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New 2022 AngelSense GPS – Smaller, Lighter, & More Powerful!

Small GPS Tracker for Kids and Dementia

AngelSense has always had a mission of providing maximum protection and a greater sense of independence for those who are most vulnerable. This is why we are always looking for ways to improve and add new features that will keep your loved one safe.

Our latest 2022 version is so much smaller with all of the same great features you expect from AngelSense, like the Assistive Speakerphone and lifesaving Intelligent iAlerts. It also comes with some exciting new features with more on the way throughout the year.

The size also allows for easier, more comfortable and discreet wearing with a new array of wearing accessories. Learn all about what’s new with our Small GPS Tracking Device with Assistive Speakerphone. It’s smaller, more powerful, and as always the safest GPS tracker solution for Special Needs and Dementia.

AngelSense GPS tracker - Lifesaving Features

Continuous GPS Tracking with the Same Great Features… Just Cuter!

We are known for being the best GPS tracking solution available for special needs and dementia thanks to the unique features that only AngelSense offers. Our focus on offering the maximum amount of safety and overall well-being for those with intellectual disabilities has shaped a comprehensive solution that is unlike any GPS trackers out there. In fact, accurate and reliable GPS location tracking is just one of many feature that AngelSense offers and even that can’t be compared to other trackers. AngelSense uses never stops monitoring your loved one’s location, while other trackers go into sleep mode to preserve battery life.

All Day Battery Life

And still the AngelSense battery lasts all day! We are often asked why our device has a shorter battery life than more basic GPS device alternatives and the answer is simple – we have more safety features that require more battery power. Our goal is to keep your child or loved one as safe and happy as possible. We do this by providing continuous, non-stop GPS location updates, unlimited lifesaving alerts, well-being features, and an assistive auto-answer speakerphone.

Everyone knows that when your phone’s location services are active, your battery drains faster. So obviously, a device that is constantly updating its location is going to have a shorter battery life. However, when every second counts, having an accurate location is imperative. When your child is lost, the last thing you want to do is wait for the device to wake-up from standby mode.

I feel at ease knowing I can see and hear where my son is when he is on his way to school and on his way home. That I can hear what is going on so I know whether or not he is ok. So happy with AngelSense. Best purchase I could have made.    – Sharon M.

Benefits of Live Location GPS Tracking

Non-stop updates allow us to provide fast alerts that prevent an issue from developing into an emergency. For example, only AngelSense can proactively identify unexpected stops on the school bus, late arrivals and departures, changes while in unknown places, and more. Additionally, you have an accurate last location to use if they wander in an area without good reception.

You also don’t want the battery to die, so we made it a priority to improve our algorithms without compromising safety. Even with a new smaller design AngelSense can last up to 36 hours after a full charge (depending on usage). We also promise to keep working to extend our battery life even more as technology changes. The best part is that improvements are made via a remote update. So if you buy an AngelSense device today, you could get longer battery life in the future without buying a new device.

New 2022 AngelSense Features

Powerful New Features for 2022

The new 2022 version of AngelSense has an array of new features and safety measures in place to make sure you can always find your loved one as easily and as quickly as possible. Including a better connection, easier wearing with new accessories, and new tools for safety and well-being. Below we’ll go through each of the new features and safety improvements that make the best GPS tracker for kids, teens, and seniors even better!

AngelSense Indoor GPS Search - WiFi Locator

Indoor Search Using a WiFi Locator

One of the limitations that all GPS tracking devices have is the lack of accuracy when the device in inside (out of line with satellites) or in remote areas without strong GPS data or cellular service. Our new 2022 device may be small & cute, but don’t let it’s looks deceive you… it comes with the most powerful location technology available.

One of the first new features we are offering is the ability to find your child or loved one using WiFi locations. The best example of how this feature works is if your child is lost in a mall. With AngelSense a geofence is automatically created around the mall, so you’ll know when your child leaves… but what do you do if they are still inside and you can’t find them. This happens more often than we’d like to admit and is a reality especially when your child has special needs and is prone to wandering.

Now with our Indoor Search feature you’ll be able to see where your child is in relation to your phone (with a personal hotspot) and other WiFi hotspots in the mall. Most stores use recognizable WiFi names, so you can easily see what store your child is closest to and can see your personal hotspot getting closer to them as you approach… and if you still don’t see them, you can activate an alarm on the device so you can hear where they are.

