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What is the comparison between the GPS 4, the Watch, and the GPS 1? 

The GPS 4 device is smaller and lighter than the GPS 1 and only takes 2 hours for a full charge (compared to 4 hours with the GPS 1). The Watch is worn on the wrist and only takes 1 hour for a full charge. The GPS 4 and Watch have New Features: SOS/Call Direct, Step Counter, & Wi-Fi Indoor Search.

How does it work?



What comes with the device?






*Note: The GPS 1 Kit is no longer sold.


What SIM comes with this device? 

USA: AT&T or T-Mobile

Canada: Rogers only

UK: O2

What wearing accessories do you have?

What does the Cut-to-Fit Belt look like?

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How do I order wearing accessories?

Immediately after your purchase on our site or any time from the AngelSense Store in the app. See: Buying accessories

Is it waterproof?

The device is water-resistant and can withstand being splashed with water or being attached to wet clothing. We also offer waterproof options to further protect your device. These can be purchased separately and included in your initial order or at a later time through the AngelSense Store in the app along with our other Wearing Options. Please note that even with the waterproof options, the devices are not designed to survive washing in a washing machine (due to physical stress, temperature, and detergents).

How do I order this device?





All Plans Include:

  • Real-time tracking app: IOS, Android, web
  • Unlimited mobile & email alerts
  • Unlimited first responder alerts
  • Unlimited guardians
  • Unlimited personalized first responder team
  • Unlimited automated geofencing
  • Emergency runner mode
  • Voice features 60 min per month included
  • Alarm capability
  • ETA capability
  • FREE onboarding support by phone
  • Customer support by special need parents

NEW: Step Counter, SOS/Call Direct & Wi-Fi Indoor Search available now! (Your app will be automatically updated)

We are constantly testing devices to determine which one is the most compatible for the AngelSense App advanced analytics and needs of our users.

**No contract with month-to-month plan, cancel anytime. Other plans include annual contract.

Note: Agencies or other Organizations funding AngelSense for families are welcome to contact our Agency Liaison Team for more information at

AngelSense GPS Tracker Device

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