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AngelSense Merchandise

In addition to the different AngelSense wearable accessories that are offered specifically for wearing the AngelSense device and presented in this link –  Wearing Accessories Overview, AngelSense offers specially designed merchandise to help our loved ones with special needs become more independent in the community and to ensure their safety. All items are available for purchase by AngelSense customers in the store in the AngelSense app, and include:  

Below is additional information about each item:

Pull-Up Belt for Independent wearing 



How to use: The independent wearing belt is designed to support independence and build confidence of special needs individuals by:

Wearing the AngelSense device: The pull-up belt for independent wearing can also be used for wearing the AngelSense device by inserting the device into the sleeve and attaching the sleeve to the belt using the AngelSense fasteners and magnetic key. However, for a discrete non-removable wearing option for your AngelSense device, that can be worn under clothing and allow for frequent clothing changes, we suggest that you check out our  Cut-to-Fit GPS4 Belt instead. It is made with an extra soft, non-fraying, durable fabric and has a built-in pocket for the device. If your loved one removes their clothing, this belt stays on. 

Material: Elastic belt, plastic buckle. 

Size We offer two sizes (notice the difference in width too):

Kids: Length: 17.5 – 32.5in (45 – 83cm), Width: 1in (2.5cm) 

Adults: Length: 34 – 50in (86 – 130cm), Width: 2in (5cm)

Washing Instructions: The belt is durable, keeps its shape, won’t fray, and can be kept on the pants during washing for your convenience.

Price: $19.99

Iron on Labels (pack of 5)

How to use: As an extra safety measure for your loved one with special needs, we offer these washable iron-on labels that can be added to any piece of clothing or AngelSense wearing accessory. Add your phone number with a permanent marker.

Price: $6.99

Safety Sticker

How to use: We believe that every child deserves to be safe and enjoy a sense of security at all times. Place this sticker near your home entrance or on your car’s window. The Safety Alert sticker can be used to alert first responders or visitors about your loved one with special needs. 

Price: $1.99

Wearing Reward Chart Set

How to use: The set includes a reward chart and stickers. Read this blog post: How to Build a Routine to Wear AngelSense Daily about using this reward chart to ensure safety at all times.

It helps build a daily routine and provides a:

Price: $6.99

AngelSense Fidget Toy

How to use: We all love a fidget toy! Used to tolerate anxiety, frustration, agitation, boredom, and excitement, including for our loved ones with sensory difficulties.

Material: Silicone

Size: 2.46 X 2.46in (6.25 X 6.25cm)

Price: $9.99

Sensory Friendly Face Mask

How to use: Elastic band around the back holds the AngelSense Sensory Friendly Face Mask on snugly. It can easily be adjusted by moving it around to fit comfortably. The front has 2 layers with a small darted section that slightly sticks out on the nose area – so it doesn’t sit directly on the skin, making it easier to breathe. The front is solid black and the back is gray jersey.

Material: 100% Cotton

Size: We offer two sizes – adults and kids.

Washing instructions: Machine wash cold.

Price: $24.99

Travel Case

How to use: Convenient travel case for your Angelsense device, charging cable and accessories.  

Price: $11.99


How to order – Order at any time in the AngelSense Store in your app or contact us for bulk purchases.

Shipping – Free shipping if included with your AngelSense Guardian Kit order. For other orders, see our shipping options.

Return Policy – Additional accessories purchased are non-refundable and can only be purchased by current customers. Please check the sizing charts carefully on each product page in the store or in the Help Center.

Discounts – Check your Accessory Store in the app for promotions.

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