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AngelSense Wearable GPS Tracker: A Quick Guide to How it Works

January 18, 2022

AngelSense is an advanced wearable GPS tracking device that protects your loved one from wandering and eloping. It was designed specifically for kids, teens, and adults with autism and special needs, but the safety features make it perfect for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s as well. Although the technology is complex, using it is actually quite simple.

It includes an easy to wear small device for your loved one and an easy to use app for you. Below we’ll show you just how easy it is!

AngelSense Wearable GPS

AngelSense Wearable GPS Tracking Device

AngelSense wearable accessories are all designed to comfortably be worn by your loved one with sensory sensitivities. It’s important that the device not be removed, so included with every purchase are non-removable fasteners that can only be taken off with the AngelSense key.

Protective Sleeve (Included with Purchase)

The non-removable pins along with the soft protective sleeve allow you to attach the device to any article of clothing, belt, or backpack. Simply put the device in the sleeve, securely attach it, and you’re ready to go!

The small design fits perfectly in pockets, along the waistline of pants or skirts, or anywhere most comfortable for your loved one.

The Belt (Optional)

The belt is perfect for your loved one who likes to remove their clothing. It is easily concealed and the sensory-friendly soft material can comfortably be worn against the skin. It is cut-to-fit and can be worn by anyone. It’s the most secure option since it is completely non-removable.

The Undershirt (Optional)

Our Undershirt is designed for those with autism. It is super soft, tagless, seamless, and has a comforting compression fit. The device can be worn in the front or the back and we offer it in all different sizes from child to adult.

The Watch Band (Optional)

Wear AngelSense as a watch, providing a discreet wearing option for teens, adults, and seniors.

The Arm / Ankle Band (Optional)

Super soft and easy to slip onto any wrist or a small child’s ankle.

The Lanyard (Optional)

A great option for seniors, the lanyard can be worn around the neck. It can also be pinned into a pocket for easy access to the speakerphone or SOS button.

The Waterproof Pouch (Optional)

AngelSense has a waterproof rating that allows for limited exposure to shallow water, but for better protection we offer a pouch to protect your device.

Parents who never thought their child would be able to wear a GPS device have been successful with AngelSense. We provide step-by-step guidance, personal advice, and tips from our Customer Care Team who all have children with special needs who wear AngelSense daily.

AngelSense GPS Tracking App

AngelSense GPS Tracking App

How the AngelSense GPS Tracking App Works

While the device is being worn by your loved one, you can access their exact location and loads of other information from the AngelSense app. The app is available from the iTunes App Store for your iPhone or iPad, from the Google Play Store for your Android devices, and we have a web version that can be accessed from any internet browser. This way you can use your laptop or home computer.

Key Features of the AngelSense App

The AngelSense GPS app is where you go to access all of the premium safety features including:

Many of the features and notifications are customizable and the settings can be changed in the app. You can add an unlimited number of guardians who will be able to access the app and you can set up an unlimited number of safe places called geofences. AngelSense is the only GPS that automatically sets up locations with optimal boundaries for you, making it super simple to use. You can also access the AngelSense Store to purchase accessories straight from the app. Learn More About the Angelsense App

AngelSense GPS Intelligent iAlerts

AngelSense GPS Intelligent iAlerts

How the Lifesaving, Intelligent iAlerts Work

The most important feature of any wearable GPS tracker is the alerts. AngelSense uses unique algorithms to provide the most reliable and versatile alerts available. They can come to you via email, push notification, or SMS.

Most GPS systems only provide alerts for predefined geofences, that you have to manually set up. AngelSense is different. As mentioned before it automatically sets up geofences and by doing so can provide alerts for unknown places as well as your safe places. We’ll explain below just how important this is. AngelSense also uses machine learning to learn your loved one’s routines and detect unexpected changes, we’ll give you some examples below.

