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The Belt (GPS 1)

Our Sensory Friendly Non-Removable GPS1 Belt is a versatile, secure way for your loved one to wear the AngelSense GPS Tracking & Safety Device. As with all of our Wearables, the belt is designed to be discreet, non-removable, durable, sensory-friendly, and offered in a variety of sizes to be worn by girls, boys, teens, and adults of all ages. 

The belt is a great wearing option for girls who often wear clothes without pockets, children who change clothes frequently, and those who want to make sure the device cannot be removed.


Watch: How to use the belt


Wearing the AngelSense Belt

There is no right or wrong way to wear the belt – Below are some ways it can be worn: 


  • Underneath clothes

  • Over clothes / pajamas

  • Through belt loops

  • Resting on top of the belt loops

  • Wrapped around the wrist/ankle (overnight wearing suggestion by our users)


AngelSense Belt Sizes

When ordering please make sure you choose the correct size for your angel (see chart below). You can order on your app from the AngelSense Store



Other AngelSense Wearing Options

Here’s a video that shows other ways to wear AngelSense 



The above sizes are for our latest model, for other models click here – Please ensure you select the correct belt model for your device when ordering

The toddler belt is our only belt with a clip to close it and we do not suggest ordering it if your child is strong enough to remove it – all other sizes are secured using our non-removable fasteners

Our AngelSense belts are made of a “Drill” (weaving technique) fabric, the material is 60/40 (60% Polyester, 40% Cotton) which gives a good balance between softness and durability

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