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App Key Features

The AngelSense App uses the most advanced technology for accurate & reliable GPS tracking and monitoring. The app works with our AngelSense GPS Device with Enhanced Safety Features to ensure your loved one is always safe and secure.

AngelSense is designed to provide the safest GPS tracking for people of all ages including kids, teens, and adults. It is the only device that is specially designed for those with Autism & Special Needs and it also provides safety to those with Dementia & Alzheimer’s and anyone else requiring extra safety measures.    

Using the AngelSense Device & App requires a service plan. Learn more about how our premium service plan provides maximum protection for your loved one.


AngelSense App – Lifesaving Features


Continuous, Live Safeguard GPS Tracking All Day


Voice Communication 

  • 1-Way Listen In for well-being checks 

  • 2-Way Voice with auto-answer speakerphone

  • Call Request (from device) so your loved can easily let you know when they need you

  • SOS Call Direct makes a direct call from the device to a predefined number

  • Voice Messages to play recorded Voice Messages on your loved one’s device


Proactive & Intelligent iAlert Notifications


Transit & School Bus Monitoring 

  • Detailed Routes to see exactly where your loved one is while traveling 

  • ETA to know when your loved one will arrive

  • Transit Speed shows how fast the car or school bus was going 


Lifesaving Features


Additional Features

  • Monitor health goals and see if your loved one is in motion with Step Counting

  • Set Reminders to charge the battery, wear the device, and a low battery alert

  • Fall Detection (beta testing) – to alert you if your loved one fell


Guardians & School Use


AngelSense is the only safety solution proven to prevent wandering incidents. Parents and caregivers are empowered with the AngelSense unique life-saving tools to quickly respond and avoid emergency escalations. 


For Customers, Access the AngelSense App Here

AngelSense GPS Tracker Device

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