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AngelSense App: GPS Tracking for Autism & Special Needs

February 18, 2020

AngelSense App for GPS Tracking

The AngelSense GPS Tracker uses state-of-the-art technology to provide the exact location of your loved one who wanders. It was designed specifically to meet the challenges that parents with children who have autism and other special needs face when trying to keep their loved one safe. Due to its unique safety features and accuracy, it is also the perfect solution to protect those with dementia.

Aside from providing a reliable and accurate location, the AngelSense App has a large array of features designed for safety and well-being. Each feature has been added or improved upon using real-life situations that our users have experienced. Learn more about the amazing features that are only available with the AngelSense GPS Safety Device.

The app is only available for customers who have purchased the AngelSense device, if you are a current customer looking for information on the app and using the features click here.

AngelSense App Location GPS Tracker

Real-Time Safeguard GPS for Accurate Location & Reliable Alerts

Unlike standard GPS devices, AngelSense is designed for maximum safety. When protecting those we love who are most vulnerable, it was important to ensure that our location tracking technology was the best available. After testing different alternatives, we felt that none of them were reliable or accurate enough to sufficiently protect our children.

To reach a level of quality that we felt would provide the best protection, we created AngelSense. It is a small device that easily attaches to your loved one’s clothes, pockets, bags, belts, etc. Because our children have autism, we designed all of our wearable options to be non-removable and sensory-friendly, we also provide support to help parents add AngelSense to their child’s daily routine. In fact, our Customer Care Team is staffed with parents of children with special needs, which gives them an option to work from home and our customers support from moms who care and truly understand.

Our device has a larger battery than any other device on the market, which allows us to constantly monitor your loved one’s whereabouts. Using real-time, motion-based location updates does a few things:

  1. It provides a more accurate location. Other devices go into standby mode to extend battery life and only ‘wake up’ if your loved one leaves a geofence (virtual boundary around a school, home, etc.). This poses several issues when it comes to emergency situations when it’s most critical to know exactly where they are. AngelSense is continuously updating and communicating with the app – ALL DAY!

  2. It ensures that alerts get to you as soon as possible. As mentioned previously the time it takes other devices to ‘wake up’ can cause a delay in alerting you to an elopement. When every second counts, this is simply unacceptable.

  3. It gives us the ability to offer more life-saving features. Because the AngelSense device is constantly working, we can use intelligent learning to alert you of potentially dangerous changes in your loved ones routine and better monitor transits.

AngelSense App iAlerts   

Lifesaving Alerts Only Available with the AngelSense App

Every GPS device offers alerts based on predefined geofences or safe places. Basically alerting you if a child leaves school or a dementia patient leaves their facility or a dog leaves home. To set a geofence you have to manually set the borders and name each place, and in many cases you can only set a limited number of places. This is what we believe really sets AngelSense a part, so much so it can’t even be compared with any other GPS device on the market.

AngelSense auto-detects places your loved one visits and automatically sets the optimal boundaries. We also allow you to name an unlimited number of safe places. But the big difference is that our app offers iAlerts that are intelligent and intuitive. Here are some practical examples:

Late Arrival Notifications

Most wandering incidents occur during transit. It’s not uncommon for a special needs child to get off the bus at school and elope before entering the building. With AngelSense you’ll get an early warning that your child is late getting into the school.

Late Departure Notifications

Our customers let us know that a growing concern they had was their child being left behind at school. Parents’ schedules get confused, substitute school staff & bus drivers don’t make sure your child gets on the bus, or your child simply misses the bus. These things happen all the time and with AngelSense you will know right away if your loved one is late leaving a safe place and has potentially been left behind.

Unexpected / Unknown Place Alerts

As mentioned, other GPS devices only provide alerts for places that have been set in advance. AngelSense goes above and beyond and will alert you if your child arrives at an unexpected or unknown place. It will then set boundaries and monitor your loved one in this location, alerting you when they leave. These alerts alone have already saved so many lives.

Safe Ride Monitoring & Alerts

Getting to and from places is usually when your loved one is at most risk. Every day we hear stories of children with autism or other special needs being put on the wrong school bus, getting off at the wrong stop, being left on the bus, or not getting on the bus at all. In every one of these cases, AngelSense saved the day by alerting parents that there was an unexpected issue. In addition, you have access to a live tracking map to see the route, speed, and expected time of arrival for every transit. We also save all of the information so you can go back and check their transit history at any time from the app – You can’t do this with any other device that we know of.

AngelSense App Speakerphone

Using the AngelSense App to Ensuring the Well-Being of Your Loved One

We don’t just care about safety, we also care about your loved one’s well-being. Whenever they aren’t with you, it’s only normal to worry about how they are and if they’re being treated well. From meltdowns to anxiety to being bullied, AngelSense has incorporated features to help you monitor their behavior and take action if you suspect something’s wrong.

