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5 Things to Consider Before Buying a GPS Tracker

January 9, 2022

Is AngelSense Worth It?

Not all GPS tracking devices are created equally. When it comes to keeping your loved one safe, it’s important to fully understand what the device and service offer in terms of features, reliability, and accuracy. It may be tempting to opt for the least expensive service, but at what cost. Your loved one deserves the maximum level of protection available and you deserve the maximum level of peace of mind.

Here are 5 Things You Should Take Into Consideration:

Is angelsense worth it?

1. GPS Location Tracking Accuracy & Frequency of Updates

This one is a no brainer. What good is a GPS device if it isn’t accurate? Most discount services have infrequent updates, go into sleep mode for most of the day, and do not constantly monitor your loved one. They are created for typical kids, pets, and objects who don’t require extra security measures. The lack of updates cause delays in alerts, an inability to quickly determine location, and coordinates that are a few blocks away from your loved ones actual location.

If your loved one has autism, special needs, or dementia, it is critical that they are constantly monitored all day long. When they wander or elope, every second counts and AngelSense is the only GPS tracker and safety device that has non-stop monitoring all day, every day! This allows for more reliable, proactive alerts that are proven to prevent wandering tragedies.

angelsense GPS Tracker safeguard

2. Reliable Alerts When You Need Them

Most GPS trackers are set up only to provide alerts when the device enters and leaves a geofence area that you have to manually set. Many also limit the number of these geofences as well. So you’ll get alerts at school or home, but what about unknown places or the commute to and from those safe places?

AngelSense’s Intelligent iAlerts are designed to learn your loved one’s routine and proactively alert you if anything seems out of the ordinary. With unlimited, automatic geofencing, you get alerts for unexpected places and if they are late arriving or leaving somewhere. This helps you to prevent emergency situations from happening in the first place and give you the ability to quickly respond if they do occur. AngelSense’s alerts are truly lifesaving!

angelsense intelligent ialerts

3. Wearing Options That Are Non-Removable & Sensory Friendly

This is something that can easily be overlooked, but makes a crucial difference. If the device can easily be removed or lost, it can’t protect your loved one. It is also important that wearing the device is comfortable, especially for those with sensory sensitivities.

AngelSense is designed specifically for special needs and each of their wearing options is non-removable and sensory friendly. Keeping the device securely in place all day. The customer care team has several tips and great advice on helping your loved one easily adjust to wearing the AngelSense device.

no removeable wearing gps

4. Safe Ride Monitoring

While some devices offer transit tracking, the capability is usually very limited. Usually you have to turn it on manually and due to the small battery, it can infrequently be used. They also only have the ability to show you the route, but do not provide alerts for potentially dangerous situations.

AngelSense has continuous, live tracking of each and every transit. With Safe Ride Monitoring, you can see the live route, updated ETA, maximum speed, and get alerts for unexpected stops, if your loved one gets off at the wrong stop, if they got off at the right stop but didn’t enter the building or home, and more. Going to and from places alone is the most stressful and risky part of the day, AngelSense gives you peace of mind knowing that you will know exactly where your loved one is at all times.

safe ride gps monitoring

5. Voice Capabilities and SOS Button

You may not think that the option to call your loved one is important, but if your child has special needs it is imperative. When emergencies happen, being able to communicate with your loved one, listen in to what is going on around them, give them directions, and be there with them until help arrives can make a huge difference.

With AngelSense’s Assistive Speakerphone, you can call your loved one and it will answer automatically without them having to press anything. You can simply listen in to check on them or make a 2-way call. This helps to detect bullying, calm them during a meltdown, speak to a nearby adult, or provide comfort and instructions during an elopement. There is also an SOS button on the device that can be pressed to let you know your loved one needs you. It is designed with special needs in mind and can be customized to accommodate those with obsessive behaviors who may press the button repeatedly.

assistive speakerphone device

The Bottom Line – Is AngelSense Really Worth It?

Not everyone needs the level of security that AngelSense provides, but if you have a child, teen or adult with special needs or a loved one with dementia that you need to keep safe, there is really no comparison. AngelSense is clearly the best choice and well worth it. Keeping your loved one safe is the most important thing you can do, especially if they have a tendency to wander or have no safety awareness skills.

These are just a few of the things that make AngelSense different from other GPS trackers. The emergency search & rescue tools and customer care team manned by parents of children with special needs who are expert users of AngelSense are also important differences to mention along with many other features. If you really want to dig deep and understand the premium service that is provided and key lifesaving differences read: AngelSense’s Service Plan – Why Maximum Safety Costs More

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