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AngelSense is Rated Best GPS Tracker for Kids Overall

January 19, 2021

AngelSense is frequently honored as the best GPS Tracker for Kids. It’s unique safety features make it stand out when compared to other more basic GPS tracking devices. Designed especially for children with autism and special needs, it is hands down the best personal tracker to protect your child.

No Other GPS Tracker for Kids Comes Close to the Maximum Safety that AngelSense Provides

AngelSense was designed specifically to track kids, especially those who are most vulnerable with autism and special needs. With this in mind, several advanced safety features are only found with AngelSense and are missing from typical GPS Trackers for Kids, pets, and objects.

Parents, Influencers, and Tech Reviewers Love AngelSense, Voting it Best Overall Personal Tracker for Kids.

Mom's Choice Awards Best GPS Tracker for Kids

Gold Award Recipient Best Products for Families – AngelSense GPS Tracker for Kids

AngelSense GPS Receives the Prestigious Mom’s Choice Gold Award for Excellence

In 2021, AngelSense was chosen as a Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient. “Our aim to introduce families and educators to best-in-class products and services,” explains Dawn Matheson, Executive Director of the Mom’s Choice Awards. “We have a passion to help families grow emotionally, physically and spiritually. Parents and educators know that products and services bearing our seal of approval are high-quality and also a great value. The MCA evaluation program is designed to incorporate the expertise of scientists, physicians and other specialists; but we also engage parents, children, educators, and caregivers because they are experts in knowing what is best for their families.”

AngelSense - Best GPS Tracker for Kids

AngelSense – Best GPS Tracker for Kids

Best GPS tracker for kids from Safewise – AngelSense Named Best Overall

AngelSense Kids’ GPS tracker named best overall by safewise. In a list of top GPS trackers like Relay, Gizmo, Jiobit, and Geozilla, AngelSense came out as a clear winner for safety.

“We chose AngelSense as our top pick for its unique features. Its clothing locks keep the tracker secured to their bag or clothing throughout the day. It’s also screenless, so it won’t distract your little one in class or on the playground.

AngelSense GPS tracker was created with one purpose in mind: to help protect children with special needs.

Beyond the plethora of tracking capabilities—from safety-zone setup to 30-second updates—AngelSense’s Listen-In function lets parents listen to how their child’s day is going, ensuring they’re not mistreated, neglected, or lost.

AngelSense’s app is full of parent-friendly features like frequent updates, virtual fences, and the ability to include other caregivers like teachers and grandparents.

You can designate places around town that you trust and see when they arrive safely at school or a friend’s house if they’re on their own.

While AngelSense was designed for kids with special needs, it’s a great fit for kids of all ages and abilities.”

Safest GPS Tracker for Kids - AngelSense pcmag review

Safest GPS Tracker for Kids – AngelSense pcmag review

PCMag’s Best Tracking Devices for Kids: AngelSense Named Best for Special Needs

PCMag tested several different GPS trackers for kids and found that nothing came close to AngelSense for protecting children with special needs.

“Life can be difficult when you’re taking care of someone who really can’t take care of themselves. The AngelSense is designed specifically for parents of nonverbal or special needs children, and caretakers of adults with dementia… it offers a level of assurance and continuous monitoring we haven’t seen from any other similar tracker.

For caretakers of intellectually disabled or nonverbal children or elders, though, the AngelSense is an amazing product. With its multiple different wearing styles, extremely comprehensive tracking, and listen-in option, it can give you some real peace of mind.”

GPS Tracker for Kids - AngelSense pc world review

Safest GPS Tracker for Kids – AngelSense pcmag review

AngelSense Review – PCWorld: “This device could literally be a lifesaver”

PCWorld reviewed AngelSense and had this to say:

“AngelSense GPS offers some of the most comprehensive tracking and monitoring features we’ve seen in a GPS tracking device, and it’s one of the few designed specifically for special-needs children and their parents.”

