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New 2020 AngelSense GPS – Longer Battery Life & New Features


NEW AngelSense 2020 Version

AngelSense has always had a mission of providing maximum protection for those who are most vulnerable. This is why we are always looking for ways to improve and add new features that will keep your loved one safe.

Our latest 2020 version has an extended battery life, exciting new safety features, and more well-being features. Learn all about what’s new with our latest GPS Tracking Device with Assistive Speakerphone. It’s smarter, more powerful, and as always the safest GPS tracker solution for Special Needs.

Longer Battery Life

The AngelSense battery life is now 30% longer! We are often asked why our device has a shorter battery life than more basic GPS device alternatives and the answer is simple – we have more safety features that require more battery power. Our goal is to keep your child or loved one as safe as possible. We do this by providing continuous, non-stop GPS updates and an assistive, auto-answer speakerphone.

Everyone knows that when your phone’s location services are active, your battery drains faster. So obviously, a device that is constantly updating its location is going to have a shorter battery life. However, when every second counts, having an accurate location is imperative. When your child is lost, the last thing you want to do is wait for the device to wake-up from standby mode.

Non-stop updates allow us to provide fast alerts that prevent an issue from developing into an emergency. For example, only AngelSense can proactively identify unexpected stops on the school bus, late arrivals and departures, changes while in unknown places, and more. Additionally, you have an accurate last location to use if they wander in an area without good reception.

You also don’t want the battery to die, so we made it a priority to improve our algorithms without compromising safety. Now your AngelSense Device can last up to 48 hours after a full charge (depending on usage). This is a vast improvement and we promise to keep working to extend our battery life even more as technology changes. The best part is that improvements are made via a remote update. So if you buy an AngelSense device today, you could get longer battery life in the future without buying a new device.

Late Arrival Alerts Kid GPS

Late Arrival & Departure Alerts

This is an exciting new feature that will greatly help to prevent emergency situations from occurring. Unlike any other GPS tracker, AngelSense uses advanced technology to intuitively learn your loved one’s schedule. It can then notify you when something seems wrong. These alerts give your loved one an added layer of protection. By proactively alerting you to a potentially dangerous situation, you can respond more quickly.

We are always hearing stories of children missing the bus or not being picked up after school. That’s why we decided to do something about it. Now you’ll know right away if your child was left behind. In addition, if your child gets off the school bus at school, but doesn’t go inside the building as usual, you’ll instantly be notified. Transitions pose the highest risk when safety is concerned. Therefore, it is crucial that you know as soon as possible that there might be an issue.

This is an important addition to AngelSense’s already extensive array of alerts. Our unique system learns your loved one’s routine to pinpoint their most vulnerable moments and notify you. The bottom-line, you’ll always know if your loved one isn’t where they are supposed to be with our intuitive and intelligent iAlerts. Immediately know if your loved one leaves a safe zone, gets off at the wrong stop, doesn’t arrive home on time, is in an unexpected place, and so much more.

AngelSense GPS - Location Playback

Location Playback Inside Safe Zones

View your loved one’s activity within safe zones with Location Playback. You can now set smaller boundary zones within a larger named place (geofence). For example, at school, you can set zones for the playground, classroom, cafeteria, gym, etc. You are then able to monitor movement between the smaller zones.

This helps you to understand what’s going on with your child while they are at school and alert you to potential issues. For instance, if your child suddenly stops going outside during recess, it could indicate that they are being bullied. You can also see if they are following their therapy schedule and other IEP requirements. By being aware of changes in behavior and routines you can more easily understand and address any issues.

AngelSense Kid GPS Step Counter

Step Counter

Although the AngelSense Step Counter can help you set and monitor health goals, we added it to give you a look into your child’s well-being. As an autism GPS tracker, we want to ensure your loved one with special needs is not just safe, but healthy, calm and happy.

You’ll easily be able to see if there is an increase or decrease in your loved one’s steps at each location. This is especially helpful if your child with autism paces when they are nervous, bored, or upset. By seeing the number of steps your loved one takes at certain locations you can get insight into how they are feeling and their level of participation.

Additionally, steps are counted even when you don’t have a good GPS signal. Making it possible to see if your loved one is standing still or on the move. Also, if you see the bus arrived at school or home and there are no steps, it can indicate that they didn’t get off the bus.

The AngelSense Difference

Our new features compliment all of the unique safety features that already make AngelSense the best option to protect your loved one. Whether you have a special needs child, teen, or adult that you care for, our wearable GPS tracking device will give you peace of mind. It is also great for protecting those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Other options don’t even come close to offering what AngelSense offers. They are designed for typical children, pets, cars, etc. AngelSense was created specifically for people with special needs and those prone to wandering off. Below is a comparison of some of our lifesaving features that the alternatives just don’t have (or they have a very limited variation). You can also Learn More in our in-depth blog post that explains all the advanced features only available with AngelSense.

GPS Kid Tracker Comparison Chart

What People Are Saying About AngelSense

‘It gives me such peace of mind being able to check on my son with autism at all times, call him if needed, see his routes on the bus, and all of the other features. It even tells me how fast the bus driver was going and his ETA to arrive at certain locations… I would recommend this company & their services to anyone and everyone.’ – Amy H.

‘I feel at ease knowing I can see and hear where my son is when he is on his way to school and on his way home. That I can hear what is going on so I know whether or not he is ok. So happy with AngelSense. Best purchase I could have made.’ – Sharon M.

‘I use AngelSense and LOVE it. I’ve spent over $300 trying similar devices with awful results. This is a great investment! The peace of mind is totally worth it!’ – Krissy B.

Read More Reviews from AngelSense Guardians or Watch News Highlights about AngelSense and how it is saving lives.

AngelSense is committed to creating a safer world for those with special needs & dementia providing peace of mind to their families.

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