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Securing device to clothing

Note: GPS 2 (Verizon) guidance is available here 

The AngelSense GPS device was designed for daily use by children with high sensory sensitivity. The device can be attached inside your child’s pocket, to the back along the waistline, or any other secure place. There is also a specialized belt  and undershirt you could purchase.

It is best to attach the device before your child puts on their clothing.

The strong magnetic fasteners are designed to prevent the child from removing or tampering with the device.

To attach the device to a child’s clothing, perform the following steps:

  1. Use the magnetic key to remove the fasteners from the protective sleeve (we recommend attaching the fasteners to the sleeve when not used to avoid losing them). See: How do I detach the device from my child’s clothes? 
  2. Insert the device into the protective sleeve (see figure below).Ensure that:
    -The charging port of the device is aligned with the slot on the sleeve.
    -The front buttons face the colored strip on the the sleeve.

    Note: the AngelSense sleeve is designed to fit snugly this way on purpose to assure it will maintain its orientation. The device can be kept inside the sleeve and thus the insertion of the device into the sleeve is not a frequent action.

  3. Attach the sleeved device to the clothing, ensuring the orange strip is facing outwards for best GPS reception: Note: The cap dome can be facing the body. Most children are not bothered by that as the device itself is thick enough.
  4. Insert the pin of the fastener through the clothing and the protective sleeve.
  5. Place the cap of the fastener on the pin, to secure the fastener to the garment.

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