New Features on the Way

New features and tools are being developed to harness this advanced connectivity technology. They will help families provide their loved ones with greater independence without compromising safety. Our community of users and the parents of special needs children who work for us at AngelSense are great at sharing their wishlists with us. We take each and every request to heart. This helps us find innovative solutions to address the unique issues our users face. And don’t worry, you’ll get access to new features when they are added. All you have to do is update your app and voila your AngelSense keeps getting better.

AngelSense GPS with Voice SOS Feature

SOS Call Direct & Call Request

Be there for your loved one when they need you the most.  Currently, a notification is sent to you when the SOS button is pushed (SOS Call Request). Does your child have a tendency to compulsively press buttons? No worries. It can be customized to avoid frequent requests to ensure you only get notified when they truly want you to call them.

We have received several requests to add the ability to have the button directly call the guardian. We listened and added this option to the new 2022 version.

You can now set the device to call you, or any number you choose, when the SOS button is pushed. If you are unavailable it will automatically try another guardian with voice permissions. This way, if there is an emergency you’ll be contacted right away without a delay.

AngelSense GPS Fall Detection

Fall Detection

Whether you have a child with special needs or a loved one whose getting older, worrying about them is par for the course. Our new Fall Detection service will notify you if your loved one falls down and where they are. We will also monitor what happens next and let you know if they don’t get up and move afterward.

If a fall is detected, you can call their device and check on them. As mentioned previously, they can press the SOS button on the device if they can’t get up and need assistance.

AngelSense Wearable GPS Tracker

Easier Than Ever to Wear

The new smaller design provides an obvious benefit… It’s easier than ever to wear. Your AngelSense device can easily be attached anywhere using the included sleeve and non-removable pins. Simply secure it to your loved ones clothing, bag, backpack, jacket, or anywhere that is comfortable. It even fits in a coin pocket!

We shrank our most popular wearing options like the non-removable belt and waterproof case. And we have also added some popular new ways to wear AngelSense:

Watch Band

We’re happy to be offering this exciting new wearing accessory. Conveniently wear AngelSense like a watch with our new Watch Band. Several of our senior users and older children and young adults with special needs have requested this option.

Arm or Ankle Band

Simply slip this wearing option onto your arm or a small child’s ankle. It’s extra soft for comfortable all-day wearing.

Belt Clip

Also requested by our elderly users is our new belt clip or easy discreet wearing.


The lanyard can be worn around the neck (by older and more capable teens and adults).  You can also attach it to the inside of a pocket with a non-removable pin. This provides easy access to the speakerphone and SOS button.

New AngelSense 2022 GPS Tracker

The AngelSense Difference

Our new features compliment our unique safety features that make AngelSense the best option to protect your loved one. Whether you have a special needs child, teen, or adult that you care for, our wearable GPS tracking device will give you peace of mind. It is also great for protecting those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Other options don’t even come close to offering what AngelSense offers. They are designed for typical children, pets, cars, etc. AngelSense is designed specifically for people with special needs and those prone to wandering off. Below is a comparison of some of our lifesaving features that our competitors just don’t have.

GPS Kid Tracker Comparison Chart

AngelSense is committed to creating a safer world for those with special needs and providing peace of mind to their families.

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  1. Linda allocco January 7, 2021 at 10:30 pm - Reply

    Hi I love my AngelSense!! Do we upgrade or have to purchase a new tracker?

  2. Stan Gasner January 14, 2021 at 2:39 am - Reply

    What about a next strap device as you mentioned a few weeks ago as welll as other carrying devices not counting the magnetic ones. This is for my wife who has dimentia and has her device in her purse which may not always be with her.

  3. Lisa Cloud January 15, 2021 at 7:26 pm - Reply

    very happy with Angel Sense and the peace of mind it gives me to know that i can track my mom when shes out walking it gives her stilll a little freedom from her dimentia

  4. Lori Calleo January 18, 2021 at 5:03 pm - Reply

    Our son has been wearing the Angel for many years and we are so pleased with it. If we ever had any problem, the service and sources for help couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful . I feel much better knowing he has it on every day. He has down Syndrome and is non-verbal. Could you please send an email as to how to count the steps on the device. Thanks for everything.

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