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Ordering a Replacement Device

Should you need to purchase a replacement AngelSense device, a replacement device includes a USB charging cable and a 1 year Warranty on the device.


See also Shipping Options & Prices


NOTE: If you are purchasing a different model device you might need different wearing accessories for that model.


Special Promotions for Returning and Current Customers:

NEW: Smaller GPS4 4G LTE Device

NEW: AngelSense Watch now available!

  • 30-day risk free trial

  • 1 year warranty on new device (from the new device purchase date)

  • No setup fees. Price listed does not include the monthly Service Plan.

  • All your named places and settings are saved

  • Current Customers: To upgrade from GPS1 to a different device, in the AngelSense App, click ‘order now’ on the option you prefer from the banner that appears when you open the app.

  • Returning Customers: In the AngelSense App, click “Menu”, “My Account”, “Payment & Billing” to enter your payment details, order device from “AngelSense Store”

  • Various options for replacement/upgrades are available in the AngelSense Store in your app

Primary Guardians can purchase directly from the app. Just click the Menu then select “AngelSense Store”:


You can also purchase AngelSense accessories in the store.


*Plus shipping & handling & applicable sales tax


If using AngelSense in the UK or Canada, please see these links: Important Info for Canadian Customers, Important Info for UK Customers

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Customer Care

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