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Wearing Options and Tips

The AngelSense GPS Tracker is able to be worn comfortably by children, teens and adults of all ages and all of our wearing options are suitable for those with sensory sensitivity. We offer several non-removable and removable wearing options that come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your individual needs.


Check out our current Wearing Options (new and improved options are being added all the time).




Getting Started with AngelSense Wearables

Most of our ‘Angels’, get used to wearing the device fairly quickly. It’s usually helpful to explain why the device is important and take the time to establish a gradual routine of wearing it. Most of the people who wear the AngelSense device feel more secure and more independent, and quickly adjust to having it added to their daily routines.  


Below, we offer guidance for the more challenging scenarios – individuals with significant sensory issues and obsessive behavior. In such cases, it is important to follow a very gradual and methodical process to establish the routine of wearing the device. A successful first experience is key. Of course, you know best what will work well for your loved one, so use your judgment when you choose a method to establish the wearing routine.


Before attaching the device to clothing or a backpack, consider carrying the device yourself while your loved one is with you. Show them the pictures from the locations visited and explain how the device allows you to see where they are and keep them safe. It’s also helpful to establish a sense of ownership by referring to the device as theirs. The objective is to show your loved one the benefits of using the AngelSense GPS device before introducing a change in their routine.


Our Customer Care Team understands the challenge of getting your loved one used to wearing AngelSense, because they already went through it with their own children! They have many useful tips and are always happy to help. 


Below are a few tips to help you get started and we also recommend the blog post from an AngelSense mom about how she helped her son Isaak who has autism get used to wearing our device – There’s a link to the post below as well as a link to print out a helpful reward chart.  


10 Step-by-Step Tips for Wearing AngelSense


  1. Always verify your device is charged & ready to use before you place it on your loved one. You can check the app status bar to see that it’s tracking and fully charged. We suggest making a habit of this to avoid the unfortunate situation that the charging cable might not have been connected properly and the device did not charge.

  2. Whether you’re using the AngelSense Belt, Undershirt, Armband or the protective sleeve included in your guardian kit, attach the device before putting it on your loved one. This can usually reduce the stress from introducing something new. 

  3. When using the protective sleeve, we recommend attaching the device inside a pant’s pocket or somewhere else that is non-obstructive and easy to get used to. Another option is on the waistline on the back of their pants or skirt or wherever a pocket would generally be. See tips for girls

  4. Once again explain how the device is for you to know where they are and to help keep them safe.  

  5. Next, you can go into another room and activate the voice feature to show them how they can hear and/or speak with you. If they are able, you can also show them how they can press the SOS button to let you know that they want to speak with you or call you directly (depending on your voice settings). The more they understand about the device, how it works, and why it’s important, the more they will embrace wearing it. 

  6. For the first few wearing attempts, watch how they react. Do they try to remove it? Are they having any issues sitting, running, going to the restroom, etc? Do they seem comfortable? Take note and make any necessary adjustments during the next attempt. 

  7. Consider a reward system and gradual use of the device. Start with a short period, even just a few minutes during an activity that makes them happy, and gradually increase the wearing time. A reward chart can be a helpful way to integrate AngelSense into a daily routine.

  8. Be patient and give your loved one time to get used to the device. It can sometimes take a couple of weeks for some people to fully adjust to their new routine. 

  9. Once you are comfortable with their ability to comfortably wear the device for extended periods, and during different types of activities without distraction, you can send them out with it and begin regular use.

  10. Consult with your Behavioral or Occupational Therapist if needed. see: Using Behavioral Therapy with AngelSense


*Belts, Undershirts, Waterproof Cases, Watches, Lanyards, Armbands, etc. are available for purchase separately. Accessories may only be purchased by current customers. See: Buying accessories

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