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Wearing Accessories Overview

AngelSense wearable accessories are all designed to comfortably be worn by your loved one with sensory sensitivities. It’s important that the device not be removed, so included with every purchase are non-removable fasteners that can only be taken off with the AngelSense key.

They include the following:

Protective Sleeve (Included with Purchase)

The Belt GPS1 (Optional)

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The Cut-to-Fit Belt GPS4 (Optional)

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The Undershirt (Optional)

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The Armband (Optional)

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The Waterproof Pouch + 2 Fasteners (Optional)

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The Mini Waterproof Case w/Neck Lanyard (Optional)

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The Lanyard (Optional)

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The Belt Clip (Optional) NEW

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The Watch Band (Optional) NEW

Iron-On Labels (Optional)

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The AngelSense Guardian Kit Includes: 1 wearable GPS tracker, 1 USB charger, 1 sensory-friendly protective sleeve, 3 non-removable pins, 1 key, and a travel case. Additional wearing accessories and replacement items are optional and can be added to your order immediately after purchase and are sold in the AngelSense app under the Main Menu > AngelSense Store.



  • Shipping is free if included with your AngelSense Guardian Kit order. For other orders see our shipping options.
  • Additional accessories purchased are non-refundable and can only be purchased by current customers. Please check the sizing charts carefully on each product page in the store or in the Help Center.
  • Check your Accessory Store in the app for current discounts and offers.
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