GPS Tracker for Kids Review - A Secure Life

Safest GPS Tracker for Kids – AngelSense pcmag review

A Secure Life Ranks AngelSense the Best GPS Tracker for Kids with Special Needs

A Secure Life compiled a list of the best GPS tracking devices for kids and ranked AngelSense the Best for Special Needs.

“AngelSense offers parents one of the most robust GPS tracking devices for your kids that we’ve seen.

Designed specifically for kids with autism and other special needs, the AngelSense has a host of features that make it fast and easy for you to find your kid. Whether you have a child with special needs or just need a reliable way to monitor your kid, AngelSense has all the features you could want in a child tracking device.”

AngelSense - Best GPS Tracker for Kids with Autism - autism parenting magazine review

AngelSense – Best GPS Tracker for Kids with Autism – autism parenting magazine review

The Best GPS Tracker for Kids with Autism

Autism Parenting Magazine knows what parents with kids with autism need. They recently awarded AngelSense with The Best GPS Tracker for Autism title. compiled a list of the best GPS tracking devices for kids and ranked AngelSense the Best for Special Needs.

“If you have a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), you already know there is a high risk that he/she might try to elope, or wander off without permission. For such parents, a GPS tracker is not a luxury—it’s a necessity.

The most important part of the app is tracking, and that works very well. You get an accurate location of your child all the time. It has both the map and satellite view. The app also provides you with the entire history of your child’s whereabouts, which is helpful. The tracking screen gets a big thumbs-up.”

Best GPS Tracker for Kids with ASD - ssfm review

Best GPS Tracker for Kids with ASD – ssfm review

The Best GPS Tracker for Kids with ASD – Spectrum Sense

Spectrum Sense chose AngelSense as their favorite GPS Tracker for Kids with ASD.

“It is the most accurate GPS tracker for kids, and has so many features that others simply don’t offer. The AngelSense GPS tracker for kids has all the bells and whistles, so to speak…. and comes with a strong magnetic attachment system.

You can track AngelSense from anywhere, by downloading the app. It uses GPS signals to locate the device with great accuracy. This device is the only one that offers both one-way and two-way calling. One-way calls allow you to listen in and ensure the safety of your child’s setting. Two-way calls allow you to call your child and talk with them.”

AngelSense GPS Tracker for Kids Wins patient innovation awards

AngelSense GPS Tracker for Kids Wins patient innovation awards

AngelSense Tracker for Kids Wins the Patient Innovation Award

AngelSense won the prestigious Patient Innovation Award for which it was selected by an Advisory Board of international senior academic leaders and Nobel Prize laureates. The awards were created to recognize patients or caregivers that designed pioneering technologies to help relieve the symptoms of a certain health condition, or to improve the quality of life of those suffering from this condition.

AngelSense GPS Tracker for kids was chosen as a groundbreaking product, as it’s the only solution of its kind designed specifically for children with special needs. AngelSense leverages cutting edge technology to address the unique challenges of the special needs community.”

Learn More About AngelSense GPS

AngelSense GPS tracking device for kids is one of the most advanced trackers on the market. It was designed specifically for children with autism with added safety features to address special needs concerns. It allows parents to provide more independence to their growing children without compromising maximum safety. If you’re looking for the best tracker for your child, look no futher.


  1. JEANETTE Martin February 19, 2024 at 4:12 pm - Reply

    My son has AUTISM. He is attending a public school now and we want to help ensure safety with using a location monitor.

  2. Sandra Marin March 27, 2024 at 1:54 pm - Reply

    How does it work and if okay for child /children to know they being tra k?com

    • Aimee from AngelSense March 29, 2024 at 2:07 pm - Reply

      AngelSense is designed for individuals with autism, special needs, Alzheimer’s and dementia. It includes an AI-powered monitoring & alerting system, an app for multiple caregivers and a device of your choice, with an auto-pickup speakerphone. Please visit us at we would love the opportunity to assist you!

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