order or at a later time through the AngelSense Store in the app along with our other Wearing Options

Please note that even with the waterproof devices are not designed to survive washing in a washing machine (due to physical stress, temperature, and detergents).



Waterproof Protective Pouch

The waterproof protective pouch has a magnetic closure and is ideal for older children; however there are creative wearing solutions for younger children as well. It can be securely attached to clothing, inside pockets, bags, belts, etc.

Please note that it has a waterproof rating up to 30 meters/100 feet. The waterproof protective pouch can be used with the GPS 1 device.

How to Attach the Waterproof Pouch 



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Mini Waterproof Case w/ Neck Lanyard (Coming Soon)








The device’s warranty will, unfortunately, be void if the device has water damage, but there are some steps that you can take to try and salvage it. See: Handling a device that gets submerged in water 

Water might interfere with the mechanism of the fastener and rust may appear. It is recommended to dry  the fastener thoroughly between uses.

It is not suggested to use the waterproof options with the undershirt.

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