Safe Place Alerts

With AngelSense you’ll be notified every time your loved one enters and leaves a safe place like school, therapy, home, work, etc. More importantly, you will get an alert as soon as they leave the safe place. If you have a child or loved one who is prone to wandering or eloping you know just how valuable this can be. So many tragedies have been prevented by these alerts alone. No matter how many precautions we take to keep our loved ones safe, we know all too well that it only takes a second for a determined eloper to run off without a trace. It has happened to us and this is exactly why we created AngelSense. It is also why so much effort has been put into developing the most advanced safety features. Unlike a typical kid, pet, or object, our most vulnerable loved ones require the maximum amount of protection and we won’t settle for less.

Unknown and Unexpected Place Alerts

Only with AngelSense do you get alerts for unknown places. This feature is truly a lifesaver. Imagine your child gets off the bus at the wrong stop. Other GPS devices aren’t able to send you an alert for this, but AngelSense does! One of our 7 year old angels with low functioning autism was left at a public library by himself when a substitute bus driver didn’t know where to drop him off. AngelSense instantly detected that something was wrong and notified his mother. She found him before the bus dispatcher even figured out there was a problem.

This feature is also helpful in determining if your loved one got off the bus but didn’t make it into the school or other safe destination. Kids with autism can get distracted and most wandering incidents occur when going from one place to another. AngelSense detects if your child is late arriving to the intended place and immediately lets you know.

It can also notify you if they are late leaving somewhere. This has helped countless parents know that their child was left behind at school. Accidents happen, parents’ schedules get confused, buses are missed. With AngelSense, you are notified right away if your loved one didn’t leave on time.

Transit Alerts

Instantly know when your loved one is on the move and en route. When one of our angels was abducted, her mom was able to act quickly because she received an alert that her daughter was in transit. She could see and follow the live route, share the live map with the police, and listen in to hear what was happening. Thankfully, she safely found her daughter and the police were able to use the detailed transit history to get valuable information that helped identify and catch the kidnapper. See Story Here

AngelSense GPS Service Plan

The AngelSense Service Plan

Like a cell phone, your AngelSense device needs a sim card with an unlimited data plan. This is embedded in the device and activated with our required service plan. This provides nationwide service with plans in the US, Canada, and UK. It is separate from your phone’s service plan and won’t affect it at all. Everything you need for the device to work and for you to use all of the premium features is included in the monthly subscription.

We have 3 plans to choose from and all of them include the same features. The only difference is whether you want to pay month-to-month without a commitment, pay month-to-month with a commitment for a lower price, or pay annually for the lowest price.

All Service Plans Include: Unlimited GPS location service, unlimited guardians, unlimited geofences, unlimited transit tracking, unlimited history of each location and transit, 60 voice minutes/mo, unlimited access to premium customer care including a personal onboarding call to help you set up your app and device, and much more.

Your Guardian Kit Includes: 1 wearable GPS tracker, 1 USB charger, 1 sensory-friendly protective sleeve, 3 non-removable pins, 1 key, and a travel case. We include free shipping.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee: Simply return your guardian kit within 30 days for any reason to get a full refund of your service fee and activation fee. This will give you plenty of time to ensure the device works in your area and that it meets your needs.

Learn More About The AngelSense Service Plan and Why Maximum Safety Matters

AngelSense GPS Customer Care

Unparalleled Customer Service from Mom’s Who Use AngelSense Daily

We get that all of this can be confusing and that researching different wearable GPS tracking devices can get overwhelming. That’s why our Customer Care Team is here to help. They are all mom’s who depend on AngelSense to keep their children with autism and other special needs safe. They work from their homes in the US and are more than happy to share their experiences and help you understand how AngelSense differs from all other options out there and why it’s worth it for your special loved one. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask any questions you have.

Most of them have tried other services and can give you first-hand examples of why they prefer AngelSense. Many have children with extreme sensory sensitivities and have successfully gotten them to happily wear AngelSense daily. They truly understand your reality, concerns, unique challenges, and fears and are here to help. We even have a dedicated team of school liaisons to help you with using the School Dashboard, adding AngelSense to your child’s IEP, and collaborating with school staff to ensure successful use at school.

AngelSense Wearable GPS Review


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