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2-Way Voice

Only AngelSense has an assistive 2-Way speakerphone designed for those with special needs. In a world where most people have cell phones there are still those who are unable to use them. With AngelSense you can speak with your loved one without them having to press a button. The auto-answer voice feature not only allows you to call them – if they are able they can press a button on the device that sends you a notification that they want you to call them.  We also offer 1-Way Voice for those who are nonverbal or to check-in and hear what’s going on around them.



Here are some of the benefits of the assistive speakerphone:


Using 2-Way Voice


We suggest speaking loudly, clearly, and slowly, as the device is typically secured inside of clothing.


  1. Click the bottom Voice menu when viewing your Timeline.

  2. Then, choose 2-Way Voice for a two way conversation.

3. You will receive a message to validate that you are wanting to make a 2-Way call and to give a reminder to use the authorized phone number to call the device. Select ‘Call’.

4. The dialer will pop up with the device’s phone number. Start the call just like a regular phone call. (You can configure the Settings in your Menu. See: 2-Way Voice Settings Below)

5. The device will ring out loud according to your 2-Way Voice Settings and then automatically answer.


*The Watch screen will show that a call is incoming and that a call is in progress.


2-Way Assistive Voice Settings

2-Way Voice includes a rich set of options to control the experience when you call, to adjust to different individuals and sensitivity levels. We suggest speaking loudly, clearly, and slowly, as the device is typically secured inside of clothing.


This can be accessed from your app’s Menu on the left hand side by clicking on Settings and Voice & Alarm .

GPS 4 and Watch Settings include:


**GPS 1 Settings include:


  • During calls the device cannot transmit GPS data – This means if you are on a call (1-Way Voice or 2-Way Voice) with the device throughout the entire transit, the system will miss the transit.
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