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School Dashboard

AngelSense is the only GPS tracking device for kids that offers an optional School Dashboard for school staff and teachers. This is entirely optional for schools and even without access to the dashboard features can be automatically disabled during school hours to comply with school policies and regulations.  Access to the dashboard requires the parents’ permission and there are customized settings to grant access to certain features.

Some schools request that the voice features are disabled during school hours. To achieve that the Primary Guardian should add one or more School Guardians. The School Guardian will then be able to login to the app using their own credentials and gain access to the School Dashboard.

Is 1-Way Voice Legal?

Disabling the voice features during school hours

The School Dashboard gives the School Guardian(s) the option to update the School Schedule* via the AngelSense app, and optionally also access to the child’s Timeline during school hours.

There is no limit to the number of School Guardians that can be assigned.

The School Dashboard has the following feature options (depending on the access rights the primary guardian has provided). The Users can be found in the Menu under Settings and Users:





  • School Guardians do not have the ability to use 1-Way Voice, 2-Way Voice, or the Alarm
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