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The different wearing options are outlined here.
Taking the time to establish the routine of wearing their AngelSense device is worth it! Most of the children who wear the AngelSense device feel more secure and more independent.
The approach we have chosen is such that the device becomes a part of the child’s regular clothing and is attached to the garment in advance. This makes it easier for children with special needs to cope with the change.
Most children get used to wearing the device fairly quickly. In this article, we offer guidance for the more challenging scenarios – children with significant sensory issues and obsessive behavior. In such cases, it is important to follow a very gradual and methodical process to establish the routine of wearing the device. A successful first experience is key.
Some parents choose to say nothing to the child and simply put the device in their pocket in advance, hoping the child will ignore it. This is a valid approach and works in some of the cases but we believe that in most cases it is better to let the child know of the benefits and the coming change.
The complete, most gradual process is described below. Of course, you as their parent knows best what will work well for your child, so use your judgment when you choose a method to establish the wearing routine.
  1. Before attaching the device to clothing or a backpack, consider carrying the device yourself while the child is with you. Show the child the pictures from the locations visited and explain that the device allows you to see where the child is and to keep the child safe. The objective is to show the child the benefits of using the device before he/she has to adjust to the change in the routine.
  2. Charge the device and prepare the article of clothing with the device already attached. Then, let your child wear the garment with the device attached to it. Typically parents attach the device inside the pant’s pocket.
  3. Explain to your child that the device is for you to know where they are and to help keep them safe. Again, show locations you have visited with the device in the application. In our experience, most children understand this message.
  4. Watch how your child reacts to wearing the device. Any removal attempt? Any attempt to disrupt operation? Help the child in adjusting to the new routine.
  5. Give the child time to get used to the device; once you are comfortable with their ability to wear the device in different types of activities (walking, biking, in restrooms, etc.) send your child to school and begin regular use.
  6. Consider a reward system and gradual use of the device. Start with a short period, even just a few minutes, and gradually increase the periods.
  7. Consult with your ABA therapist if needed.

BLOG: How to Build a Routine to Wear AngelSense Daily
Wearing AngelSense daily is key to achieving the highest level of preventative safety. Following this gradual and consistent process to establish and maintain a daily routine, works!
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