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Step Counter

The Step Counter shows the number of steps for each named location and the daily total in the summary at the bottom of the Timeline.

Benefits of having access to this information:

  • Daily movement monitoring to see how active they are.
  • Check for excessive steps at a specific location. Are they calm or restless and pacing?
  • Set daily health goals for a number of steps and keep an eye on changes. Changes could mean they aren’t going outside for recess or planned activities.
  • During outings, monitor steps to verify participation.
  • Use together with “Location Playback” to see if there are changes in routine, verify if outdoor activities are consistent.
  • Assistive tool for wandering: validate elopement, if indoors and steps stopped then they are most likely hiding.
  • If steps stopped after arrival at school, it could indicate that they didn’t get off the bus.
  • In an open area or indoor location, use together with “Show My Location” to determine distance from you when steps stop.



*App Version 1.2.5 and higher and GPS 1 device version G3.EY.074/G3.EY.006 and higher.  You can verify your app and device versions from the app’s Menu in the “About” section. This feature is currently in beta testing by a group of GPS 1 users with Android apps. It will be opened to all in the next app version.

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