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Ordering accessories & minutes

Accessories, replacement devices, as well as voice minutes can be purchased in the AngelSense Store by Primary Guardians, which is available from the app’s main Menu:


  1. Login to the app
  2. Go to the app’s main Menu on the left hand side, under “My Account” and “AngelSense Store”

If you are not seeing the accessories for your device, please be scroll down to the end of the page prior to the Belt Sizes and click on the link to go to GPS device accessories.




The AngelSense Guardian Subscriber Kit already includes the following accessories: 1 protective sleeve, 1 magnetic key, and 3 fasteners.


Here is a link with a great overview of all of the accessories: AngelSense Wearables


Click here for shipping options.


NOTE: Additional accessories purchased are non-refundable. Accessories can only be purchased by current customers.

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