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Wearing Accessories Overview

The AngelSense wearable accessories are all designed to be comfortably worn by individuals with sensory sensitivities. 

AngelSense Kit (GPS4) includes: 1 AngelSense wearable device with embedded SIM card, 1 USB charging cable, 1 sensory-friendly Protective Sleeve, 3 Non-Removable Fasteners, and 1 Magnetic Key.

AngelSense Watch Kit includes: 1 AngelSense Watch with embedded SIM card, 1 Magnetic Charging Dock, 1 USB Charging Cable,  and 1 Screen Protector.

Here are the AngelSense Wearing Accessories:

Protective Sleeve (Included in the AngelSense Kit)

The Cut-to-Fit Belt GPS4

The Undershirt


The Armband


Mini Waterproof Pouch + 2 Fasteners

The Mini Waterproof Case w/Neck Lanyard

The Waterproof Pouch + 2 Fasteners

The Lanyard

The Belt Clip

The Watch Band

The Belt GPS1

Replacements Available for Purchase in the AngelSense Store in the app:

Additional Special Products designed for individuals with special needs:


  • Shipping is free if included with your AngelSense Guardian Kit order. For other orders see our shipping options.
  • Additional accessories purchased are non-refundable and can only be purchased by current customers. Please check the sizing charts carefully on each product page in the store or in the Help Center.
  • Check your Accessory Store in the app for current discounts and offers.
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