Assistive Speakerphone with Auto-Answer and SOS Call Request

From the app, you can easily call your loved one’s device and it will automatically answer. You have the option of making a 2-way voice call where you can speak to each other or a 1-way voice call where you can listen to what’s going on around them. If they are able, your loved one can also press an SOS button on the device that will send you a notification that they want you to call them. These features were all designed with special needs in mind to be assistive and non-intrusive.

The assistive speakerphone has been used to help calm children during meltdowns, to discover abuse, bullying and mistreatment, and most importantly, to communicate with someone who is lost and give them directions to stop, stay where they are, to not go near the water, or talk to a nearby adult – literally, saving the lives of those who have run, gotten lost, or even abducted.

Location Activity Playback Inside Safe Places

A new feature we added to the AngelSense App is the ability to monitor your loved one’s activity while they are at a safe location. With Location Playback you can easily see the movements your loved one made from place to place within a location. The best example of this is at school. Parents can see where their child went throughout the day and detect unusual behavior. For instance, if your child usually goes outside for recess but has started staying in the classroom it could indicate that there’s an issue. Now you can easily see when they were in the classroom, cafeteria, on the playground, in therapy, etc. You can even custom set smaller boundaries within the larger boundary to more easily track movement.

Step Counter

Not only can you set health goals and keep track of daily steps taken. You can also see step activity by location. This is helpful if your loved one paces when they’re anxious. With our step counter for each location, you can easily see if they are restless or lethargic at certain locations. In an emergency, it also is another indication of if they’re standing or in on the move.

GPS Tracking App | AngelSense

The AngelSense App Gives You Freedom to Customize Features

The AngelSense App is designed to allow you to customize as many features as possible based on your preferences and individual needs. You can also easily access the app from your mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Alert & Notification Customization

With AngelSense you can decide which alerts you want to receive and how they get to you. Alerts can be sent via SMS, email or push notifications on your iPhone or Android mobile phone.

Unlimited Guardians and Access Levels

Add an unlimited number of guardians to give app access to family, friends, caregivers and more. You can then determine what features you would like to give them access to. You can even set what hours and days they have access with our School Dashboard. Designed to give teachers and school staff access to a child’s location and to get alerts only during school days and hours, it is fully customizable and can be used for anyone you want to have limited access.

Access to Assistive Speakerphone

You can decide who can use the AngelSense voice features and who is notified when the SOS button is pressed. You can also customize ring duration before the device auto answers and how many times within a certain amount of time the device button needs to be pressed before sending a notification. You can also set how much time has to pass before the SOS button can be used again. If your loved one loves to press buttons, this can help ensure you only get a notification when they really need you.

There are also cases where schools or therapists prefer that voice features are disabled. We’ve made it possible to activate or deactivate the voice features remotely from the app. They can also be set to deactivate automatically during set days and hours.

Reminders & Notifications

We’ve added several notifications that you can activate and individually decide how you’d like to receive them. Get notified when the battery is running low and get reminders to charge the device in the evening and to put it on in the morning. You can even set what time you’d like the reminders to come.

First Responders

Quickly activate a search and rescue team by designating First Responders in the app. With the click of a button, you can notify everyone in your list that your loved one has eloped. They will get a link to a live map of their location. You can also share a live map with anyone else who needs it during a search like 911 dispatch, police officers, teachers, babysitter, etc. It will give them access for a certain number of hours that you can set at the time you send it.

More About AngelSense

Our top priority is to keep your loved one safe and our mission has always been to protect those with autism and special needs. AngelSense is not just a GPS tracker for kids, it is a complete safety device and so much more. We are always improving and updating our app features and user experience. For instance, with our 2020 version, we enhanced our algorithms to increase battery life by 30%! Customers can experience up to 48 hours of battery life depending on use.

Operating on a 4G LTE network, our service works nationwide throughout the United States. We also have plans for Canada and the United Kingdom. There are no distance limitations, so you can be half-way across the world and still have access to the AngelSense App and be able to see where your loved one is. To learn more about our device, see our Product Tour.

What’s Included

The AngelSense Guardian kit comes complete with the device, a charging cable, a protective sleeve, 3 non-removable fasteners, and a parent key for removal. We have 3 service plans that all include access to all of our features, continuous monitoring, updates, voice minutes, and unlimited support from our professional customer care team. They are happy to help you with any aspect of using AngelSense. They all use it daily and have several tips and great advice.

Learn More about all of the advanced safety features that you will only get with AngelSense.

Join our AngelSense Family

We also have a community of AngelSense users who help each other and provide support. The company was founded by parents of children with autism and they have made it a priority to support the autism and special needs community. You’re not just purchasing a GPS device, you’re joining our special needs family!

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for the best solution to keep your loved one safe, the AngelSense GPS device and app are the clear choice. There may be smaller and cheaper options like watches and tiles, but they aren’t designed to truly protect vulnerable children, teens, and adults. They are great for pets, typical kids, and items but when it comes to those with special needs, only AngelSense is specifically designed to meet their unique needs and safety requirements. Protect your loved one today & get exclusive savings – Order Now

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