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Handling water damage


What can you do if your device accidentally goes through the washing machine or your child jumps into a pool?


The device’s warranty will, unfortunately, be void if this happens, but there are some steps that you can take to try and salvage it.


GPS 4:







GPS 1:


This has worked for some users in the past so it is worth trying, but we cannot guarantee that it will work. See our Waterproof Options.


GPS 1 Devices: Even if your device regains communication, we strongly suggest replacing your battery as batteries that get wet are a serious safety risk and can be very dangerous. See: Ordering Accessories and Minutes 

GPS 4 & Watch: It is suggested to purchase a replacement device as batteries that got wet are at high risk to be dangerous. See: Ordering a Replacement Device

If your device does not regain communication after the above steps, charging, verifying it is powered on, and taking out into transit, then a replacement device will need to be purchased. See: How to purchase a Replacement Device.



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