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AngelSense GPS Tracker Saves Life of Abducted Girl with Autism

May 19, 2020

Parents of a 15 year old girl with autism believe her AngelSense GPS Tracker for Autism saved her life after she was abducted and assaulted in Rowlett, TX. Although AngelSense isn’t designed specifically for these instances, the fact that her parents were notified that she was in an unexpected location, that they could use the 2-way speakerphone to hear what was happening, and that they were able to use the device to pinpoint her location all played a crucial part in getting her back safely.

AngelSense GPS Safety Device for Autism Saves Teen’s Life

The teenage girl with autism wears the Angelsense GPS Safety Device so her parents can keep track of her. Nearly 50% of those with autism have an issue with elopement and are in need of extra safety precautions. Many parents also use the device to safely allow their children who are teens and young adults more freedom and independence.

Her parents say she was forced into a car while she was on a walk by herself. They instantly received a text message that alerted them to the fact that she was at an unusual location. AngelSense is the only GPS location tracking device that has alerts for unknown or unexpected places. It uses advanced data learning to monitor daily routines and let parents know if something is off. These intelligent iAlerts, send notifications via push, SMS, and email and use continuous location monitoring to ensure reliability.

ialerts with angelsense

AngelSense’s Transit Monitoring Feature Used to Retrace Attacker’s Route

AngelSense has a special feature specifically to track movement in a vehicle, which was used by police to trace the perpetrator’s route and get valuable video images of the car used in the abduction. AngelSense is the only GPS tracker for kids that allows parents to access a detailed history for each and every transit. This is usually used for children who take the school bus, so parents can have peace of mind knowing that their loved one made it to school safely. It also tells parents how fast the vehicle is going and their loved one’s estimated time of arrival which is continually updated. In the case of an accident or breakdown, parents receive are notified of unusual activity. It is also the only device that alerts parents if their child gets off at the wrong stop.

This lifesaving feature has saved countless lives and given so many parents of children with special needs peace of mind. Unlike other devices out there, AngelSense was created and designed for special needs. Due to this, the safety features offered go above and beyond what standard GPS trackers can provide.

Police Lieutenant David Nabors told CBS News, “It’s excellent because very rarely do you have that detailed of information when you’re looking at sexual assault. Sometimes when they’re in the car, victims are so scared they’re not able to tell you where they were. This GPS device can tell us down to feet.”

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Mother Used AngelSense’s Assistive Speaker Phone to Hear the Assault

AngelSense is equipped with an assistive speakerphone designed for those with special needs. It has an auto-pickup feature, that allows parents to call the device and either listen in or speak to their child without their child having to answer. The mother used the device to call her daughter once she received the alert. Not knowing her daughter was in danger, the call confirmed her worst nightmare as she heard her daughter struggle and the sexual assault taking place. She used the speakerphone to yell at the attacker who then took off with her still in the car.

The mother quickly used the live location map to drive to where the device said her daughter was and follow the vehicle to where she found her daughter frantically running down an alley. Her mother is convinced that had the attacker not become aware of her AngelSense device her daughter would have endured much worse and most probably wouldn’t have been released.

The mother told CBS News, “I think this device saved her life, or from being gang-raped, because it was going to go to that. That’s what [I heard the suspect say].”

See the news report here.

angelsense safeguard gps

What Makes AngelSense the Best Option for Children with Special Needs

AngelSense has one mission – protect those who are vulnerable. The co-founders and most of the employees are parents of children with autism, special needs, and intellectual disabilities. These children often have no sense of danger and are prone to running off – a diagnosis called wandering. It is a life-threatening occurrence that keeps parents up at night. AngelSense used personal experience and real-life situations to develop a comprehensive safety device specifically with the challenges those with special needs face. From sensory sensitive wearing options that are non-removable to the assistive speakerphone and non-intrusive SOS button, AngelSense is the only GPS safety device for those who need extra support.

There are several premium lifesaving features included with the monthly service plan that ensures maximum protection of your loved one. For a detailed look at the features and what makes AngelSense different from other options, read AngelSense’s Service Plan – Why Maximum Safety Costs More


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